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ChatHistory is a standard plug-in that is shipped with the BZFlag Source code. It logs all the chat text for all players for administrator to review. This is a helpful plug-in for resolving personal disputes on a server.

ChatHistory is included in v2.0.4 and later releases.


When ChatHistory is loaded it will begin logging every line for every player that is in the game. It will log these lines in internal memory for as long as a player is on the server, or until a preset line limit is reached. The default line limit is 1000 lines. This limit can be changed by passing in a new limit when the plug-in is loaded as a parameter. All stored chat for a user is deleted when they leave the server.

The plug-in installs 2 custom / commands for administrators to use to review the stored chat logs.



It is used to list the last <NUMBER OF LINES> of chat text for the specified callsign.


Usage: /flushchat

Manually flushes all stored chat.


ChatHistory was one for the first plug-ins made for the 2.0.4 release.