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CommunityAdministrationNetwork/Field Agent

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CAN logo.png This page contains information about an idea called the Community Administration Network Project. It does not represent any rules, opinions, or regulations for the BZFlag project. The C.A.N. was an idea whose author has lost interest. The information is left here for others to use if they wish to take up similar projects.



This page describes the information needed by Field Administrators for the Community Administration Network.


Field administrators must meet the following requirements.

Global Registration

Field admins must have a valid global name and login, with valid contact info.


Field admins must be at least 17 years of age, or be approved by the network administrator. Field admins must report there correct age to the administration staff when asked.


Field admins must have a clean record on the master ban list, and not have any outstanding bans or issues on any CAN servers.

Sponsorship and approval

Field administrators must be sponsored by at least one Core Administrator. 3 Field administrators can petition a Core Administrator to sponsor a new field administrator. All new field admins must be approved by the Core Administrators, or the Network Administrator.


Field administrators are expected to follow a behavior guideline when playing on CAN member servers.

Follow the Rules

Field admins are expected to follow the same rules as players when playing. Violations of these rules will lead to removal from the administration staff, as well as possible network administrative actions ( bans ).

Be Civil

Field admins are expected to conduct there administration in a calm and civil manner. They should not let anger or personal feelings get in the way of there administration duties. All discussions, arguments, or disagreement with players over administrative issues should happen in private so they will disrupt the play for others as little as possible.

Give the benefit of the doubt

Field admins are expected to give a user the benefit of the doubt when dealing with an initial violation. Users should always be approached with private chat text to ask them first to stop the behavior that is causing the violation. The admin should explain what the behavior is, why it is a violation, and be willing to help the user resolve the issue to the best of there ability.