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CAN logo.png This page contains information about an idea called the Community Administration Network Project. It does not represent any rules, opinions, or regulations for the BZFlag project. The C.A.N. was an idea whose author has lost interest. The information is left here for others to use if they wish to take up similar projects.



This page describes the information needed by server owners who are part of the Community Administration Network.

Membership Requirements

Membership as a CAN server is rather simple, and requires the server owner to agree to a few small things, and install a single plug-in.

Publicly List

CAN is only for public servers. It is not available for private servers, due to it's link with global authentication and web based services.

Require Global Authentication

Running a CAN server means that the server owner agrees to only allow registered players to spawn and talk. This is required and enforced by the CANAdmin plug-in, so it can do it's work using BZIDs and does not have to do any form of IP bans or blocks.

Provide a contact name and e-mail

The CAN system needs a contact name and e-mail for each server or group of servers that it runs. This is so that the administration staff can contact the server owners if need be, and for the CAN website to send automatically generated usage/action logs every week. Servers with invalid contact information will be removed from the network.

Provide a valid domain name and port for each server running

The CAN system needs to know the names and ports of each server that is run in order to verify it's membership in the network.

Run a minimum version of the BZFS server

In order for the CANAdmin plug-in to work, it will require a specific version of BZFS. Server owners that can not build there own BZFS simply need to ask, and the network staff can work with you to get a version that is compatible with the required server.

Understand the service

It is important that each server owner understand what services are being offered by the network, and what services are not. As well as understanding what responsibilities do and don't come with network membership. Being a CAN member server does not automatically confer any network administration status or abilities to the server owner. While many server owners would make fine field or core administrators and may be asked to participate in the network in those positions, they will not be judged for those positions solely on there ownership of a server. Administration positions have there own set of criteria for membership and they will be chosen for those alone. Server owners do not loose any local administration ability by becoming a CAN member server.

Actions that will result in membership termination

There is a small number of actions that will result in the termination of the membership agreement with a server.

Modification of the CANAdmin plug-in

A server owner should never need to modify the plug-in, or change it any way. Use of a modified plug-in can result in the removal of a server from the network. If a server owner requires additional features from the plug-in, they should contact the administration staff, so the features can be worked into the base plug-in code.

Blocking or local banning of CAN Admins

A server owner has agreed to trust the CAN administrators and should never block there access to the server. If a server owner has a problem with an administrator, it should take it up with the core administrators or the network administrator directly. The administration staff will work with server owners to resolve any issues as fast as they can. Server owners may add or remove additional permissions ( not bestowed by the CANAdmin plug-in ) at there leisure.

Overriding or overruling a network ban or kick

A server owner has agreed to trust the choices of the CAN staff. The network can not work if it's actions are not taken by the entire network. If a server owner has an issue with an action, it should be brought to the attention of the network staff for a global resolution. The words of a server owner mean a lot to the network staff and will be taken with great weight.