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BZFS API Documentation This page contains part of the BZFS API documentation for use by Plug-ins on the BZFS server.


API events are callbacks that a plug-in can install into BZFS to be called in response to specific actions or state changes in the server side game world. Events are the primary method of communication from BZFS to installed plug-ins. Specific events exist for nearly all logical actions that can happen during a game of BZFlag.

Installation and Removal

The callbacks for events are typically installed during the bz_Load entry point in a plug-in, so they can be active when a plug-in is first loaded.

The plug-in must call the function;

BZF_API bool bz_registerEvent ( bz_eEventType eventType, bz_EventHandler* eventHandler );

The plug-in registers and event callback derived from bz_EventHandler for each specific event types it wishes to monitor.

When a plug-in no longer needs to monitor an event, or when it is unloaded in the bz_Unload entry point, the plug-in must remove the installed callback by calling the function;

BZF_API bool bz_removeEvent ( bz_eEventType eventType, bz_EventHandler* eventHandler );

Event Handler

The plug-in must define a class that is derived from bz_EventHandler and pass a pointer to an object of that class when ever it registers an event callback.

When ever a specific event is triggered, BZFS will call the 'process' method of the installed callback class.

  virtual void process ( bz_EventData *eventData ) = 0;

Event Data

With each call to the 'process' method of the installed event handler, BZFS will pass the plug-in a pointer to a class that contains all the data provided by the event. Each event derives a specific data class from bz_EventData that contains the specific member variables that contain the data. The base class bz_EventData contains the data member;

  bz_eEventType	eventType;

This data member allows a plug-in to identify the specific event and cast the 'bz_EventData' pointer to the appropriate specific data class. This is usefull for plug-ins that use the same 'bz_EventHandler' to process more then one specific message.

Please see the descriptions of each specific event for information and descriptions of the data classes for each event. Some specific events allow plug-ins to change the values of data members in the data class and will use the modified values instead.

Plug-ins should never delete or free the memory for a data class. BZFS will manage all pointers passed to plug-ins.


The following list contains all the event types currently supported by BZFS version 2.99

bz_eAllowAutoPilotChangeEvent bz_eAllowCTFCaptureEvent bz_eAllowFlagGrabEvent bz_eAllowKillCommandEvent bz_eAllowPlayer bz_eAllowSpawn bz_eAnointRabbitEvent bz_eAutoPilotChangeEvent

bz_eBZDBChange bz_eBanEvent


bz_eFilteredChatMessageEvent bz_eFlagDroppedEvent bz_eFlagGrabbedEvent bz_eFlagResetEvent bz_eFlagTransferredEvent

bz_eGameStartEvent bz_eGameEndEvent bz_eGetAutoTeamEvent bz_eGetPlayerInfoEvent bz_eGetPlayerSpawnPosEvent bz_eGetWorldEvent

bz_eHostBanModifyEvent bz_eHostBanNotifyEvent

bz_eIdBanEvent bz_eIdleNewNonPlayerConnection

bz_eKickEvent bz_eKillEvent

bz_eListServerUpdateEvent bz_eLogingEvent bz_eLuaDataEvent


bz_eNetDataReceveEvent bz_eNetDataSendEvent bz_eNewNonPlayerConnection bz_eNewRabbitEvent bz_eNullEvent

bz_ePlayerAuthEvent bz_ePlayerCollision bz_ePlayerCustomDataChanged bz_ePlayerDieEvent bz_ePlayerJoinEvent bz_ePlayerPartEvent bz_ePlayerPauseRequestEvent bz_ePlayerPausedEvent bz_ePlayerSentCustomData bz_ePlayerSpawnEvent bz_ePlayerTeamChangeEvent bz_ePlayerUpdateDoneEvent bz_ePlayerUpdateEvent

bz_eRawChatMessageEvent bz_eReloadEvent bz_eReportFiledEvent

bz_eServerMsgEvent bz_eShotEndedEvent bz_eShotExpiredEvent bz_eShotFiredEvent bz_eShotRicochetEvent bz_eShotStoppedEvent bz_eShotTeleportEvent bz_eSlashCommandEvent

bz_eTeleportEvent bz_eTickEvent



bz_eZoneEntryEvent bz_eZoneExitEvent

There exists one additional event in the 'bz_eEventType' enumeration in 'bzfsAPI.h', bz_eLastEvent. This event is simply used by BZFS to assist in the counting of the total number of events, it will never be called and can not be installed.

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