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Picture Frame.png This page contains a specification document for an enhancement or feature. It is a work of collaborative development, and may not represent the final design. If you are not part of the development or design group, please post comments and suggestions on the talk page and not in the middle of the design.


This use case describes the process a founder or co-founder will use to modify (edit) the name, description or membership policy of an existing group.

Note: This use case does not include adding players to, or removing players from, a group, nor does it include assigning or removing a group manager. See those individual use cases for details.

Use Case diagram

The diagram shows the requirements and rules the use case is responsible for (via the <<requirement>> stereotype).



Post conditions[edit]

The system has recorded the change to the group.

Included Use Cases[edit]

View Groups

Requirements and rules realized[edit]

RQ8 Groups have a membership policy
A groups membership policy determines whether a player can join the group or not.

RQ28 Group descriptions mandatory
The system shall require a founder to provide a description of each group they create or change.

RQ29 Track changes to groups
The system shall store and track all changes to a group's name, description and membership policy.

RQ26 Notify founder changes
The system shall notify a namespace founder of any changes according to rules: BR36

  • BR36 New, re-named or deleted groups

The system shall notify the namespace founder when a new group has been created, an existing group changed, or a group deleted from within the namespace.

RQ27 Group names unique
The system shall require a group name to be unique within its namespace.

  • BR37 Group names are case insensitive

When determining whether a group name is unique, the system shall ignore the case of the characters, so that for example, COP and cop shall be treated as identical.

RQ23 Founders and co-founders assign group managers
The system shall prevent any player other than the namespace founder or co-founder, from creating or changing groups or assigning group managers within that namespace.

Flow of events[edit]

The flow of events describes the main actor actions and system responses in the execution of the use case.

Activity diagram showing flow of events


Step: EX-1
Condition: Actor is not a founder or co-founder of any namespace
Message Number: ERR-1
Message Text: You cannot make changes to a group because you are not a founder/co-founder.

Step: AF-1
Condition: Group name empty or existing, group description missing, or no membership policy selected.
Message Number: MSG-1
Message Text: Cannot change the group - the name is empty or identical to an existing name, the description is missing or no membership policy selected.

Step: BF-10
Condition: Successfully changed group.
Message Number: MSG-3
Message Text: Successfully changed group <group name>