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Every flag type has it's own associated 2 letter flag code to identify it.


Flag codes are used when specifying specific flags, ether as server startup parameters, or as part of the map file. They are also used in various map structures such as world weapons and CTF Bases. The BZFS API will use flag codes as well to identify flag types.

The Flag Codes

Team Flags

  • R* Red Team
  • G* Green Team
  • B* Blue Team
  • P* Purple Team

Good Flags

  • V High Speed
  • QT Quick Turn
  • OO Oscillation Overthruster
  • F Rapid Fire
  • MG Machine Gun
  • GM Guided Missile
  • L Laser
  • R Ricochet
  • SB Super Bullet
  • IB Invisible Bullet
  • ST Stealth
  • T Tiny
  • N Narrow
  • SH Shield
  • SR Steamroller
  • SW Shock Wave
  • PZ Phantom Zone
  • G Genocide
  • JP Jumping
  • ID Identify
  • CL Cloaking
  • US Useless (v.2.0.0)
  • MQ Masquerade (v.2.0.0)
  • SE Seer (v.2.0.0)
  • TH Thief (v.2.0.0)
  • BU Burrow (v.2.0.0)
  • WG Wings (v.2.0.0)
  • A Agility (v.2.0.0)
  • LG Low Gravity(v.2.1.x)

Bad Flags

  • RC ReverseControls
  • CB Colorblindness
  • O Obesity
  • LT Left Turn Only
  • RT Right Turn Only
  • FO Forward Only
  • RO ReverseOnly
  • M Momentum
  • B Blindness
  • JM Jamming
  • WA Wide Angle
  • NJ No Jumping
  • TR Trigger Happy
  • BY Bouncy