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'''GU Tournament''' -- OVER
=[[Leagues United]]=
The GU League has been around for enough time that some of the veterans have decided it is time to conduct the first league tournament. We would like to hear some ideas/complaints when the tournament is finished to improve the next time around. I have taken the time to create and order as well as administer the tournament along with the help of some partners. Simply visit this link [http://www.gamesunited.de/ib/index.php?showtopic=13326&st=0 GU Forum](of course after registering) and voice anything you have to say. Dont ask about a time frame because I am currently unaware of a host for the site even, so it will be some time before it is completed. Please be patient :-).
Leagues United has launched and is the successor to both [[GU League]] and [[Ducati|Ducati League]].

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Leagues United

Leagues United has launched and is the successor to both GU League and Ducati League.