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Castle Warfare

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‘’’Castle Warfare’’’ is a 2 team (red vs. green) CTF map.


Like The Two Castles, Castle Warfare is based on a symmetrical map with two castles. Laser and Guided Missile are the most common superflags. Stealth, Cloaking and Wings are found below the castles, Thief in the middle, and Shockwave in random places. Each castle has two towers accessed by a teleporter, and are popular GM sniping areas. The team bases are located on the third level of each castle. On the second and first floors are GM sniping areas. The second floor contains a narrow bridge that leads to the enemy castle.


The two main ways for destroying enemies is sniping from the team base castle. Another way is to get down to the ground, grab a Stealth flag, go through the tunnel, then jump up to the first or second floor of the enemy base and kill the sniping tanks. If you are lucky enough to get shockwave, go below the enemy base below enemy tank(s), jump and shoot. Don’t count on stealth to get shockwaves because shockwave is rare and random.

Most players that get the enemy flag go across the bridge, but the safest way is through the tunnel. Wings is useful for killing enemy GM snipers in towers. You have to identify players (pressing i) before you shoot a guided missile because it is unusually easy to shoot teammates instead of enemies.


Camping (spawn-camping, base-camping, etc) like in Bloodbath, is a part of the game. Here are a few tips:

  • Spawn-camping:

After a teammate captures the flag, you can aim at the enemy base with laser to instantly kill the tanks that come out.

  • Camping with a Stealth:

After you get a stealth, go to the enemy base and jump to the first or second floor, wait at one end and then kill any tanks that respawn there. Camping on the third floor is a bit hard because it is open, so you are more at risk of getting killed.

  • Camping with a Shockwave:

After you get a shockwave, go below the enemy base, and fire. If you want to kill the enemies on all the levels (except towers) jump and then fire. You can only have three shots, so be careful not to waste them (or kill your teammates).

  • Base camping:

Base camping at the enemy base is only useful when all enemies are away from the third floor and your team is about to capture the enemy flag. Otherwise, it is dangerous (to you) and ineffective.


On this server, '"excessive" spawn camping is not allowed. (Though it is rarely enforced, because it happens every time the flag is captured.)

Server Rules

3 shots between reload, 12 shots for laser, 15 shots for wings, unlimited GM shots, 2.0 seconds reload time, team killers are eventually kicked, lag and jitter not tolerated.