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It is little known, except among #bzflag irc visitors, that there is a second font designed specially for console use included with BZFlag 2.0. It's called ProFont and I adapted it to BZFlag after seeing an attempt by DTRemenak to do the same out of a TTF file (which didn't turn out too good); it has a 50% transparent black border for readability in the sky and other bright places. It might be a bit small for high-resolution screens at its default size (8pt), but it's far more readable than Vera Mono in my opinion. The best way to describe it is to show you what it looks like.. if you want to see some screenshots before changing your BZFlag to it, check them out here:

The first is of the normal (8pt) font, and the second one is of the "micro" (6pt) font.

So if you decide you'd like to try it out for yourself... To change your console font to ProFont, locate your config file:

For Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\<User's Documents>\My BZFlag Files\2.0\config.cfg

For Mac OS X: ~/Library/Application\ Support/2.0/config.cfg

For Linux and relatives: ~/.bzf/2.0/config.cfg

Open the config in a text editor and add this line to it:

set consoleFont profont

Save the file, then start BZFlag and see the new font in action.

[This article was originally created by Legoguy - See here.]