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BZFS API Documentation This page contains part of the BZFS API documentation for use by Plug-ins on the BZFS server.
BZFS API Function. This page documents a BZFS_API Function, that is provided by the BZFS game server for plug-ins to call.


BZF_API uint32_t bz_getShotGUID (int fromPlayer, int shotID);


name type value description
fromPlayer int the player who owns the shot, BZ_SERVER for world weapons
shotID int the local ID of the shot for the specified player


This API function will return the Globally Unique Identifier(GUID) for the specified shot if it exists, or 0 if it does not.


Shot GUIDs are unique to each shot fired (within a range of over 4 billion shots fired per server session). This ID can be useful to detect unique shots independent of player reload timers.