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Capture the Flag

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Capture the Flag (CTF) is a game mode in BZFlag.


In the game playing CTF, there can be two or up to four teams with their own bases. Each team has one or more team flag(s) (usually just one) that they must protect. To win, they must get an enemy's team flag to their home base. When (If) they get the (an) enemy's flag to their home base, the enemy tanks on the team whose flag was captured die and respawn at their base. The team who captured the flag survives and is not affected, except for a change in the Team Score chart.


General team tactics are to have several tanks attack the enemy base at once, find the flag, get it out of it's hiding place if it is in one, and then do one of two things. They may attempt to simply run it back to their base and score, or try and drop it on a pyramid to have it be transferred to the middle. A good example of this would be MissileWars.

Lasers: Players with lasers often help by sniping and providing covering fire for the foray into the enemy base, as well as holding off enemies that are not cloaked.

Guided Missiles: These players will often find a secluded place that is tough to take out with a laser or other flag, and eliminate enemies coming near. These flags work well if enemies are attempting to drop the team flag onto a pyramid, as a GM can shoot them out of the sky when they jump.

Cloaking: These flags are mostly used if there are too many lasers firing on the team, or if the other team is not good at recognizing and shooting a cloaked tank.

Stealth: This flag can be very useful for wiping out large numbers of snipers who are resilient to cloaked strike attempts. Since ST is impossible to lock on to, all the tank has to do is avoid lasers, then get into the other team's base and destroy the sniping tanks.

Oscillation Overthruster: This flag is great on maps with many walls, as they can drive right up to the enemy flag and grab it.

Super Bullet: These flags are great for covering fire, as well as holding off attacking enemies. These are natural counters for Oscillation Overthruster-using tanks.

Agility: This is a good blockade runner, as you can accelerate massively, then jump to maintain the velocity and cover a great distance.

Genocide: This flag can change the whole game. When used properly, it can allow teammates to get the enemy flag. It can also be used to make a last second save, since it destroys every tank on the team that was hit, including the player carrying a flag. However, when holding this flag, you are often avoided.

Machine Gun:This flag helps usually to stun the enemy without them even knwoing,this flag also makes your shooting ability very fast.