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A color is used in a BZFlag world (BZW) as a sub parameter for many parameters, such as materials and dynamic colors. When defining color in materials, it is synonymous with 'diffuse'.



Material- color 1 0 0 0.5

The basic format of a color is to define the Red Green Blue and Alpha components of a color in the format

  Red Green Blue Alpha

As an example to define pure red, the color would be defined as follows:

  1 0 0 1

This would define a color of 100% pure red and 100% opacity.

The numeric values for color can range from 0 to 1 and represent the fraction of 100% for each color channel.

HTML Color format

Colors can be defined in the HTML RGB format as well using Hex codes. Again pure red would be


Pre-defined colors

BZFlag supports a number of pre-defined color names including:

Color Name Alternate Name RGB Values
snow 1.000000f, 0.980392f, 0.980392f
ghost_white GhostWhite 0.972549f, 0.972549f, 1.000000f
white_smoke WhiteSmoke 0.960784f, 0.960784f, 0.960784f
gainsboro 0.862745f, 0.862745f, 0.862745f
floral_white FloralWhite 1.000000f, 0.980392f, 0.941176f
old_lace OldLace 0.992157f, 0.960784f, 0.901961f
linen 0.980392f, 0.941176f, 0.901961f
antique_white AntiqueWhite 0.980392f, 0.921569f, 0.843137f
papaya_whip PapayaWhip 1.000000f, 0.937255f, 0.835294f
blanched_almond BlanchedAlmond 1.000000f, 0.921569f, 0.803922f
bisque 1.000000f, 0.894118f, 0.768627f
peach_puff PeachPuff 1.000000f, 0.854902f, 0.725490f
navajo_white NavajoWhite 1.000000f, 0.870588f, 0.678431f
moccasin 1.000000f, 0.894118f, 0.709804f
cornsilk 1.000000f, 0.972549f, 0.862745f
ivory 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.941176f
lemon_chiffon LemonChiffon 1.000000f, 0.980392f, 0.803922f
seashell 1.000000f, 0.960784f, 0.933333f
honeydew 0.941176f, 1.000000f, 0.941176f
mint_cream MintCream 0.960784f, 1.000000f, 0.980392f
azure 0.941176f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
alice_blue AliceBlue 0.941176f, 0.972549f, 1.000000f
lavender 0.901961f, 0.901961f, 0.980392f
lavender_blush LavenderBlush 1.000000f, 0.941176f, 0.960784f
misty_rose MistyRose 1.000000f, 0.894118f, 0.882353f
white 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
black 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
dark_slate_gray DarkSlateGray 0.184314f, 0.309804f, 0.309804f
dark_slate_grey DarkSlateGrey 0.184314f, 0.309804f, 0.309804f
dim_gray DimGray 0.411765f, 0.411765f, 0.411765f
dim_grey DimGrey 0.411765f, 0.411765f, 0.411765f
slate_gray SlateGray 0.439216f, 0.501961f, 0.564706f
slate_grey SlateGrey 0.439216f, 0.501961f, 0.564706f
light_slate_gray LightSlateGray 0.466667f, 0.533333f, 0.600000f
light_slate_grey LightSlateGrey 0.466667f, 0.533333f, 0.600000f
gray 0.745098f, 0.745098f, 0.745098f
grey 0.745098f, 0.745098f, 0.745098f
light_grey LightGrey 0.827451f, 0.827451f, 0.827451f
light_gray LightGray 0.827451f, 0.827451f, 0.827451f
midnight_blue MidnightBlue 0.098039f, 0.098039f, 0.439216f
navy 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.501961f
navy_blue NavyBlue 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.501961f
cornflower_blue CornflowerBlue 0.392157f, 0.584314f, 0.929412f
dark_slate_blue DarkSlateBlue 0.282353f, 0.239216f, 0.545098f
slate_blue SlateBlue 0.415686f, 0.352941f, 0.803922f
medium_slate_blue MediumSlateBlue 0.482353f, 0.407843f, 0.933333f
light_slate_blue LightSlateBlue 0.517647f, 0.439216f, 1.000000f
medium_blue MediumBlue 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.803922f
royal_blue RoyalBlue 0.254902f, 0.411765f, 0.882353f
blue 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 1.000000f
dodger_blue DodgerBlue 0.117647f, 0.564706f, 1.000000f
deep_sky_blue DeepSkyBlue 0.000000f, 0.749020f, 1.000000f
sky_blue SkyBlue 0.529412f, 0.807843f, 0.921569f
light_sky_blue LightSkyBlue 0.529412f, 0.807843f, 0.980392f
steel_blue SteelBlue 0.274510f, 0.509804f, 0.705882f
light_steel_blue LightSteelBlue 0.690196f, 0.768627f, 0.870588f
light_blue LightBlue 0.678431f, 0.847059f, 0.901961f
powder_blue PowderBlue 0.690196f, 0.878431f, 0.901961f
pale_turquoise PaleTurquoise 0.686275f, 0.933333f, 0.933333f
dark_turquoise DarkTurquoise 0.000000f, 0.807843f, 0.819608f
medium_turquoise MediumTurquoise 0.282353f, 0.819608f, 0.800000f
turquoise 0.250980f, 0.878431f, 0.815686f
cyan 0.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
light_cyan LightCyan 0.878431f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
cadet_blue CadetBlue 0.372549f, 0.619608f, 0.627451f
medium_aquamarine MediumAquamarine 0.400000f, 0.803922f, 0.666667f
aquamarine 0.498039f, 1.000000f, 0.831373f
dark_green DarkGreen 0.000000f, 0.392157f, 0.000000f
dark_olive_green DarkOliveGreen 0.333333f, 0.419608f, 0.184314f
dark_sea_green DarkSeaGreen 0.560784f, 0.737255f, 0.560784f
sea_green SeaGreen 0.180392f, 0.545098f, 0.341176f
medium_sea_green MediumSeaGreen 0.235294f, 0.701961f, 0.443137f
light_sea_green LightSeaGreen 0.125490f, 0.698039f, 0.666667f
pale_green PaleGreen 0.596078f, 0.984314f, 0.596078f
spring_green SpringGreen 0.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.498039f
lawn_green LawnGreen 0.486275f, 0.988235f, 0.000000f
green 0.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f
chartreuse 0.498039f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f
medium_spring_green MediumSpringGreen 0.000000f, 0.980392f, 0.603922f
green_yellow GreenYellow 0.678431f, 1.000000f, 0.184314f
lime_green LimeGreen 0.196078f, 0.803922f, 0.196078f
yellow_green YellowGreen 0.603922f, 0.803922f, 0.196078f
forest_green ForestGreen 0.133333f, 0.545098f, 0.133333f
olive_drab OliveDrab 0.419608f, 0.556863f, 0.137255f
dark_khaki DarkKhaki 0.741176f, 0.717647f, 0.419608f
khaki 0.941176f, 0.901961f, 0.549020f
pale_goldenrod PaleGoldenrod 0.933333f, 0.909804f, 0.666667f
light_goldenrod_yellow LightGoldenrodYellow 0.980392f, 0.980392f, 0.823529f
light_yellow LightYellow 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.878431f
yellow 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f
gold 1.000000f, 0.843137f, 0.000000f
light_goldenrod LightGoldenrod 0.933333f, 0.866667f, 0.509804f
goldenrod 0.854902f, 0.647059f, 0.125490f
dark_goldenrod DarkGoldenrod 0.721569f, 0.525490f, 0.043137f
rosy_brown RosyBrown 0.737255f, 0.560784f, 0.560784f
indian_red IndianRed 0.803922f, 0.360784f, 0.360784f
saddle_brown SaddleBrown 0.545098f, 0.270588f, 0.074510f
sienna 0.627451f, 0.321569f, 0.176471f
peru 0.803922f, 0.521569f, 0.247059f
burlywood 0.870588f, 0.721569f, 0.529412f
beige 0.960784f, 0.960784f, 0.862745f
wheat 0.960784f, 0.870588f, 0.701961f
sandy_brown SandyBrown 0.956863f, 0.643137f, 0.376471f
tan 0.823529f, 0.705882f, 0.549020f
chocolate 0.823529f, 0.411765f, 0.117647f
firebrick 0.698039f, 0.133333f, 0.133333f
brown 0.647059f, 0.164706f, 0.164706f
dark_salmon DarkSalmon 0.913725f, 0.588235f, 0.478431f
salmon 0.980392f, 0.501961f, 0.447059f
light_salmon LightSalmon 1.000000f, 0.627451f, 0.478431f
orange 1.000000f, 0.647059f, 0.000000f
dark_orange DarkOrange 1.000000f, 0.549020f, 0.000000f
coral 1.000000f, 0.498039f, 0.313726f
light_coral LightCoral 0.941176f, 0.501961f, 0.501961f
tomato 1.000000f, 0.388235f, 0.278431f
orange_red OrangeRed 1.000000f, 0.270588f, 0.000000f
red 1.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
hot_pink HotPink 1.000000f, 0.411765f, 0.705882f
deep_pink DeepPink 1.000000f, 0.078431f, 0.576471f
pink 1.000000f, 0.752941f, 0.796078f
light_pink LightPink 1.000000f, 0.713726f, 0.756863f
pale_violet_red PaleVioletRed 0.858824f, 0.439216f, 0.576471f
maroon 0.690196f, 0.188235f, 0.376471f
medium_violet_red MediumVioletRed 0.780392f, 0.082353f, 0.521569f
violet_red VioletRed 0.815686f, 0.125490f, 0.564706f
magenta 1.000000f, 0.000000f, 1.000000f
violet 0.933333f, 0.509804f, 0.933333f
plum 0.866667f, 0.627451f, 0.866667f
orchid 0.854902f, 0.439216f, 0.839216f
medium_orchid MediumOrchid 0.729412f, 0.333333f, 0.827451f
dark_orchid DarkOrchid 0.600000f, 0.196078f, 0.800000f
dark_violet DarkViolet 0.580392f, 0.000000f, 0.827451f
blue_violet BlueViolet 0.541176f, 0.168627f, 0.886275f
purple 0.627451f, 0.125490f, 0.941176f
medium_purple MediumPurple 0.576471f, 0.439216f, 0.858824f
thistle 0.847059f, 0.749020f, 0.847059f
snow1 1.000000f, 0.980392f, 0.980392f
snow2 0.933333f, 0.913725f, 0.913725f
snow3 0.803922f, 0.788235f, 0.788235f
snow4 0.545098f, 0.537255f, 0.537255f
seashell1 1.000000f, 0.960784f, 0.933333f
seashell2 0.933333f, 0.898039f, 0.870588f
seashell3 0.803922f, 0.772549f, 0.749020f
seashell4 0.545098f, 0.525490f, 0.509804f
AntiqueWhite1 1.000000f, 0.937255f, 0.858824f
AntiqueWhite2 0.933333f, 0.874510f, 0.800000f
AntiqueWhite3 0.803922f, 0.752941f, 0.690196f
AntiqueWhite4 0.545098f, 0.513726f, 0.470588f
bisque1 1.000000f, 0.894118f, 0.768627f
bisque2 0.933333f, 0.835294f, 0.717647f
bisque3 0.803922f, 0.717647f, 0.619608f
bisque4 0.545098f, 0.490196f, 0.419608f
PeachPuff1 1.000000f, 0.854902f, 0.725490f
PeachPuff2 0.933333f, 0.796078f, 0.678431f
PeachPuff3 0.803922f, 0.686275f, 0.584314f
PeachPuff4 0.545098f, 0.466667f, 0.396078f
NavajoWhite1 1.000000f, 0.870588f, 0.678431f
NavajoWhite2 0.933333f, 0.811765f, 0.631373f
NavajoWhite3 0.803922f, 0.701961f, 0.545098f
NavajoWhite4 0.545098f, 0.474510f, 0.368627f
LemonChiffon1 1.000000f, 0.980392f, 0.803922f
LemonChiffon2 0.933333f, 0.913725f, 0.749020f
LemonChiffon3 0.803922f, 0.788235f, 0.647059f
LemonChiffon4 0.545098f, 0.537255f, 0.439216f
cornsilk1 1.000000f, 0.972549f, 0.862745f
cornsilk2 0.933333f, 0.909804f, 0.803922f
cornsilk3 0.803922f, 0.784314f, 0.694118f
cornsilk4 0.545098f, 0.533333f, 0.470588f
ivory1 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.941176f
ivory2 0.933333f, 0.933333f, 0.878431f
ivory3 0.803922f, 0.803922f, 0.756863f
ivory4 0.545098f, 0.545098f, 0.513726f
honeydew1 0.941176f, 1.000000f, 0.941176f
honeydew2 0.878431f, 0.933333f, 0.878431f
honeydew3 0.756863f, 0.803922f, 0.756863f
honeydew4 0.513726f, 0.545098f, 0.513726f
LavenderBlush1 1.000000f, 0.941176f, 0.960784f
LavenderBlush2 0.933333f, 0.878431f, 0.898039f
LavenderBlush3 0.803922f, 0.756863f, 0.772549f
LavenderBlush4 0.545098f, 0.513726f, 0.525490f
MistyRose1 1.000000f, 0.894118f, 0.882353f
MistyRose2 0.933333f, 0.835294f, 0.823529f
MistyRose3 0.803922f, 0.717647f, 0.709804f
MistyRose4 0.545098f, 0.490196f, 0.482353f
azure1 0.941176f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
azure2 0.878431f, 0.933333f, 0.933333f
azure3 0.756863f, 0.803922f, 0.803922f
azure4 0.513726f, 0.545098f, 0.545098f
SlateBlue1 0.513726f, 0.435294f, 1.000000f
SlateBlue2 0.478431f, 0.403922f, 0.933333f
SlateBlue3 0.411765f, 0.349020f, 0.803922f
SlateBlue4 0.278431f, 0.235294f, 0.545098f
RoyalBlue1 0.282353f, 0.462745f, 1.000000f
RoyalBlue2 0.262745f, 0.431373f, 0.933333f
RoyalBlue3 0.227451f, 0.372549f, 0.803922f
RoyalBlue4 0.152941f, 0.250980f, 0.545098f
blue1 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 1.000000f
blue2 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.933333f
blue3 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.803922f
blue4 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.545098f
DodgerBlue1 0.117647f, 0.564706f, 1.000000f
DodgerBlue2 0.109804f, 0.525490f, 0.933333f
DodgerBlue3 0.094118f, 0.454902f, 0.803922f
DodgerBlue4 0.062745f, 0.305882f, 0.545098f
SteelBlue1 0.388235f, 0.721569f, 1.000000f
SteelBlue2 0.360784f, 0.674510f, 0.933333f
SteelBlue3 0.309804f, 0.580392f, 0.803922f
SteelBlue4 0.211765f, 0.392157f, 0.545098f
DeepSkyBlue1 0.000000f, 0.749020f, 1.000000f
DeepSkyBlue2 0.000000f, 0.698039f, 0.933333f
DeepSkyBlue3 0.000000f, 0.603922f, 0.803922f
DeepSkyBlue4 0.000000f, 0.407843f, 0.545098f
SkyBlue1 0.529412f, 0.807843f, 1.000000f
SkyBlue2 0.494118f, 0.752941f, 0.933333f
SkyBlue3 0.423529f, 0.650980f, 0.803922f
SkyBlue4 0.290196f, 0.439216f, 0.545098f
LightSkyBlue1 0.690196f, 0.886275f, 1.000000f
LightSkyBlue2 0.643137f, 0.827451f, 0.933333f
LightSkyBlue3 0.552941f, 0.713726f, 0.803922f
LightSkyBlue4 0.376471f, 0.482353f, 0.545098f
SlateGray1 0.776471f, 0.886275f, 1.000000f
SlateGray2 0.725490f, 0.827451f, 0.933333f
SlateGray3 0.623529f, 0.713726f, 0.803922f
SlateGray4 0.423529f, 0.482353f, 0.545098f
LightSteelBlue1 0.792157f, 0.882353f, 1.000000f
LightSteelBlue2 0.737255f, 0.823529f, 0.933333f
LightSteelBlue3 0.635294f, 0.709804f, 0.803922f
LightSteelBlue4 0.431373f, 0.482353f, 0.545098f
LightBlue1 0.749020f, 0.937255f, 1.000000f
LightBlue2 0.698039f, 0.874510f, 0.933333f
LightBlue3 0.603922f, 0.752941f, 0.803922f
LightBlue4 0.407843f, 0.513726f, 0.545098f
LightCyan1 0.878431f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
LightCyan2 0.819608f, 0.933333f, 0.933333f
LightCyan3 0.705882f, 0.803922f, 0.803922f
LightCyan4 0.478431f, 0.545098f, 0.545098f
PaleTurquoise1 0.733333f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
PaleTurquoise2 0.682353f, 0.933333f, 0.933333f
PaleTurquoise3 0.588235f, 0.803922f, 0.803922f
PaleTurquoise4 0.400000f, 0.545098f, 0.545098f
CadetBlue1 0.596078f, 0.960784f, 1.000000f
CadetBlue2 0.556863f, 0.898039f, 0.933333f
CadetBlue3 0.478431f, 0.772549f, 0.803922f
CadetBlue4 0.325490f, 0.525490f, 0.545098f
turquoise1 0.000000f, 0.960784f, 1.000000f
turquoise2 0.000000f, 0.898039f, 0.933333f
turquoise3 0.000000f, 0.772549f, 0.803922f
turquoise4 0.000000f, 0.525490f, 0.545098f
cyan1 0.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
cyan2 0.000000f, 0.933333f, 0.933333f
cyan3 0.000000f, 0.803922f, 0.803922f
cyan4 0.000000f, 0.545098f, 0.545098f
DarkSlateGray1 0.592157f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
DarkSlateGray2 0.552941f, 0.933333f, 0.933333f
DarkSlateGray3 0.474510f, 0.803922f, 0.803922f
DarkSlateGray4 0.321569f, 0.545098f, 0.545098f
aquamarine1 0.498039f, 1.000000f, 0.831373f
aquamarine2 0.462745f, 0.933333f, 0.776471f
aquamarine3 0.400000f, 0.803922f, 0.666667f
aquamarine4 0.270588f, 0.545098f, 0.454902f
DarkSeaGreen1 0.756863f, 1.000000f, 0.756863f
DarkSeaGreen2 0.705882f, 0.933333f, 0.705882f
DarkSeaGreen3 0.607843f, 0.803922f, 0.607843f
DarkSeaGreen4 0.411765f, 0.545098f, 0.411765f
SeaGreen1 0.329412f, 1.000000f, 0.623529f
SeaGreen2 0.305882f, 0.933333f, 0.580392f
SeaGreen3 0.262745f, 0.803922f, 0.501961f
SeaGreen4 0.180392f, 0.545098f, 0.341176f
PaleGreen1 0.603922f, 1.000000f, 0.603922f
PaleGreen2 0.564706f, 0.933333f, 0.564706f
PaleGreen3 0.486275f, 0.803922f, 0.486275f
PaleGreen4 0.329412f, 0.545098f, 0.329412f
SpringGreen1 0.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.498039f
SpringGreen2 0.000000f, 0.933333f, 0.462745f
SpringGreen3 0.000000f, 0.803922f, 0.400000f
SpringGreen4 0.000000f, 0.545098f, 0.270588f
green1 0.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f
green2 0.000000f, 0.933333f, 0.000000f
green3 0.000000f, 0.803922f, 0.000000f
green4 0.000000f, 0.545098f, 0.000000f
chartreuse1 0.498039f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f
chartreuse2 0.462745f, 0.933333f, 0.000000f
chartreuse3 0.400000f, 0.803922f, 0.000000f
chartreuse4 0.270588f, 0.545098f, 0.000000f
OliveDrab1 0.752941f, 1.000000f, 0.243137f
OliveDrab2 0.701961f, 0.933333f, 0.227451f
OliveDrab3 0.603922f, 0.803922f, 0.196078f
OliveDrab4 0.411765f, 0.545098f, 0.133333f
DarkOliveGreen1 0.792157f, 1.000000f, 0.439216f
DarkOliveGreen2 0.737255f, 0.933333f, 0.407843f
DarkOliveGreen3 0.635294f, 0.803922f, 0.352941f
DarkOliveGreen4 0.431373f, 0.545098f, 0.239216f
khaki1 1.000000f, 0.964706f, 0.560784f
khaki2 0.933333f, 0.901961f, 0.521569f
khaki3 0.803922f, 0.776471f, 0.450980f
khaki4 0.545098f, 0.525490f, 0.305882f
LightGoldenrod1 1.000000f, 0.925490f, 0.545098f
LightGoldenrod2 0.933333f, 0.862745f, 0.509804f
LightGoldenrod3 0.803922f, 0.745098f, 0.439216f
LightGoldenrod4 0.545098f, 0.505882f, 0.298039f
LightYellow1 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.878431f
LightYellow2 0.933333f, 0.933333f, 0.819608f
LightYellow3 0.803922f, 0.803922f, 0.705882f
LightYellow4 0.545098f, 0.545098f, 0.478431f
yellow1 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 0.000000f
yellow2 0.933333f, 0.933333f, 0.000000f
yellow3 0.803922f, 0.803922f, 0.000000f
yellow4 0.545098f, 0.545098f, 0.000000f
gold1 1.000000f, 0.843137f, 0.000000f
gold2 0.933333f, 0.788235f, 0.000000f
gold3 0.803922f, 0.678431f, 0.000000f
gold4 0.545098f, 0.458824f, 0.000000f
goldenrod1 1.000000f, 0.756863f, 0.145098f
goldenrod2 0.933333f, 0.705882f, 0.133333f
goldenrod3 0.803922f, 0.607843f, 0.113725f
goldenrod4 0.545098f, 0.411765f, 0.078431f
DarkGoldenrod1 1.000000f, 0.725490f, 0.058824f
DarkGoldenrod2 0.933333f, 0.678431f, 0.054902f
DarkGoldenrod3 0.803922f, 0.584314f, 0.047059f
DarkGoldenrod4 0.545098f, 0.396078f, 0.031373f
RosyBrown1 1.000000f, 0.756863f, 0.756863f
RosyBrown2 0.933333f, 0.705882f, 0.705882f
RosyBrown3 0.803922f, 0.607843f, 0.607843f
RosyBrown4 0.545098f, 0.411765f, 0.411765f
IndianRed1 1.000000f, 0.415686f, 0.415686f
IndianRed2 0.933333f, 0.388235f, 0.388235f
IndianRed3 0.803922f, 0.333333f, 0.333333f
IndianRed4 0.545098f, 0.227451f, 0.227451f
sienna1 1.000000f, 0.509804f, 0.278431f
sienna2 0.933333f, 0.474510f, 0.258824f
sienna3 0.803922f, 0.407843f, 0.223529f
sienna4 0.545098f, 0.278431f, 0.149020f
burlywood1 1.000000f, 0.827451f, 0.607843f
burlywood2 0.933333f, 0.772549f, 0.568627f
burlywood3 0.803922f, 0.666667f, 0.490196f
burlywood4 0.545098f, 0.450980f, 0.333333f
wheat1 1.000000f, 0.905882f, 0.729412f
wheat2 0.933333f, 0.847059f, 0.682353f
wheat3 0.803922f, 0.729412f, 0.588235f
wheat4 0.545098f, 0.494118f, 0.400000f
tan1 1.000000f, 0.647059f, 0.309804f
tan2 0.933333f, 0.603922f, 0.286275f
tan3 0.803922f, 0.521569f, 0.247059f
tan4 0.545098f, 0.352941f, 0.168627f
chocolate1 1.000000f, 0.498039f, 0.141176f
chocolate2 0.933333f, 0.462745f, 0.129412f
chocolate3 0.803922f, 0.400000f, 0.113725f
chocolate4 0.545098f, 0.270588f, 0.074510f
firebrick1 1.000000f, 0.188235f, 0.188235f
firebrick2 0.933333f, 0.172549f, 0.172549f
firebrick3 0.803922f, 0.149020f, 0.149020f
firebrick4 0.545098f, 0.101961f, 0.101961f
brown1 1.000000f, 0.250980f, 0.250980f
brown2 0.933333f, 0.231373f, 0.231373f
brown3 0.803922f, 0.200000f, 0.200000f
brown4 0.545098f, 0.137255f, 0.137255f
salmon1 1.000000f, 0.549020f, 0.411765f
salmon2 0.933333f, 0.509804f, 0.384314f
salmon3 0.803922f, 0.439216f, 0.329412f
salmon4 0.545098f, 0.298039f, 0.223529f
LightSalmon1 1.000000f, 0.627451f, 0.478431f
LightSalmon2 0.933333f, 0.584314f, 0.447059f
LightSalmon3 0.803922f, 0.505882f, 0.384314f
LightSalmon4 0.545098f, 0.341176f, 0.258824f
orange1 1.000000f, 0.647059f, 0.000000f
orange2 0.933333f, 0.603922f, 0.000000f
orange3 0.803922f, 0.521569f, 0.000000f
orange4 0.545098f, 0.352941f, 0.000000f
DarkOrange1 1.000000f, 0.498039f, 0.000000f
DarkOrange2 0.933333f, 0.462745f, 0.000000f
DarkOrange3 0.803922f, 0.400000f, 0.000000f
DarkOrange4 0.545098f, 0.270588f, 0.000000f
coral1 1.000000f, 0.447059f, 0.337255f
coral2 0.933333f, 0.415686f, 0.313726f
coral3 0.803922f, 0.356863f, 0.270588f
coral4 0.545098f, 0.243137f, 0.184314f
tomato1 1.000000f, 0.388235f, 0.278431f
tomato2 0.933333f, 0.360784f, 0.258824f
tomato3 0.803922f, 0.309804f, 0.223529f
tomato4 0.545098f, 0.211765f, 0.149020f
OrangeRed1 1.000000f, 0.270588f, 0.000000f
OrangeRed2 0.933333f, 0.250980f, 0.000000f
OrangeRed3 0.803922f, 0.215686f, 0.000000f
OrangeRed4 0.545098f, 0.145098f, 0.000000f
red1 1.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
red2 0.933333f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
red3 0.803922f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
red4 0.545098f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
DeepPink1 1.000000f, 0.078431f, 0.576471f
DeepPink2 0.933333f, 0.070588f, 0.537255f
DeepPink3 0.803922f, 0.062745f, 0.462745f
DeepPink4 0.545098f, 0.039216f, 0.313726f
HotPink1 1.000000f, 0.431373f, 0.705882f
HotPink2 0.933333f, 0.415686f, 0.654902f
HotPink3 0.803922f, 0.376471f, 0.564706f
HotPink4 0.545098f, 0.227451f, 0.384314f
pink1 1.000000f, 0.709804f, 0.772549f
pink2 0.933333f, 0.662745f, 0.721569f
pink3 0.803922f, 0.568627f, 0.619608f
pink4 0.545098f, 0.388235f, 0.423529f
LightPink1 1.000000f, 0.682353f, 0.725490f
LightPink2 0.933333f, 0.635294f, 0.678431f
LightPink3 0.803922f, 0.549020f, 0.584314f
LightPink4 0.545098f, 0.372549f, 0.396078f
PaleVioletRed1 1.000000f, 0.509804f, 0.670588f
PaleVioletRed2 0.933333f, 0.474510f, 0.623529f
PaleVioletRed3 0.803922f, 0.407843f, 0.537255f
PaleVioletRed4 0.545098f, 0.278431f, 0.364706f
maroon1 1.000000f, 0.203922f, 0.701961f
maroon2 0.933333f, 0.188235f, 0.654902f
maroon3 0.803922f, 0.160784f, 0.564706f
maroon4 0.545098f, 0.109804f, 0.384314f
VioletRed1 1.000000f, 0.243137f, 0.588235f
VioletRed2 0.933333f, 0.227451f, 0.549020f
VioletRed3 0.803922f, 0.196078f, 0.470588f
VioletRed4 0.545098f, 0.133333f, 0.321569f
magenta1 1.000000f, 0.000000f, 1.000000f
magenta2 0.933333f, 0.000000f, 0.933333f
magenta3 0.803922f, 0.000000f, 0.803922f
magenta4 0.545098f, 0.000000f, 0.545098f
orchid1 1.000000f, 0.513726f, 0.980392f
orchid2 0.933333f, 0.478431f, 0.913725f
orchid3 0.803922f, 0.411765f, 0.788235f
orchid4 0.545098f, 0.278431f, 0.537255f
plum1 1.000000f, 0.733333f, 1.000000f
plum2 0.933333f, 0.682353f, 0.933333f
plum3 0.803922f, 0.588235f, 0.803922f
plum4 0.545098f, 0.400000f, 0.545098f
MediumOrchid1 0.878431f, 0.400000f, 1.000000f
MediumOrchid2 0.819608f, 0.372549f, 0.933333f
MediumOrchid3 0.705882f, 0.321569f, 0.803922f
MediumOrchid4 0.478431f, 0.215686f, 0.545098f
DarkOrchid1 0.749020f, 0.243137f, 1.000000f
DarkOrchid2 0.698039f, 0.227451f, 0.933333f
DarkOrchid3 0.603922f, 0.196078f, 0.803922f
DarkOrchid4 0.407843f, 0.133333f, 0.545098f
purple1 0.607843f, 0.188235f, 1.000000f
purple2 0.568627f, 0.172549f, 0.933333f
purple3 0.490196f, 0.149020f, 0.803922f
purple4 0.333333f, 0.101961f, 0.545098f
MediumPurple1 0.670588f, 0.509804f, 1.000000f
MediumPurple2 0.623529f, 0.474510f, 0.933333f
MediumPurple3 0.537255f, 0.407843f, 0.803922f
MediumPurple4 0.364706f, 0.278431f, 0.545098f
thistle1 1.000000f, 0.882353f, 1.000000f
thistle2 0.933333f, 0.823529f, 0.933333f
thistle3 0.803922f, 0.709804f, 0.803922f
thistle4 0.545098f, 0.482353f, 0.545098f
gray0 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
grey0 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
gray1 0.011765f, 0.011765f, 0.011765f
grey1 0.011765f, 0.011765f, 0.011765f
gray2 0.019608f, 0.019608f, 0.019608f
grey2 0.019608f, 0.019608f, 0.019608f
gray3 0.031373f, 0.031373f, 0.031373f
grey3 0.031373f, 0.031373f, 0.031373f
gray4 0.039216f, 0.039216f, 0.039216f
grey4 0.039216f, 0.039216f, 0.039216f
gray5 0.050980f, 0.050980f, 0.050980f
grey5 0.050980f, 0.050980f, 0.050980f
gray6 0.058824f, 0.058824f, 0.058824f
grey6 0.058824f, 0.058824f, 0.058824f
gray7 0.070588f, 0.070588f, 0.070588f
grey7 0.070588f, 0.070588f, 0.070588f
gray8 0.078431f, 0.078431f, 0.078431f
grey8 0.078431f, 0.078431f, 0.078431f
gray9 0.090196f, 0.090196f, 0.090196f
grey9 0.090196f, 0.090196f, 0.090196f
gray10 0.101961f, 0.101961f, 0.101961f
grey10 0.101961f, 0.101961f, 0.101961f
gray11 0.109804f, 0.109804f, 0.109804f
grey11 0.109804f, 0.109804f, 0.109804f
gray12 0.121569f, 0.121569f, 0.121569f
grey12 0.121569f, 0.121569f, 0.121569f
gray13 0.129412f, 0.129412f, 0.129412f
grey13 0.129412f, 0.129412f, 0.129412f
gray14 0.141176f, 0.141176f, 0.141176f
grey14 0.141176f, 0.141176f, 0.141176f
gray15 0.149020f, 0.149020f, 0.149020f
grey15 0.149020f, 0.149020f, 0.149020f
gray16 0.160784f, 0.160784f, 0.160784f
grey16 0.160784f, 0.160784f, 0.160784f
gray17 0.168627f, 0.168627f, 0.168627f
grey17 0.168627f, 0.168627f, 0.168627f
gray18 0.180392f, 0.180392f, 0.180392f
grey18 0.180392f, 0.180392f, 0.180392f
gray19 0.188235f, 0.188235f, 0.188235f
grey19 0.188235f, 0.188235f, 0.188235f
gray20 0.200000f, 0.200000f, 0.200000f
grey20 0.200000f, 0.200000f, 0.200000f
gray21 0.211765f, 0.211765f, 0.211765f
grey21 0.211765f, 0.211765f, 0.211765f
gray22 0.219608f, 0.219608f, 0.219608f
grey22 0.219608f, 0.219608f, 0.219608f
gray23 0.231373f, 0.231373f, 0.231373f
grey23 0.231373f, 0.231373f, 0.231373f
gray24 0.239216f, 0.239216f, 0.239216f
grey24 0.239216f, 0.239216f, 0.239216f
gray25 0.250980f, 0.250980f, 0.250980f
grey25 0.250980f, 0.250980f, 0.250980f
gray26 0.258824f, 0.258824f, 0.258824f
grey26 0.258824f, 0.258824f, 0.258824f
gray27 0.270588f, 0.270588f, 0.270588f
grey27 0.270588f, 0.270588f, 0.270588f
gray28 0.278431f, 0.278431f, 0.278431f
grey28 0.278431f, 0.278431f, 0.278431f
gray29 0.290196f, 0.290196f, 0.290196f
grey29 0.290196f, 0.290196f, 0.290196f
gray30 0.301961f, 0.301961f, 0.301961f
grey30 0.301961f, 0.301961f, 0.301961f
gray31 0.309804f, 0.309804f, 0.309804f
grey31 0.309804f, 0.309804f, 0.309804f
gray32 0.321569f, 0.321569f, 0.321569f
grey32 0.321569f, 0.321569f, 0.321569f
gray33 0.329412f, 0.329412f, 0.329412f
grey33 0.329412f, 0.329412f, 0.329412f
gray34 0.341176f, 0.341176f, 0.341176f
grey34 0.341176f, 0.341176f, 0.341176f
gray35 0.349020f, 0.349020f, 0.349020f
grey35 0.349020f, 0.349020f, 0.349020f
gray36 0.360784f, 0.360784f, 0.360784f
grey36 0.360784f, 0.360784f, 0.360784f
gray37 0.368627f, 0.368627f, 0.368627f
grey37 0.368627f, 0.368627f, 0.368627f
gray38 0.380392f, 0.380392f, 0.380392f
grey38 0.380392f, 0.380392f, 0.380392f
gray39 0.388235f, 0.388235f, 0.388235f
grey39 0.388235f, 0.388235f, 0.388235f
gray40 0.400000f, 0.400000f, 0.400000f
grey40 0.400000f, 0.400000f, 0.400000f
gray41 0.411765f, 0.411765f, 0.411765f
grey41 0.411765f, 0.411765f, 0.411765f
gray42 0.419608f, 0.419608f, 0.419608f
grey42 0.419608f, 0.419608f, 0.419608f
gray43 0.431373f, 0.431373f, 0.431373f
grey43 0.431373f, 0.431373f, 0.431373f
gray44 0.439216f, 0.439216f, 0.439216f
grey44 0.439216f, 0.439216f, 0.439216f
gray45 0.450980f, 0.450980f, 0.450980f
grey45 0.450980f, 0.450980f, 0.450980f
gray46 0.458824f, 0.458824f, 0.458824f
grey46 0.458824f, 0.458824f, 0.458824f
gray47 0.470588f, 0.470588f, 0.470588f
grey47 0.470588f, 0.470588f, 0.470588f
gray48 0.478431f, 0.478431f, 0.478431f
grey48 0.478431f, 0.478431f, 0.478431f
gray49 0.490196f, 0.490196f, 0.490196f
grey49 0.490196f, 0.490196f, 0.490196f
gray50 0.498039f, 0.498039f, 0.498039f
grey50 0.498039f, 0.498039f, 0.498039f
gray51 0.509804f, 0.509804f, 0.509804f
grey51 0.509804f, 0.509804f, 0.509804f
gray52 0.521569f, 0.521569f, 0.521569f
grey52 0.521569f, 0.521569f, 0.521569f
gray53 0.529412f, 0.529412f, 0.529412f
grey53 0.529412f, 0.529412f, 0.529412f
gray54 0.541176f, 0.541176f, 0.541176f
grey54 0.541176f, 0.541176f, 0.541176f
gray55 0.549020f, 0.549020f, 0.549020f
grey55 0.549020f, 0.549020f, 0.549020f
gray56 0.560784f, 0.560784f, 0.560784f
grey56 0.560784f, 0.560784f, 0.560784f
gray57 0.568627f, 0.568627f, 0.568627f
grey57 0.568627f, 0.568627f, 0.568627f
gray58 0.580392f, 0.580392f, 0.580392f
grey58 0.580392f, 0.580392f, 0.580392f
gray59 0.588235f, 0.588235f, 0.588235f
grey59 0.588235f, 0.588235f, 0.588235f
gray60 0.600000f, 0.600000f, 0.600000f
grey60 0.600000f, 0.600000f, 0.600000f
gray61 0.611765f, 0.611765f, 0.611765f
grey61 0.611765f, 0.611765f, 0.611765f
gray62 0.619608f, 0.619608f, 0.619608f
grey62 0.619608f, 0.619608f, 0.619608f
gray63 0.631373f, 0.631373f, 0.631373f
grey63 0.631373f, 0.631373f, 0.631373f
gray64 0.639216f, 0.639216f, 0.639216f
grey64 0.639216f, 0.639216f, 0.639216f
gray65 0.650980f, 0.650980f, 0.650980f
grey65 0.650980f, 0.650980f, 0.650980f
gray66 0.658824f, 0.658824f, 0.658824f
grey66 0.658824f, 0.658824f, 0.658824f
gray67 0.670588f, 0.670588f, 0.670588f
grey67 0.670588f, 0.670588f, 0.670588f
gray68 0.678431f, 0.678431f, 0.678431f
grey68 0.678431f, 0.678431f, 0.678431f
gray69 0.690196f, 0.690196f, 0.690196f
grey69 0.690196f, 0.690196f, 0.690196f
gray70 0.701961f, 0.701961f, 0.701961f
grey70 0.701961f, 0.701961f, 0.701961f
gray71 0.709804f, 0.709804f, 0.709804f
grey71 0.709804f, 0.709804f, 0.709804f
gray72 0.721569f, 0.721569f, 0.721569f
grey72 0.721569f, 0.721569f, 0.721569f
gray73 0.729412f, 0.729412f, 0.729412f
grey73 0.729412f, 0.729412f, 0.729412f
gray74 0.741176f, 0.741176f, 0.741176f
grey74 0.741176f, 0.741176f, 0.741176f
gray75 0.749020f, 0.749020f, 0.749020f
grey75 0.749020f, 0.749020f, 0.749020f
gray76 0.760784f, 0.760784f, 0.760784f
grey76 0.760784f, 0.760784f, 0.760784f
gray77 0.768627f, 0.768627f, 0.768627f
grey77 0.768627f, 0.768627f, 0.768627f
gray78 0.780392f, 0.780392f, 0.780392f
grey78 0.780392f, 0.780392f, 0.780392f
gray79 0.788235f, 0.788235f, 0.788235f
grey79 0.788235f, 0.788235f, 0.788235f
gray80 0.800000f, 0.800000f, 0.800000f
grey80 0.800000f, 0.800000f, 0.800000f
gray81 0.811765f, 0.811765f, 0.811765f
grey81 0.811765f, 0.811765f, 0.811765f
gray82 0.819608f, 0.819608f, 0.819608f
grey82 0.819608f, 0.819608f, 0.819608f
gray83 0.831373f, 0.831373f, 0.831373f
grey83 0.831373f, 0.831373f, 0.831373f
gray84 0.839216f, 0.839216f, 0.839216f
grey84 0.839216f, 0.839216f, 0.839216f
gray85 0.850980f, 0.850980f, 0.850980f
grey85 0.850980f, 0.850980f, 0.850980f
gray86 0.858824f, 0.858824f, 0.858824f
grey86 0.858824f, 0.858824f, 0.858824f
gray87 0.870588f, 0.870588f, 0.870588f
grey87 0.870588f, 0.870588f, 0.870588f
gray88 0.878431f, 0.878431f, 0.878431f
grey88 0.878431f, 0.878431f, 0.878431f
gray89 0.890196f, 0.890196f, 0.890196f
grey89 0.890196f, 0.890196f, 0.890196f
gray90 0.898039f, 0.898039f, 0.898039f
grey90 0.898039f, 0.898039f, 0.898039f
gray91 0.909804f, 0.909804f, 0.909804f
grey91 0.909804f, 0.909804f, 0.909804f
gray92 0.921569f, 0.921569f, 0.921569f
grey92 0.921569f, 0.921569f, 0.921569f
gray93 0.929412f, 0.929412f, 0.929412f
grey93 0.929412f, 0.929412f, 0.929412f
gray94 0.941176f, 0.941176f, 0.941176f
grey94 0.941176f, 0.941176f, 0.941176f
gray95 0.949020f, 0.949020f, 0.949020f
grey95 0.949020f, 0.949020f, 0.949020f
gray96 0.960784f, 0.960784f, 0.960784f
grey96 0.960784f, 0.960784f, 0.960784f
gray97 0.968627f, 0.968627f, 0.968627f
grey97 0.968627f, 0.968627f, 0.968627f
gray98 0.980392f, 0.980392f, 0.980392f
grey98 0.980392f, 0.980392f, 0.980392f
gray99 0.988235f, 0.988235f, 0.988235f
grey99 0.988235f, 0.988235f, 0.988235f
gray100 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
grey100 1.000000f, 1.000000f, 1.000000f
dark_grey DarkGrey 0.662745f, 0.662745f, 0.662745f
dark_gray DarkGray 0.662745f, 0.662745f, 0.662745f
dark_blue DarkBlue 0.000000f, 0.000000f, 0.545098f
dark_cyan DarkCyan 0.000000f, 0.545098f, 0.545098f
dark_magenta DarkMagenta 0.545098f, 0.000000f, 0.545098f
dark_red DarkRed 0.545098f, 0.000000f, 0.000000f
light_green LightGreen 0.564706f, 0.933333f, 0.564706f


Colors were added with Materials in BZFlag 2.0.0.

Editor Support

Color support is dependent on the support for the containing features in any specific editor.

External links

Wikipedia article on RGB colorspace
A Page with samples of these colors.