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Comparison of map editors

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Map editors are programs that are specifically written to create and edit BZW map files.

Types of map editors

There's several different versions of map editors which currently exist. Some are standalone programs while others are based on plug-ins and/or scripts and mostly are designed to convert files into the BZW format.


Basic general comparison about several map editors.

Map editor Operating system Supports 2.0 world objects Type of program
BZEdit Linux No Standalone
BZEditWin32 Windows No Standalone
BZFed Linux No Standalone
BZW Exporter for Wings3D Cross-plaform Yes Plug-in
BZWTools Cross-platform Yes Plug-in
DI-Machine Cross-platform Yes Script to convert .obj file into a drawInfo-specific .bzw file
IBZEdit Mac OS Some objects are supported Standalone
Modeltool Cross-platform Yes Tool to convert wavefront.obj files to .bzw mesh
PyBZEdit Cross-platform Yes Standalone