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BZFlag uses an ASCII configuration file to store user settings. The file is called "config.cfg."


The location of the config file depends on your operating system.


XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\My BZFlag Files\2.0\config.cfg
Vista: C:\Users\[user]\Documents\My BZFlag Files\2.0\config.cfg

(Of course, replace [user] with your username)

Mac OS X

~/Library/Application Support/BZFlag/2.0/config.cfg

Linux and unix platforms


Editing the Config File

As the config file is a text file, it is possible to directly edit it via text-editor instead of through the built-in GUI. Most things can be edited through the in-game GUI, however, there are some things that you can only add via text-editor. Settings that can only be set by editing the config file directly will be discussed here. (Note: these can also be set in-game with the /localset or /bind commands).

Localset Options

 set highlightPattern "laser"
 set highlightPattern "laser|genocide"
 set highlightPattern "(Team Flag|Team's Flag|Genocide)"

highlightPattern highlights lines with the selected words when they appear in the console(chat box).

  • When highlighting one word, just type the word in quotes, such as "laser."
  • If one wants to highlight two or more words, the words must be separated with a '|', such as "laser|genocide" (highlights lines with laser OR genocide).
  • If any of the words have spaces, all the words must be surrounded in parentheses, such as "(Team Flag|Team's Flag|Genocide)" (highlights lines with "Team Flag," "Team's Flag," OR "Genocide").
 set linedradarshots 10
 set linedradarshots 65

linedradarshots sets how long shots are on the radar. While this option is set-able through the in-game GUI, you can only set this setting up to 10 via the GUI. You can hand-edit your config to give you longer shot lengths.