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Ducati may refer to ether the now defunct Ducati League or to the configurations used to create the world file.


Ducati is a ctf map and the official map of the Ducati League and one of the official maps from Leagues United. Ducati maps are randomly generated and have two bases at each end of the map in the middle. (The bases are red and green.) Ducati based on the principle of two shots, no-jump and ricochet.

Gameplay and tactics

Ducati is a ctf map and requires dodging skills. Some helpful advice on tactics is provided below.

Defense tactics

One should try to use radar as much as possible due to ricochets and to switch radar zoom often and to use it at closer zooms when shots approach oneself. Also one should set their shots to leading and to enlarge the shots appearance on radar and to have radar set to a large size and a mostly transparent radar box. These enhancements should help one in dodging and avoiding shots. If ones team flag is in danger one should try to stop the flag carrier before they are able to capture the flag. There's some exceptions to the rule, as in the case when one is closer to capping the flag then their opponents to capping the flag even if their opponents are slightly ahead there's the good chance that one will reach a position close enough to ones base that once one spawns they're still able to capture the flag and cancel the effect of a flag cap. One should pay careful attention the flags and where tanks spawn and to pay attention to tanks movements as this indicates the main actions done by a team. Also it is good to place ones team flag in an area hard to reach or in a location with ricochet traps.

Offense tactics

One should always use the hunt feature and never play a match without it. The players on is recommended to hunt is ones with ether high lag or ones with high experience. This is due to the fact that with players with high lag one will need to shoot ahead in order to avoid missing shots or one may chose to hunt players with experience in order to avoid or attack them.(this varies on situation.) One should try to attack flag carriers and to avoid staying in one position for long. One must always ether be attacking or defending if one does anything else besides running or placing flags one is wasting time. One should always try to be on offense as it's critical to winning a match. Ether one is on offense and forcing an opponents team on defense or is on defense while ones opponents are on offense. Attacking alone is rarely successful and is not recommended as it's likely to draw opponents fire and lead to failure. For flag capping one should always try run the flag and avoid fighting is it tends to allow an opponents teammates to catch up and prevent a flag capture. If ones teammates is running the flag go offense on the opponents as they're likely to be more concerned in stopping the flag carrier rather then getting shot.