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** '''rotation''' can be abbreviated to '''rot'''
** '''rotation''' can be abbreviated to '''rot'''
** '''radius''' can be abbreviated to '''rad'''
** '''radius''' can be abbreviated to '''rad'''

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The FlagStay plugin allows a mapmaker to specify the zone where they want a flag to remain. This is similar to a regular zone but with a FlagStayZone, the flags that are put in the zone may not leave the zone. This plugin may be useful so a player can't take a Guided Missile flag out of a tower or a ShockWave flag can't be taken into a base and camp there.

Example Usage

A box positioned at 50 50 0 with a rotation of 45 degrees that keeps GM and SW flags.

  position 50 50 0
  size 20 10 1
  rotation 45
  flag GM
  flag SW
  message "You are not allowed to this flag from this area."

A cylinder that centered at position -50 50 0 with a radius of 20 and a height of 10 that keeps GM flags.

  position -50 50 0
  height 10
  radius 20
  flag GM
  message "You are not allowed to remove the GM flag."

Loading the plug-in

To load plugin use: -loadplugin /path/to/flagStay.so


  • As of BZFlag 2.4.3, the bbox and cylinder options have been deprecated in favor of using the position, size, height, and radius options in order to stay consistent with other map objects.
  • For a cylinder FlagStayZone, the height attribute is the equivalent of the Z coordinate of the size of a rectangular zone
  • The message attribute will be sent to the player when they leave a zone and their flag is taken; the quotes are required.
  • The following abbreviations exist:
    • position can be abbreviated to pos
    • rotation can be abbreviated to rot
    • radius can be abbreviated to rad