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CAN logo.png This page contains information about an idea called the Community Administration Network Project. It does not represent any rules, opinions, or regulations for the BZFlag project. The C.A.N. was an idea whose author has lost interest. The information is left here for others to use if they wish to take up similar projects.



This page describes the information needed by players to play on server that are part of the Community Administration Network.


Players on network servers must only meet 2 requirements.

Global Registration

Players must have a valid global user name and login, and play using that name.

Follow the Rules

Players are expected to follow the 6 network rules as they are specified in the Community Administration Network Document. Failure to follow these rules can result in administrative actions.


Players that have a dispute are expected to work with the administration staff to resolve the dispute in a calm and civil manner in private. The admin staff will gladly work with players to resolve any technical, network, or software issues that may cause violations of any of the rules. The admin staff has a good working relationship with the project developers and will ask them to assist in diagnosing any problems. Players are expected to assist the admin staff in resolving the issues so that everyone can have a fun game.

If a dispute is unable to be resolved by the Field Admin staff, the player can bring the issue to the attention of the core administrators. The core administrators can be contacted via the following means.

 * the ##CommunityAdminNetwork IRC channel on
 * BZBB PM to any core member ( list them somewhere ).

Issues that players may have with the Core Administration team should be addressed to the Network Administrator directly.


I would like to help out and be a field agent, what do I do?

The answer to this question is complex. It is important to understand exactly what a field administrator does before a player decides they wish to apply to the network. All users should be aware of the requirements, and expected behaviors of field admins as well as the full ruleset for the network. The Field Agent guide lists the requirements and behaviors. Players should also have a history of good play on one or more member servers before they even think about field agents.

Once a player has read and understands all the material, they should contact the Administration staff and let them know that they are interested in donating there time as a field agent. The best way to do this is via the IRC channel, or e-mail. Once you have let the staff know, you should simply wait. Field agent are chosen based off a number of criteria, and need. Pushing, pestering, or bunging people to become an agent, shows that the applicant probably does not meet the behavior needs of field agent. A new field agentmust be sponsored by an existing Core Administrators. 3 or more existing field agent can petition the Core Administrators to sponsor a new field agent. Agents are only added if there is a need for more. The network administrator has veto and approval power over all field agents.

When a new field agent is approved, they will be asked to read and agree to the field agent agreement form, and fill in valid contact info, age, and verify that they have read and understand the network rules and administration policy. They will also be trained and tested on the use of the CANAdmin plug-in. After this is completed, the users BZID will be added to the central database as a field agent. Other field agents or the network administration staff may monitor or review any new or existing field agents actions at any time.