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Development RoadMap

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This document discusses the general development road-map for Future BZFlag Releases.


Individual features may move up or down the roadmap depending on how/when they get done. Entire releases may be pushed up the roadmap or merged depending on how development goes.

2.4.0 (Wake the dead)

2.4 will be the next release of BZFlag and is protocol incompatible with all previous versions. The development goals are listed here BZFlag 2.3

2.4.2 (What was once lost)

2.4.2 will be the first maintenance release of the 2.4.x compatibility line. Its primary function is to fix bugs found in the 2.4.0 release and to include non breaking items that were not ready during the initial release including:

  • BZFScron
  • Fastmap

2.4.4 (Making the stride)

  • New Death effects
  • HTTP Management plugins
  • Push Stats
  • Bug fixes

2.4.x (Maintenance)

Continuing releases to fix critical bugs. New features should go into 2.6 at this point.

2.6 (Next Breaking Release)

This version may be rolled into the 3.0 release if that code base is still usable. If the code is extended from 2.4 it may have these features;

  • Lua

3.0 (Next Major)

  • Make world meshes internally.
  • New Simulation
  • Things added in V3 that were not back-ported.

3.2 (Modernization)

  • UI Cleanup
  • Lag compensation
  • New Group and user Management.