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BZFS API Documentation This page contains part of the BZFS API documentation for use by Plug-ins on the BZFS server.

BZFS Event. This page documents a BZFS event that is called by the game server to notify plug-ins of various actions and state changes in the game world.


The bz_ePlayerCollision is an API event that is called each time two players collide.


bz_ePlayerCollision returns the bz_ePlayerCollision_V1 data class.

name type value description
eventType bz_eEventType bz_ePlayerCollision
players int[2] The players that have collided
pos float[3] The position of the collision
handled bool Whether or not the plug-in has handled the data


It appears this event is in BZFlag 2.99.x but has not been fully implemented and will probably never return data.