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The Crystal Space client is an ongoing effort is to provide implement the BZFlag client using the a crystalspace 3d engine and application framework.

The current version is very experimental but, is compatible with all 2.0.x servers. It will be only available via CVS, using the v2_0_cs_branch.

Currently, the client is playable, does not contain all the features of the stable release. It is not recommended as a playing client, only to be used for development.

That is the plan on the development, subject to change without any prior notification:

Screen shot from the Crystal-Space client. The black boxes are dancing.
  1. Integrate BZFlag client in the Crystal-Space framework, particularly regarding the event handling nature of it. (done)
  2. Handle the command line interface a la Crystal-Space: (done)
    • Option values separated by '=' instead of ' '
    • Own handling of -help
    • Request of option on the command line using CS API
  3. Joystick handling done from Crystal Space (done) This is actually having less functionality of native porting, as the force feedback is missing. I'll think I'll revert the joystick change when the work will go further.
  4. Initialize the 2d renderer engine. (done)
  5. Crystal-Space manages the mouse, as far as possible.(done)
  6. Crystal-Space manages the keyboard, as far as possible.(done)
  7. Remove the open GL calls from BZFlag (mostly done)
  8. A fake world with tanks rendered using the CS rendering API (boxes for start) and a camera.(done)
  9. Reintegrate the 2D element like text and hud
  10. Build the world element using CS API
  11. Build the Menu selection using the Crazy Eddie GUI
  12. Rewrite the collision detection code using the ode plug-in
  13. Ship it!

The idea is to have at any stage of development a working client, so we can see the product and change the direction of development at an early stage, if that is required, or abandon this idea at all.

Actual work on this project is on the 2.0.x branch, as to not delay the the 2.2 release. If the integration is successful, and the performance is acceptable then we can look into putting this work into a production release. Crystal Space, being a 3rd party library may have limited support for some of the less popular Operating Systems, as such support for those may be more difficult. Crystal Space does support the majority of our popular Operating Systems, including IRIX and Solaris.

All developers are invited to contribute if they have the desire. It is just asked that work be coordinated with the author and originator of the project, Tupone.