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The DrawInfo-Machine is a script written in PHP to convert a WaveFront .obj file into a drawInfo-specific .bzw file. The related forum thread can be found here.

Instructions for use

  1. Download the script from here and change the file-name to dI-Machine.php
  2. Download and install PHP 5 or later from the php website. (PHP 4 may work, but it has not been tested)
  3. Using your favorite 3D modeler, export your model as an obj file.
  4. If desired, create multiple copies of your model with lower resolution (less polygons). This can be included in your map for viewing from a distance.
  5. At the command-line, type: php drawinfomachine.php /path/to/object.obj
  6. Copy and paste or pipe the result into a your map.


The script was originally conceived by Optic Delusion and Tedius in an IRC conversation relating to the similarity of the obj syntax with that of the drawInfo object. The code was created by Tedius and improved by suggestions and submissions by Optic Delusion, Anomaly, Tanner, and Teppic. The machine was the first to give mappers a practical way to incorporate LODs and spinning objects in their maps. ModelTool v1.8.1 and later BZWorkbench also incorporated this capability as well.