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(-lagannounce added)
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2007-09-06 13:27  t-s
include/LagInfo.h, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx,
  src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx,
  src/game/LagInfo.cxx, man/bzfs.6.in: Add -lagannounce for admins.
  Useful in league matches.
2007-09-05 16:50  t-s
2007-09-05 16:50  t-s
include/LagInfo.h, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx,
include/LagInfo.h, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx,
  src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx,
  src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx,
  src/game/LagInfo.cxx: Add -adminlagannounce for admins.
  src/game/LagInfo.cxx, man/bzfs.6.in: Add -adminlagannounce for admins.
  Useful for noticing people with > 1000ms quicker.
  Useful for noticing people with > 1000ms quicker.

Revision as of 17:51, 6 September 2007

2007-09-06 13:27 t-s

include/LagInfo.h, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/game/LagInfo.cxx, man/bzfs.6.in: Add -lagannounce for admins. Useful in league matches.

2007-09-05 16:50 t-s

include/LagInfo.h, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/game/LagInfo.cxx, man/bzfs.6.in: Add -adminlagannounce for admins. Useful for noticing people with > 1000ms quicker.

2007-08-31 20:51 t-s

* src/bzfs/commands.cxx: Add /packetlosswarn and /packetlossdrop

2007-08-31 08:21 atupone

* src/bzflag/sound.cxx: mono array should never be allocated, it is always a pointer inside monoRaw

2007-08-30 12:13 atupone

* src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.cxx: Refix speed check

2007-08-30 00:34 atupone

* debian/rules: while [^ work for the bash shell [! should work for all the posix on

2007-08-28 21:53 atupone

* src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.cxx: Hopefully fix that speed check behaviour

2007-08-27 17:10 t-s

* include/LagInfo.h, man/bzfs.6.in, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx, src/bzfs/Permissions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/commands.cxx, src/game/LagInfo.cxx: backport packetlosskick from 2.1

2007-08-27 05:58 macsforme

* plugins/rabbitTimer/rabbitTimer.cpp: Quell signed/unsigned int comparison warning.

2007-08-27 01:50 l4m3rthanyou

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: Whoops, someone forgot to set the 'time' member when calling bz_ePlayerDieEvent. Fixed.

2007-08-27 01:35 atupone

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: Well, tell in between that the word is void.

2007-08-27 01:33 L4m3rthanyou

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/newplug.sh, plugins/rabbitTimer, plugins/rabbitTimer/Makefile.am, plugins/rabbitTimer/README.txt, plugins/rabbitTimer/rabbitTimer.cpp, plugins/rabbitTimer/rabbitTimer.def, plugins/rabbitTimer/rabbitTimer.sln, plugins/rabbitTimer/rabbitTimer.vcproj: Add the rabbitTimer plug-in

2007-08-27 01:30 atupone

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: Delete the world before creating a new one. We can't live in two.

2007-08-25 22:08 atupone

* src/bzfs/ListServerConnection.cxx, src/common/TextUtils.cxx, src/game/ServerList.cxx, src/platform/SDLDisplay.cxx: Compliance with gcc-4.2

2007-08-24 19:11 t-s

* COPYING: Ooops, did not intend to change that file. Reverting back to revision 11952

2007-08-24 19:07 t-s

* COPYING, configure.ac, src/common/Makefile.am, src/net/Makefile.am: Automake 1.6 does not seem to like some options, taking those out for now :(

2007-08-20 22:30 atupone

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: Don't draw the HUD if the world is not yet ready. Fix a segfault.

2007-08-20 00:08 atupone

* Makefile.common, configure.ac: -Wno-deprecated is C++ only . Fixed

2007-08-19 22:02 atupone

* Makefile.common, configure.ac, src/common/Makefile.am, src/net/Makefile.am: Do not play with CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS if they are set by user

2007-08-19 22:00 atupone

* man/Makefile.am: Distribute .in files

2007-08-19 05:41 bryjen

* src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: unshadowed variable

2007-08-18 13:22 atupone

* configure.ac, m4/sdl.m4: Use the new API for AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE AC_CANONICAL_TARGET is to build cross-factory. Remove it, as we are not, and update sdl.m4 that was using it.

2007-08-18 11:24 atupone

* Makefile.common, configure.ac: Moving X_CFLAGS to AM_CPPFLAGS

2007-08-18 11:13 atupone

* data/Makefile.am, data/fonts/Makefile.am, data/l10n/Makefile.am: Use automake way to install files in subdir

2007-08-18 10:47 atupone

* configure.ac, misc/Makefile.am: desktopdir setting belongs to Makefile.am

2007-08-18 10:26 atupone

* src/3D/Makefile.am, src/date/Makefile.am, src/geometry/Makefile.am, src/geometry/models/tank/Makefile.am, src/net/Makefile.am, src/obstacle/Makefile.am, src/ogl/Makefile.am, src/scene/Makefile.am: Inherit AM_CPPFLAGS from Makefile.common

2007-08-18 01:43 atupone

* Makefile.common, configure.ac, package/Makefile.am, src/bzadmin/Makefile.am, src/bzflag/Makefile.am, src/bzfs/Makefile.am, src/common/Makefile.am, src/game/Makefile.am, src/mediafile/Makefile.am, src/platform/Makefile.am: INSTALL_DATA_DIR == pkgdatadir, overridable at make time

2007-08-18 00:44 atupone

* configure.ac, man/Makefile.am: Directory Variables should be used only on Makefile's, otherwise last minute changes (during make execution) do not work

2007-08-18 00:20 atupone

* m4/Makefile.am, m4/mkdirp.m4, plugins/plugin_utils/Makefile.am: mkdirp.m4 is overriding system file, and so make dist does not work. Removing it. Fixing make dist removing no existing files from EXTRA_DIST

2007-08-15 20:10 JeffM2501

* include/NetHandler.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/game/NetHandler.cxx: take out calls to world event manager from net handler add a virtual callback system for network data logging install a network data logger in BZFS that makes a copy of the data and call the API events

2007-08-14 04:28 JeffM2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: use the API team type to ensure proper type safety

2007-08-13 22:08 JeffM2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: stupid English

2007-08-13 21:56 JeffM2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: add notification callbacks for when plug-in clip fields are changed BZF_API bool bz_addClipFieldNotifyer ( const char *name, bz_ClipFiledNotifer *cb ); BZF_API bool bz_removeClipFieldNotifyer ( const char *name, bz_ClipFiledNotifer *cb ); use a field name of "" for notification of any field change.

2007-08-12 18:04 JeffM2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, win32/VC71/bzadmin.vcproj, win32/VC71/bzflag.vcproj, win32/VC71/bzfs.vcproj, win32/VC71/common.vcproj, win32/VC71/game.vcproj: add bz_eFlagResetEvent and associated data to inform a plug-in of flag resets/spawns and let them override the spawn pos if needed. API spelling and consistency fixes. use the environ var LIBCURL for the VC71 project since we don't have libcurl in the distro for this branch.

2007-08-04 13:15 atupone

* src/bzflag/WeatherRenderer.cxx: Fix for warning about "dereferencing type-punned pointer" - from gcc-4

2007-08-04 12:47 atupone

* include/SceneRenderer.h, src/bzflag/SceneRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/daylight.cxx, src/bzflag/daylight.h: Fixes for warning about "dereferencing type-punned pointer" - gcc4

2007-08-04 01:14 atupone

* src/bzflag/Roaming.cxx: Fix for warning "warning: 'j' may be used uninitialized" raised from gcc-4

2007-08-04 01:07 atupone

* src/platform/EvdevJoystick.cxx: Fix for warning "dereferencing type-punned pointer" from gcc-4

2007-08-02 23:32 JeffM2501

* src/game/BzMaterial.cxx: when adding an alias to a material, make sure it's a NEW alias so we don't keep building up a huge list of strings.

2007-07-15 20:49 Chestal

* BUGS: (hopefully) fixed high fps problem

2007-07-15 20:24 Chestal

* src/bzflag/BaseLocalPlayer.cxx: try to fix the speeding problem at extremely high fps by skipping the update of the local tank position until 1ms has passed

2007-07-15 19:17 Chestal

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: display apparent velocity in observer info as a maximum for each 0.5s time interval, making it easier to spot abnormal values

2007-07-15 19:16 Chestal

* include/PlayerState.h, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h, src/bzflag/RemotePlayer.cxx, src/common/PlayerState.cxx: Change the calculation of the apparent velocity of players. It is now done on each call to setDeadReckoning() instead on each position update (which happens every frame based on local dead reckoning calcs). Basically av = dx/dt, where dt is calculated based on the timestamps in the MsgPlayerUpdate packets. This means that the value is not subject to jitter. Thus, if it exceeds the maximum speed, the player is cheating or e.g. suffering from the high fps bug.

2007-07-15 17:28 Chestal

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/playing.cxx: prefer getTick() over getCurrent() where appropriate

2007-07-15 16:36 Chestal

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: whitespace

2007-07-15 16:32 Chestal

* include/PlayerState.h, src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h, src/common/PlayerState.cxx: spelling and whitespace

2007-07-11 00:20 blast007

* plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp, src/bzfs/Makefile.am: fix LDFLAGS for bzfs, update master list URL for torBlock, add debug message for torBlock

2007-06-30 17:24 t-s

* include/MeshObstacle.h, src/bzflag/RadarRenderer.cxx: Use the mesh position and heigth to render colour in radar rather than using face position and heigth

2007-06-28 22:44 atupone

* configure.ac, m4/Makefile.am, m4/curl.m4, m4/libcurl.m4, src/bzadmin/Makefile.am, src/bzflag/Makefile.am, src/bzfs/Makefile.am, src/common/Makefile.am, src/game/Makefile.am: Upgrading curl.m4 to libcurl.m4. Dependency on bc removed :)

2007-06-28 22:39 atupone

* plugins/regFlag: Ignoring Makefile.in

2007-06-27 15:08 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/regFlag, plugins/regFlag/Makefile.am, plugins/regFlag/README.txt, plugins/regFlag/regFlag.cpp, plugins/regFlag/regFlag.def, plugins/regFlag/regFlag.sln, plugins/regFlag/regFlag.vcproj: Add regFlag plugin

This plugin drops player flags if the player is not registered and displays a message to the player.

2007-06-27 15:08 bthansen

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: Populate all data items for the bz_eFlagGrabbedEvent

playerID and position data was not set.

2007-06-27 15:08 bthansen

* include/bzfsAPI.h: Fix typos on parameter names

playeID -> playerID

2007-06-03 07:40 Chestal

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: only report server as empty to list server when in case of gameover when it is a traditional timed game

2007-05-19 20:49 dtremenak

* src/common/StateDatabase.cxx: better yet, just throw out the extra right paren

2007-05-19 20:17 dtremenak

* src/common/StateDatabase.cxx: eval expressions with mismatched right parens as zero (i.e. ";)", "0\n");", etc, )

2007-05-16 14:38 blast007

* src/common/cURLManager.cxx: Unbork cURLManager

2007-05-14 22:34 blast007

* plugins/Phoenix/Phoenix.cpp, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.cpp, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.cpp, plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx, src/common/cURLManager.cxx: Grab the cURL memory leak fixes from trunk, fix a few warnings

2007-04-27 23:14 atupone

* ., BZFlag.xcode, Dev-C++, configure.ac, data, data/fonts, data/l10n, debian, doc, doc/faq, doc/guide, doc/guide/Commands, doc/guide/Flags, doc/guide/Geometry, doc/guide/Installation, doc/guide/Tactics, doc/howto, doc/man, include, m4, man, misc, package, package/irix, package/linux, package/rpm, package/win32, package/win32/nsis, plugins, plugins/HoldTheFlag, plugins/Phoenix, plugins/RogueGenocide, plugins/SAMPLE_PLUGIN, plugins/airspawn, plugins/chathistory, plugins/doc, plugins/flagStay, plugins/hiddenAdmin, plugins/keepaway, plugins/killall, plugins/koth, plugins/logDetail, plugins/nagware, plugins/playHistoryTracker, plugins/plugin_utils, plugins/python, plugins/recordmatch, plugins/serverControl, plugins/shockwaveDeath, plugins/teamflagreset, plugins/timedctf, plugins/torBlock, plugins/vc71, plugins/vocaliser, plugins/wwzones, src, src/3D, src/bzadmin, src/bzflag, src/bzfs, src/c-ares, src/common, src/date, src/game, src/geometry, src/geometry/models, src/geometry/models/tank, src/mediafile, src/net, src/obstacle, src/ogl, src/platform, src/platform/MacOSX, src/regex, src/scene, src/zlib, tools, tools/TextTool-W32, tools/TextTool-W32/res, tools/bzwtransform, tools/modeltool, tools/modeltool/vc71, win32, win32/VC71, win32/VC8: Removed deprecated AC_PROG_RANLIB Ignored presence of Makefile.in

2007-04-27 06:21 atupone

* src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx, src/game/PlayerInfo.cxx, src/game/ServerList.cxx, src/game/ServerListCache.cxx: Removing compilation warning

2007-04-24 17:06 JeffM2501

* src/game/PlayerInfo.cxx: init the team to a valid value ( from trunk rev 14112)

2007-04-17 02:26 bryjen

* include/StateDatabase.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/common/StateDatabase.cxx, src/common/global.cxx: change _forceSpeedChecksToLog to _speedChecksLogOnly and make it really work

2007-04-16 01:49 JeffM2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: force speed checks to log only if _forceSpeedChecksToLog is set

2007-04-15 20:57 JeffM2501

* plugins/Phoenix/Phoenix.cpp: clear the lastDeaded list on a cap so everyone's next spawn is normal.

2007-04-15 20:32 JeffM2501

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/Phoenix, plugins/Phoenix/Makefile.am, plugins/Phoenix/Phoenix.cpp, plugins/Phoenix/Phoenix.def, plugins/Phoenix/Phoenix.sln, plugins/Phoenix/Phoenix.vcproj, plugins/Phoenix/README.txt: add Phoenix plug-in that makes you spawn where you die, may be useful for race type servers, just don't die on a phydriv

2007-04-14 04:18 JeffM2501

* package/win32/nsis/BZFlag.nsi: bump to 9 cus I dunno

2007-04-03 07:29 timriker

* src/bzflag/ComposeDefaultKey.h, src/bzfs/Permissions.h: prep for gcc 4.3

2007-04-02 20:26 JeffM2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h: leftovers from DEV during the backport.

2007-04-02 17:15 JeffM2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: backport API events for flag grab and drop

2007-03-29 15:52 t-s

* AUTHORS: Fix my entry in the AUTHOR file (aka svn test)

2007-03-26 17:45 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: make it actualy compile in 2.0.x

2007-03-26 17:36 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: expose URL encode for ease of use.

2007-03-26 04:14 timriker

* src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: mis-edit? patch from Petr Gajdos <pgajdos@suse.cz>

2007-03-20 18:05 chestal

* include/ServerItem.h, include/ServerList.h, include/ServerListCache.h, src/bzflag/ServerMenu.cxx, src/bzflag/ServerMenu.h, src/game/ServerItem.cxx, src/game/ServerList.cxx, src/game/ServerListCache.cxx: Allow the user to mark servers as 'favorites' in the server list and limit the view to the marked servers only.

- the favorite flag is stored in the server cache file which is in a simple binary format, in order to avoid format conflicts the new cache file adds a '_1' subrevision tag: BZFS0026_1-Servers.bzs

- currently there is no way to add/display favorites which are not in the public server list

2007-03-20 17:44 menotume

* src/platform/SDLMedia.cxx, src/platform/SDLMedia.h: Move tupy's SDL sample rate fix to 2.0

2007-03-14 21:22 bthansen

* plugins/plugin_utils/PluginConfig.cpp, plugins/plugin_utils/PluginConfig.h: Make section and key names ignore case Add some usage documentation to the header file

2007-03-06 22:09 jeffm2501

* win32/VC71/bzadmin.vcproj: use the BUILDING_BZADMIN define so we don't get stuff we don't need.

2007-02-28 22:32 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/commands.cxx: set the correct threshold

2007-02-27 03:01 blast007

* src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx: typo

2007-02-26 09:06 brlcad

* autogen.sh: minor update from head

2007-02-26 08:58 brlcad

* autogen.sh: merge from HEAD, this branch actually uses the old AC_INIT syntax

2007-02-26 05:15 brlcad

* autogen.sh: merge from head, updates supporting recursive configures and optional autotools

2007-02-26 04:43 brlcad

* plugins/SAMPLE_PLUGIN/Makefile.am: copy typo, should say SAMPLE_PLUGIN

2007-02-25 22:26 bthansen

* plugins/logDetail/logDetail.cpp: Add bzID and server status

2007-02-25 16:10 bthansen

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: Add bzID to the plugin player record and bump the API version number

2007-02-25 15:51 bthansen

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: Add bz_eFlagTransferredEvent to intercept thief steals

2007-02-25 15:48 bthansen

* src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: Add -tkannounce option to announce team kills on the admin channel

2007-02-25 02:00 bthansen

* plugins/serverControl/serverControl.cpp: Fix plugin_utils header

2007-02-25 01:52 bthansen

* configure.ac: libtool 1.5 has a bug where it (erroneously) uses the -all_load linker option on mac os x when linking certain library types together (usually linking in a noinst library) resulting in various gcc_s gcc internal multiple symbol errors. this change basically strips the -all_load option from the output libtool script if it is found.

2007-02-25 01:51 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/SAMPLE_PLUGIN/Makefile.am, plugins/SAMPLE_PLUGIN/SAMPLE_PLUGIN.cpp, plugins/serverControl/Makefile.am: Build serverControl plugin Sort plugins to build alphabetically Fix link library path for plugin_utils

2007-02-25 01:02 bthansen

* plugins/serverControl/Makefile.am, plugins/serverControl/README.txt, plugins/serverControl/plugins.cfg, plugins/serverControl/serverControl.cpp, plugins/serverControl/serverControl.def, plugins/serverControl/serverControl.sln, plugins/serverControl/serverControl.vcproj: Add serverControl plugin

2007-02-25 00:59 bthansen

* plugins/plugin_utils/Makefile.am, plugins/plugin_utils/PluginConfig.cpp, plugins/plugin_utils/PluginConfig.h, plugins/plugin_utils/plugin_utils.cpp, plugins/plugin_utils/plugin_utils.h: Add plugin_utils

2007-02-23 22:57

* plugins/plugin_utils, plugins/plugin_utils/VC71, plugins/serverControl: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'v2_0branch'.

2007-02-22 20:20 brlcad

* autogen.sh: update from head so autogen.sh will parse automake 1.10 among a variety of other improvements

2007-02-19 15:28 chestal

* src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx: erroneous ]

2007-02-19 03:37 jeffm2501

* plugins/chathistory/chathistory.cpp: /last not /list

2007-02-18 21:38 bthansen

* plugins/logDetail/logDetail.cpp: Fix class names to follow the naming convention

2007-02-15 22:18 atupone

* src/bzflag/ServerMenu.cxx: Uninitialized variable

2007-02-11 02:19 bthansen

* plugins/keepaway/README.txt, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.cpp, plugins/keepaway/keepaway_admin.txt: Add optional flag reset after successful keepaway

2007-02-09 18:18 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: false ! FALSE, this aint' a big BOOL.

2007-02-09 01:54 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API calls to reset bzdb variables.

2007-02-09 00:07 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: add pause state to the paused event. API call to get the player pause state.

2007-02-08 03:18 bthansen

* plugins/teamflagreset/tfr_admin.txt: Add admin help file missed in last commit

2007-02-08 02:48 bthansen

* plugins/wwzones/README.txt, plugins/wwzones/wwzones.cpp: * wwzoneinfo class defined for plugin's common variables. * Removed references to version (handled by CVS now). * Updated README file (removed version comments and no .zip files attached).

2007-02-08 02:46 bthansen

* plugins/timedctf/README.txt, plugins/timedctf/timedctf.cpp, plugins/timedctf/timedctf_admin.txt, plugins/timedctf/timedctf_rules.txt: * tctf class defined for plugin's common variables. * Removed references to version (handled by CVS now). * Updated README file (removed version comments and no .zip files attached). * Added ability to enable/disable sounds. * Added 20 second warning. * Shortened admin commands for timedctf to "tctfon", "tctfoff", etc. * Added help files for timedctf plugin (timedctf_admin.txt & timedctf_rules.txt).

2007-02-08 02:43 bthansen

* plugins/teamflagreset/README.txt, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.cpp: * tfr class defined for plugin's common variables. * Removed references to version (handled by CVS now). * Updated README file (removed version comments and no .zip files attached). * Shortened admin commands to "tfron", "tfroff", etc. * Added help file (tfr_admin.txt).

2007-02-08 02:41 bthansen

* plugins/keepaway/README.txt, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.cpp: * keepaway class defined for plugin's common variables. * Removed references to version (handled by CVS now). * Updated README file (removed version comments and no .zip files attached).

2007-02-08 02:38 bthansen

* plugins/koth/README.txt, plugins/koth/koth.cpp: * koth class defined for plugin's common variables. * Removed references to version (handled by CVS now). * Updated README file (removed version comments and no .zip files attached).

2007-02-08 00:57 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/BanCommands.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx, src/bzfs/commands.cxx: add API calls to reload bans, and other files. make masterban reloads be async.

2007-02-02 22:40 jeffm2501

* src/common/StateDatabase.cxx: return NaN from eval if the value stored in an item has no lenght.

2007-02-02 19:07 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: API event for shot ends

2007-02-02 03:32 bthansen

* plugins/koth/koth.cpp: Cleanup redundant code

2007-02-02 00:40 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API command to move a flag ( reset it and set it's spawn point ).

2007-01-31 23:06 jeffm2501

* include/LagInfo.h, include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx, src/game/LagInfo.cxx: add API exposure for lag, jitter, and packetloss

2007-01-31 00:46 bthansen

* plugins/keepaway/README.txt, plugins/keepaway/keepaway_admin.txt, plugins/keepaway/keepaway_rules.txt, plugins/koth/README.txt, plugins/koth/koth_admin.txt, plugins/koth/koth_rules.txt, plugins/teamflagreset/README.txt, plugins/timedctf/README.txt, plugins/timedctf/timedctf_admin.txt, plugins/timedctf/timedctf_rules.txt, plugins/wwzones/README.txt: More ws - fix CRLF line endings

2007-01-31 00:36 bthansen

* plugins/keepaway/keepaway.cpp: Cleanup - remove redundant code

2007-01-31 00:28 bthansen

* plugins/keepaway/keepaway.cpp, plugins/koth/koth.cpp, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.cpp, plugins/timedctf/timedctf.cpp, plugins/wwzones/wwzones.cpp: Fix ws - remove CRLF line endings

2007-01-31 00:19 bthansen

* plugins/keepaway/Makefile.in, plugins/koth/Makefile.in, plugins/teamflagreset/Makefile.in, plugins/timedctf/Makefile.in, plugins/wwzones/Makefile.in: Oops Makefile.in files aren't supposed to be under source control

2007-01-30 00:07 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/koth, plugins/koth/Makefile.am, plugins/koth/Makefile.in, plugins/koth/README.txt, plugins/koth/koth.cpp, plugins/koth/koth.def, plugins/koth/koth.sln, plugins/koth/koth.vcproj, plugins/koth/koth_admin.txt, plugins/koth/koth_rules.txt: Add koth plugin by LouMan

2007-01-30 00:07 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/timedctf, plugins/timedctf/Makefile.am, plugins/timedctf/Makefile.in, plugins/timedctf/README.txt, plugins/timedctf/timedctf.cpp, plugins/timedctf/timedctf.def, plugins/timedctf/timedctf.sln, plugins/timedctf/timedctf.vcproj, plugins/timedctf/timedctf_admin.txt, plugins/timedctf/timedctf_rules.txt: Add timedctf plugin by LouMan

2007-01-30 00:07 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/teamflagreset, plugins/teamflagreset/Makefile.am, plugins/teamflagreset/Makefile.in, plugins/teamflagreset/README.txt, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.cpp, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.def, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.sln, plugins/teamflagreset/teamflagreset.vcproj: Add teamflagreset plugin by LouMan

2007-01-30 00:07 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/keepaway, plugins/keepaway/Makefile.am, plugins/keepaway/Makefile.in, plugins/keepaway/README.txt, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.cpp, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.def, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.sln, plugins/keepaway/keepaway.vcproj, plugins/keepaway/keepaway_admin.txt, plugins/keepaway/keepaway_rules.txt: Add keepaway plugin by LouMan

2007-01-29 23:59 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/wwzones, plugins/wwzones/Makefile.am, plugins/wwzones/Makefile.in, plugins/wwzones/README.txt, plugins/wwzones/wwzones.cpp, plugins/wwzones/wwzones.def, plugins/wwzones/wwzones.sln, plugins/wwzones/wwzones.vcproj: Add wwzones plugin by LouMan

2007-01-26 21:17 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h: whatever a Cogmmand is, we don't need them, we only serve Commands here.

2007-01-26 19:40 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API calls for doing a server reset ( kick everyone and reload the map ), leting the API define the next map to load, and manage the world cache files and URLs

2007-01-26 01:42 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API function to get the playe limits for each team.

2007-01-26 00:08 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API functions to get info about flags.

2007-01-11 17:47 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: don't use the word "time" for variables, something else somewhere uses it.

2007-01-08 17:45 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API call to get the current game mode

2006-12-28 00:21 bthansen

* plugins/newplug.sh: Rename the missing file in .deps too

2006-12-26 21:01 atupone

* src/common/PositionTracker.cxx: Remove a compilation warning and an unused file

2006-12-22 20:30 atupone

* src/net/Pack.cxx: Backport fix for gcc-4 to 2.0 branch

2006-12-21 03:56 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/clientCommands.cxx: don't iconify if we are not minimising.

2006-12-21 03:17 jeffm2501

* src/platform/WinDisplay.cxx: super cheap hack to prevent the window from minimising when the client loses focus. add set Win32NoMin 1 to the config to enable. helps with debugin

2006-12-21 03:10 jeffm2501

* plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp: get the URL every hour, not every min.

2006-12-21 03:09 jeffm2501

* plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp: parse the line, not the file again.

2006-12-21 02:56 jeffm2501

* plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp: handle URL data that comes back in more then one chunk

2006-12-21 02:43 jeffm2501

* plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp: use /torlist to list the parsed banable IPs

2006-12-21 02:38 jeffm2501

* plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp: warning quell

2006-12-21 02:30 jeffm2501

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am, plugins/torBlock, plugins/torBlock/Makefile.am, plugins/torBlock/README.txt, plugins/torBlock/torBlock.cpp, plugins/torBlock/torBlock.def, plugins/torBlock/torBlock.sln, plugins/torBlock/torBlock.vcproj: experimental plugin to block tor users from a server

2006-12-21 01:53 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: oops

2006-12-21 01:52 jeffm2501

* plugins/chathistory/chathistory.cpp, src/bzflag/playing.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: no distance checks for autopilots ( for now )

2006-12-21 01:40 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: add a fudge for minimum time delta.

2006-12-21 01:36 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: only dist check alive people

2006-12-21 01:34 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: log out the distances during movement checks, NOT the unset speeds

2006-12-21 00:22 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: and more messages

2006-12-21 00:13 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: don't forgets the UDP

2006-12-20 23:59 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: more stuff to allow before MsgEnter

2006-12-20 23:43 jeffm2501

* include/PlayerInfo.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/game/PlayerInfo.cxx: block out messages from users before a MsgEnter

2006-12-17 21:05 atupone

* configure.ac: Removing -Wshadow for optimized build with gcc: is generating fake warning

2006-12-07 05:21 brlcad

* src/platform/SDLDisplay.cxx: test commit, commented means to get vsync on os x provided by snick

2006-12-06 06:01 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/WorldEventManager.cxx: faster out if there are no events reged for the call

2006-12-06 05:43 jeffm2501

* include/bzfio.h, include/bzfsAPI.h, include/common.h, src/3D/BitmapFont.cxx, src/3D/FontManager.cxx, src/3D/ImageFont.cxx, src/3D/TextureFont.cxx, src/3D/TextureManager.cxx, src/bzflag/NewVersionMenu.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Roaming.cxx, src/bzflag/ServerLink.cxx, src/bzflag/ServerStartMenu.cxx, src/bzflag/WorldBuilder.cxx, src/bzflag/playing.cxx, src/bzfs/AccessControlList.cxx, src/bzfs/BZWReader.cxx, src/bzfs/BanCommands.cxx, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx, src/bzfs/CustomMesh.cxx, src/bzfs/CustomWeapon.cxx, src/bzfs/CustomZone.cxx, src/bzfs/ListServerConnection.cxx, src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx, src/bzfs/RandomSpawnPolicy.cxx, src/bzfs/RecordReplay.cxx, src/bzfs/SpawnPolicy.cxx, src/bzfs/WorldInfo.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfsPlugins.cxx, src/bzfs/commands.cxx, src/common/AccessList.cxx, src/common/BZDBLocal.cxx, src/common/Bundle.cxx, src/common/GameTime.cxx, src/common/StateDatabase.cxx, src/common/TimeKeeper.cxx, src/common/bzfio.cxx, src/common/cURLManager.cxx, src/game/CacheManager.cxx, src/game/CollisionManager.cxx, src/game/LinkManager.cxx, src/game/NetHandler.cxx, src/game/PlayerInfo.cxx, src/geometry/MeshDrawMgr.cxx, src/geometry/MeshSceneNode.cxx, src/mediafile/MediaFile.cxx, src/mediafile/PNGImageFile.cxx, src/net/AresHandler.cxx, src/obstacle/MeshDrawInfo.cxx, src/obstacle/MeshFace.cxx, src/obstacle/MeshObstacle.cxx, src/obstacle/ObstacleMgr.cxx, src/ogl/OpenGLGState.cxx, src/ogl/OpenGLTexture.cxx, src/platform/EvdevJoystick.cxx, src/scene/Octree.cxx, src/scene/ZSceneDatabase.cxx: replace DEBUGX with a logDebugMessage and give a hook to the API events when one happens.

2006-12-06 00:27 bthansen

* src/bzflag/Player.cxx: Fix initialization order for GCC 4.1.2

2006-12-05 23:04 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/game/NetHandler.cxx: API events for raw net data coming in and out.

2006-12-03 02:03 dtremenak

* src/bzflag/bzflag.cxx: commit the most basic part of Xfire support for 2.0, in case we get a 2.0.10 for some reason (xfire's current game profile for us reads our uninstaller string, which is version specific, so it would break if we released; this fix will give them something else to read)

2006-12-03 01:39 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/BZWReader.cxx: strip out CRs and LFs from the custom lines for custom map objects

2006-12-02 20:44 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.cxx: no, double P

2006-12-02 20:44 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: put the labels back

2006-12-01 14:07 bthansen

* src/bzfs/commands.cxx: Don't create a recording file using unitialized data for the filename when no filename is specified (/record save). Send help only

2006-12-01 05:11 bthansen

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: Only drop flags in flagstayzones

Fix comments


2006-12-01 04:01 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: lastZone ! i

2006-12-01 03:39 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: use the last zone the player was in with the flag for the messages

2006-12-01 01:59 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: support multiple zones correctly

2006-12-01 01:49 bthansen

* configure.ac, plugins/Makefile.am: Add flagStay to the list of default plugins to build

2006-11-30 05:08 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: make the plugin work

2006-11-30 05:08 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: API to get the flag abreviation for the current player ( not the full label )

2006-11-30 04:46 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: do the events for non observers, not observers, silly

2006-11-30 04:29 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: don't clear the nubs too late

2006-11-30 04:27 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: one zone per object, not per param

2006-11-30 03:05 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: allow for a chat message to be sent when a flag is zaped

2006-11-30 03:00 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp: cylinders not spheres :)

2006-11-30 02:49 jeffm2501

* plugins/flagStay, plugins/flagStay/Makefile.am, plugins/flagStay/README.txt, plugins/flagStay/flagStay.cpp, plugins/flagStay/flagStay.def, plugins/flagStay/flagStay.sln, plugins/flagStay/flagStay.vcproj: flagStay plugin to prevent flags from being taken outside of an area. Needs current API.

2006-11-30 02:48 jeffm2501

* plugins/SAMPLE_PLUGIN/SAMPLE_PLUGIN.vcproj: it's Makefile.am, not Makefile

2006-11-30 02:34 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: add playerID to shot and update events

2006-11-30 01:00 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: ! != =

2006-11-30 00:59 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: API event hook for player update message use the teleporting state to disable the distance checks, not the start point.

2006-11-29 23:24 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: use the collison manager to check and see if the tank's last pos was near a teleporter to see if we should do speed checks.

2006-11-29 23:12 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: don't do dist checks if there are teleporters

2006-11-29 23:08 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: give everyone notice of pause messages, not just observers. treat them like flag grabs.

2006-11-29 22:24 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: make mips happy and NOT break everyone else

2006-11-29 22:18 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: unbreak bzfs.

2006-11-29 21:09 jeffm2501

* package/win32/nsis/BZFlag.nsi, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h, src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/playing.cxx: some cleanups and usefull info for observers.

2006-11-29 20:59 jeffm2501

* man/makeHTML.bat: little help for making the HTML pages

2006-11-29 20:53 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h: unbreak plugins

2006-11-23 12:20 brlcad

* src/platform/MacOSX/MacVisual.h: wow, it actually includes itself..

2006-11-23 12:17 brlcad

* src/platform/MacOSX/MacVisual.cxx, src/platform/MacOSX/MacVisual.h: nobody uses the AGL pixel format stuff, so get rid of it. this fixes a long-standing compilation bug/dependency on AGL when building without SDL. now should correctly not need the AGL framework to link libPlatform.

2006-11-23 12:13 brlcad

* include/Team.h, include/bzfsAPI.h, include/global.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: remove convertTeam and the bzfsAPI from global.h, doesn't belong there aside from causing irix compilation sadness

2006-11-23 11:12 brlcad

* src/bzfs/ListServerConnection.cxx: quell uninitialized var warning, check and make sure it's not null before iterating

2006-11-23 11:04 brlcad

* include/TextChunkManager.h, src/common/TextChunkManager.cxx: quell warning about maxLineLength being a (unsigned) size_t that is initialized to -1

2006-11-08 19:36 brlcad

* BZFlag.xcode/project.pbxproj: do the autogen.sh and configure steps every time but don't strip the binaries

2006-11-05 19:05 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: check for nulls before we set the new hit counters

2006-11-05 17:57 chestal

* src/bzflag/Roaming.cxx: avoid crash when not tracking anyone

2006-11-05 02:16 jeffm2501

* package/win32/nsis/BZFlag.nsi: 7 specials??? this beter be the last one.

2006-11-05 02:14 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h, src/bzflag/Roaming.cxx, src/bzflag/playing.cxx: track the number of unique hits for an observed tank ( by ID ) and report them in the extended observer info with the number of reported hits.

2006-11-02 07:06 jeffm2501

* package/win32/nsis/BZFlag.nsi: tag as special 6

2006-11-02 07:05 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: activate hit testing for observed tank, unless they have thin or tiny.

2006-11-02 06:20 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/GUIOptionsMenu.cxx: yet another level of observer info

2006-10-17 16:19 dtremenak

* src/bzflag/CommandsImplementation.cxx: apply patch [ 1553395 ] fix for /silence command from Skeeve

2006-10-03 17:32 jeffm2501

* README.Linux: it's the 21st centry, update the linux readme to refrence the more modern video cards, and take out the part about 3dfx.

2006-09-26 23:07 chestal

* include/TextChunkManager.h, src/common/TextChunkManager.cxx: rewrite of TextChunk::parse using std::string for reading lines

2006-09-09 19:10 jeffm2501

* plugins/chathistory/chathistory.cpp: use all the params for /list and accept quotes for nams

2006-09-06 14:48 menotume

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: Fix mousebox edge positioning (full speed at line, not at line + nomotionsize / 2)

2006-09-06 02:29 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: better positional speed check

2006-09-06 00:13 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: when checking to see if we are to log or kick, don't use a fixed == test on the floating point positions, give them a little slack ( 0.001 ), this needs operationa testing.

2006-09-05 23:50 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/GameKeeper.cxx, src/bzfs/GameKeeper.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: check for large jumps in update positions.

2006-09-05 20:50 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx: check disco group when checking for custom perms.

2006-08-31 22:53 timriker

* src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.h: reorder again, and test this time

2006-08-31 20:49 timriker

* src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.h: reorder again, and steal the prize

2006-08-31 20:31 brlcad

* src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.cxx: yay, I win.. where's my prize? fix numHunted order

2006-08-31 20:21 timriker

* src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx: NULL is not a char

2006-08-29 20:49 brlcad

* BZFlag.xcode/project.pbxproj: apply a modified form of skeeve's sf patch 1548870, s/TEMP_ROOT/BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR/g

2006-08-26 04:34 dbw192

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: Fix a compilation warning. Add some local collision detection for admin.

2006-08-21 20:16 timriker

* data/l10n/bzflag_es.po, data/l10n/bzflag_xx.po: es and xx from xukosky@yahoo.es

2006-08-11 15:08 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/GUIOptionsMenu.cxx: silly enlish language

2006-08-09 23:15 jeffm2501

* src/game/DirectoryNames.cxx: strip any quotes off of the custom config dir when we set it.

2006-08-08 04:51 brlcad

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: format typo, thx uso

2006-08-07 22:57 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: flag linear and angular vels that are over expected limits with a ! in the target observer view.

2006-08-06 21:02 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/RadarRenderer.cxx: config option to turn off the orange view lines on radar

2006-08-06 20:28 brlcad

* README.Linux: merge audio comment from HEAD to v2_0branch

2006-08-06 18:46 brlcad

* src/platform/MacOSX/Makefile.am: merge from HEAD, the flags are not necessary

2006-08-06 18:45 jeffm2501

* plugins/recordmatch/recordmatch.cpp: when we stop a recording it's not started

2006-08-06 18:38 brlcad

* plugins/recordmatch/recordmatch.cpp: change the default filename format to pad the numbers for easier location of recorded matches. patch provided by uso, sf patch [ 1535474 ] More readable filenames for recorded matches

2006-08-06 18:13 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: ws

2006-08-06 05:26 jeffm2501

* package/win32/nsis/BZFlag.nsi, src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/ShotStatistics.cxx: a space

2006-08-06 05:25 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/Roaming.h: don't send back an observer target if we are freeballin it

2006-08-06 04:40 brlcad

* src/platform/MacOSX/Makefile.am: merge from head so it will compile sans SDL

2006-08-06 04:37 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.cxx, src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.h, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h, src/bzflag/RemotePlayer.cxx, src/bzflag/ShotStatistics.cxx, src/bzflag/ShotStatistics.h: show displays for the time between a players last shots and the angular deviation of the last shot from the tank's facing dir.

2006-08-06 03:27 brlcad

* src/bzfs/commands.cxx: revert the double-patch

2006-08-06 03:15 brlcad

* autogen.sh: update from HEAD, slew of changes

2006-08-06 03:08 brlcad

* include/LagInfo.h, src/bzfs/commands.cxx, src/game/LagInfo.cxx: oop, forgot to commit a few files. apply sf patch [ 1535237 ] jitterkick for bzflag 2.0.8 from uso, a backport of Thomas Stauer's (patch 1397967) work on a jitterdrop command (adding respective cmdline options too)

2006-08-06 02:49 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: ok so actualy USE the player's position in Z for tank labels, not just his muzzle height, cus it sucks when they jump

2006-08-06 02:44 brlcad

* src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.cxx, src/bzfs/CmdLineOptions.h, src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx, src/bzfs/Permissions.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/commands.cxx: apply sf patch [ 1535237 ] jitterkick for bzflag 2.0.8 from uso, a backport of Thomas Stauer's (patch 1397967) work on a jitterdrop command (adding respective cmdline options too)

2006-08-06 02:39 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/Player.cxx: doubles.. are sadly not floats

2006-08-06 02:34 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: rogue semicolon

2006-08-06 01:53 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: move the tank labels closer to the top of the tanks, and show the speed on them if we are observing and want vels.

2006-08-06 00:57 jeffm2501

* include/PlayerState.h, src/bzflag/GUIOptionsMenu.cxx, src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h, src/common/PlayerState.cxx: add an option to compute speeds based on positional updates and display them.

2006-08-06 00:00 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: add a little space between the target info and the team score

2006-08-05 23:54 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: != != ==

2006-08-05 23:52 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.h: add color coded player speed info to the score list when extended observer info is on

2006-08-05 23:51 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.cxx, src/bzflag/Player.h: put the max speed check in a function.

2006-08-05 23:28 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: use white for spawn effects when color blind

2006-08-05 22:24 jeffm2501

* package/win32/nsis/BZFlag.nsi, src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/ScoreboardRenderer.h: when extended observer info is on, push the team score down so they don't overlap. make the target info label be the minor font cus it was just way too big.

2006-08-05 22:07 dtremenak

* src/c-ares/Makefile.am: not in this branch

2006-08-05 22:05 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: spelling

2006-08-05 20:03 brlcad

* src/bzfs/AccessControlList.cxx, src/bzfs/AccessControlList.h: merge uso's global banlist reload with local banlist fix from HEAD to v2_0branch

2006-08-05 19:46 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/GUIOptionsMenu.cxx, src/bzflag/bzflag.cxx, src/bzflag/defaultBZDB.cxx: add menu item for extended observer info in the gui menu

2006-08-05 19:39 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx: use the real size of the fonts drawn to put our new info so they don't overlap

2006-08-05 19:38 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/GuidedMissleStrategy.cxx, src/bzflag/SegmentedShotStrategy.cxx: floats are not ints

2006-08-05 18:53 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/HUDRenderer.cxx, src/bzflag/bzflag.cxx, src/bzflag/defaultBZDB.cxx: more info for observers

2006-08-05 06:32 dtremenak

* configure.ac, src/c-ares/Makefile.am, src/c-ares/ares.h, src/c-ares/ares__get_hostent.c, src/c-ares/ares__read_line.c, src/c-ares/ares_dns.h, src/c-ares/ares_expand_name.c, src/c-ares/ares_expand_string.c, src/c-ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c, src/c-ares/ares_gethostbyname.c, src/c-ares/ares_init.c, src/c-ares/ares_mkquery.c, src/c-ares/ares_parse_a_reply.c, src/c-ares/ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, src/c-ares/ares_private.h, src/c-ares/ares_process.c, src/c-ares/ares_query.c, src/c-ares/ares_search.c, src/c-ares/ares_send.c, src/c-ares/ares_version.c, src/c-ares/ares_version.h: resync c-ares with HEAD (fixes vc8 warnings, arpa/nameser_compat.h problems on bsds)

2006-07-26 01:30 jeffm2501

* src/common/StateDatabase.cxx: don't try to return the top of the stack if the stack is empty

2006-07-25 23:57 lan56

* Dev-C++/bzflag.dev, Dev-C++/bzfs.dev: add BZDBLocal.cxx, remove "date" subfolder from BZFS.dev

2006-07-25 01:10 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx: silly standard template library

2006-07-25 00:35 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx: stupid english language

2006-07-25 00:33 jeffm2501

* src/bzfs/ListServerConnection.cxx, src/bzfs/Permissions.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfs.h: check for a hardcoded DISCONECTED group for perms in times when the list server connecton class says we had an error.

2006-07-23 17:54 mmarshall_

* src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: Backported fix to update spawned and lag attributes in bz_updatePlayerData.

2006-07-22 22:28 mmarshall_

* src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: Added the ability for plugins to change the killer in a PlayerDieEvent.

2006-07-22 22:20 mmarshall_

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfs.cxx: Added shotID to bz_PlayerDieEventData. (and a little ws)

2006-07-20 01:26 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: expose the countdown and game time stuff to the api

2006-07-20 01:15 jeffm2501

* plugins/recordmatch/recordmatch.ncb: silly NCB, cvs is for kids.

2006-07-20 01:14 jeffm2501

* include/bzfsAPI.h, plugins/recordmatch/recordmatch.cpp, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: backport the record stop function from 2.1 for saving recordings. sendTextMessage wasn't converting the team right.

2006-07-17 20:30 mmarshall_

* include/bzfsAPI.h, src/bzfs/WorldWeapons.cxx, src/bzfs/WorldWeapons.h, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx: Backported WW GMs.

2006-07-17 03:50 dtremenak

* src/bzflag/LocalPlayer.cxx, win32/VC8/bzflag.vcproj: teleporting state fix, build bzdblocal for vc8

2006-07-16 17:23 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/sound.cxx: save off the sample name in the sample structure

2006-07-16 07:04 jeffm2501

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx, src/bzfs/bzfsAPI.cxx, src/common/cURLManager.cxx: fix crashes when downloading a resource URL from the server ( sounds )

2006-06-18 20:42 jeffm2501

* win32/VC71/common.vcproj: add the bzdblocal files

2006-06-18 20:39 trepan

* src/common/BZDBLocal.cxx: class type already known

2006-06-18 20:30 jeffm2501

* include/BZDBLocal.h: make it build on the windows.

2006-06-17 12:28 trepan

* include/BZDBCache.h, src/common/BZDBCache.cxx: - protect BZDBCache data from outside writes (there is one spot in RadarRenderer that might need a float cast, I can't commit to that file right now) - changed linedRadarShots and sizedRadarShots to floats

2006-06-17 09:26 trepan

* include/BZDBLocal.h, src/common/BZDBLocal.cxx: ease of use, add persistence option

2006-06-17 03:54 trepan

* include/Makefile.am: BZDBLocal.h

2006-06-17 03:53 trepan

* src/common/Makefile.am: BZDBLocal.cxx

2006-06-17 03:49 trepan

* src/common/BZDBLocal.cxx: no assert.h

2006-06-17 03:48 trepan

* include/BZDBLocal.h, src/bzflag/bzflag.cxx, src/common/BZDBLocal.cxx: playing around

2006-06-06 18:48 trepan

* include/MeshTransform.h, src/bzfs/CustomBox.cxx, src/bzfs/CustomBox.h, src/bzfs/CustomPyramid.cxx, src/bzfs/CustomPyramid.h: - boxes and pyramids are converter to meshes if required - allow leading face specification (x+,x-,y+,y-,z+,z-)

2006-06-05 22:45 timriker

* debian/changelog.in:,5

2006-06-05 22:44 timriker

* debian/buildsnap: no configure.in

2006-06-05 19:29 timriker

* configure.ac: newer (read stupid) versions of autoconf need to get evaled twice

2006-06-03 22:50 trepan

* src/common/AccessList.cxx: unsigned glob tests

2006-06-03 00:34 timriker

* configure.ac, debian/rules: work around broken debian buildd boxes that have ccache but cannot use it

2006-06-03 00:32 timriker

* debian/changelog.in: 2.0.8 release history

2006-05-29 16:42 timriker

* src/bzflag/playing.cxx: show license

2006-05-13 21:21 brlcad

* README: tagged, bump back up to 2.0.9