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Map Object Description
Arc Arc is an object that defines an arc or cylinder in a map.
Base Base is an object which is similar to a box, but defines properties of it being a base for capture the flag style game play modes.
Box Box is an object which defines a cube structure in a world file.
Color(BZW) Color is used in a BZFlag world (BZW) as a sub parameter for many parameters, such as materials and dynamic colors.
Cone Cone object is a BZW object that defines a cone in a BZW world file.
Define Group Definition, or define, will group a set of objects that can be recalled and duplicated multiple times with the group object.
DrawInfo DrawInfo allows clients to render the mesh object more efficiently through LODs (Levels of Detail). Drawinfo also allows the ability to create moving objects in a map.
DynamicColor DynamicColor describes how a color channel will be dynamically updated.
Group Group allows one to bring together a number of elements and refer to them as a single object.
Link Link is an object which creates a link (route) between two teleporters.
Material A material is used in a BZFlag world to define a new look for otherwise regular objects, such as meshboxes.
Mesh Mesh is an object which defines an arbitrary three dimensional shape
Meshbox Meshbox is an update to the original Box object and supports features such as physics drivers and textures.
Meshpyr Meshpyr is an object that constructs a specialized mesh that has the geometric appearance of a Pyramid.
Options (object) Options object is a BZW map structure that defines various options for a server to use when running a map.
Physics Physics, or Physics Driver, is an object when applied to another object, will affect a tank touching it in some way
Pyramid Pyramid is a BZW map structure that defines a polyhedron having a polygonal base and triangular sides with a common vertex in the world.
Sphere The sphere is an Object that defines a sphere in a map file.
Teleporter Teleporter is an object which transports the user to another teleporter in a different part of the world.
Tetra Tetra is an map object which creates a polygon with four vertices.
TextureMatrix TextureMatrix, or texmat, when applied to a material object, allows you to define how a texture will appear in a material.
WaterLevel WaterLevel is an object that defines a plane of water that spans the entire map. WaterLevel is deadly to all tanks that cross it.
Weapon (object) Weapon object is a BZW map structure that defines a fixed weapon effect.
World (object) World object is a BZW map structure that defines various options for the map.
Zone Zone is a rectangular BZW map structure for spawn or flag zones.