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What are flags?

Flags are, well, flags. Tanks pick up a flag by driving over it. In general there are good and bad superflags, which change the behavior of the tank or weapon, and team flags. They are one of the key factors how to kill the other tanks.

Only one flag at a time may be carried and can usually be dropped by pressing the spacebar or middle mouse key (MMK), except where a map has been configured to make you hold a "bad" superflag for a certain length of time before being automatically dropped. Some maps feature "antidote flags", which appear randomly in yellow as soon as you pick up a bad flag. Driving over the antidote flag will cause the bad flag to be dropped and the antidote flags to disappear. Some maps have the feature that shooting another tank will cause a carried bad flag to be dropped.

Can't see the flags on the playing field and/or on the radar? It's possible that the map doesn't have any flags but it's more likely that you've accidentally switched them off in your excited playing of the game! The default key to toggle flags on/off on the radar is h, and in the HUD is j. Try pressing the appropriate key and see what happens!

Every flag type has its own associated 1 or 2 letter flag code to identify it. These flag codes are used when specifying specific flags, ether as server startup parameters, or as part of the map file. They are also used in various map structures such as world weapons and CTF Bases. The BZFS API will use flag codes as well to identify flag types.

Team Flags

Flag Abbr
Red Team R*
Blue Team B*
Green Team G*
Purple Team P*

Team flags are supplied by the server in the capture-the-flag style game. While at least one player is on a team, that team's flag is in the game. When captured, the flag is returned to the team's base. If the flag is dropped in a bad place, it is moved to a safety position. Bad places are on top of a building or on an enemy team base. The flag can be dropped on a team base only by a player from a third team; for example, when a blue player drops the red flag on the green base.

A team flag is captured when a tank drops an enemy flag onto its own base or when a tank takes its flag onto an enemy base, even if there's no one playing on that team. You must be on the ground to capture a flag.

Good Superflags

Flag Abbr Description
Agility A Improves the dodging capabilities of the tank. (v.2.0.0)
Burrow BU Your tank burrows into the ground up to your muzzle, making you impervious to normal shots, as they sail above you. However, your tank controls become sluggish (with the default server settings), your radar view is reduced, and anyone, unless they are zoned, can crush you like a beetle. (v.2.0.0)
Cloaked Shot CS Shots are invisible out-the-window but still visible on radar. The glow emitted from the shot is still visible. It is very easy to kill yourself or a teammate with this flag on a server with ricochet, so watch out! (v.2.99)
Cloaking CL Tank becomes invisible out-the-window but is still visible on radar.
Genocide G Destroying any tank on a team destroys every player on that team.
Guided Missile GM Shots guide themselves when locked on. The missile can be retargeted at any time during its flight (with the right mouse button). This allows the player some control over the missile steering.
Identify ID Displays the identity of the closest flag in the vicinity.
Invisible Bullet IB Shots are invisible on radar (except your own). They are visible out-the-window. Sort of stealth for shots.
Jumping JP Allows the tank to jump. You cannot steer while in the air.
Laser L Shoots a laser, with effectively infinite speed and range. Just point and shoot. The binoculars are handy for lining up distant targets. The downside (you knew it was coming) is that the reload time is doubled.
Low Gravity LG The gravity is reduced. Tank jumps higher. (v.2.99.x)
Machine Gun MG Increases shot speed, fires multiple bullets at a time, and dramatically decreases range and reload delay.
Masquerade MQ Your tank looks like a teammate when viewed out of the window. Bullets, radar and targeting reveal your true identity. (v.2.0.0)
Narrow N Tank is super thin. Very hard to hit from front but is normal size from side. Can get through small openings.
Oscillation Overthruster OO Lets the tank go through buildings. You cannot back up while inside a building, and consequently you can not enter a building while in reverse. You can jump and then land inside of a building, but you can not begin a jump from within a building.
Phantom Zone PZ Driving through a teleporter phantom zones the tank. A zoned tank can shoot, but the shots fired will only have effect on other zoned tanks. Zoned tanks can drive through buildings and cannot be destroyed except by a Super Bullet, a Shock Wave, or another zoned tank (or if the teams flag is captured).
Quick Turn QT Tank turns faster. Good for dodging.
Rapid Fire F Increases shot speed and decreases range and reload delay.
Ricochet R Shots bounce off walls. It is exceptionally easy to kill yourself with this flag.
Seer SE Gives you the ability to see Stealthed, Cloaked and Masqueraded tanks as normal, as well as Invisible Bullets. (v.2.0.0)
Shield SH Getting hit only drops flag. Flag flies an extra-long time.
Shock Wave SW Tank does not fire shells. Instead it sends out a shock wave in all directions. Any tank caught in the wave is destroyed (including tanks on or in buildings and zoned tanks).
Stealth ST Tank becomes invisible on radar but is still visible out-the-window.
Steam Roller SR When you touch another tank while you have this flag, they are destroyed.
Super Bullet SB Shots can go through buildings (possibly destroying a tank with the oscillation overthruster flag) and can also destroy (phantom) zoned tanks.
Thief TH Tank is small and fast; when you shoot an opponent, he is not killed, but instead, you steal his flag. (v.2.0.0)
Tiny T Tank becomes much smaller and harder to hit. You must get quite close).
Useless US It is useless! (v.2.0.0)
High Speed V Tank moves faster. Outrun bad guys.
Wings WG Tank can drive around in the air, and may be able to jump multiple times. This can be useful when jumping or falling. (v.2.0.0)

Bad Superflags

Flag Abbr Description
Blindness B Blanks the out-the-window view. The radar still works. It is effectively impossible to detect any tank with Stealth; shooting a Stealth with Blindness is the stuff legends are made of.
Bouncy BY Tank can't stop bouncing.
Colorblindness CB Prevents tank from seeing other tank's colors on the radar - All tanks on the radar will appear yellow. You have to be careful to avoid shooting teammates.
Forward Only FO Can't drive in reverse. (v.2.0.0)
Jamming JM Disables the radar but you can still see out the main window.
Left Turn Only LT Can't turn right.
Momentum M Gives the tank a lot of inertia.
No Jumping NJ Tank is not allowed to jump. (v.2.0.0)
Obesity O Tank becomes very large. Can't fit through some teleporters and other small openings, and is an easy target.
Reverse Controls RC Tank driving controls are reversed from their usual behavior. (v.2.0.0)
Reverse Only RO Can't drive forwards. (v.2.0.0)
Right Turn Only RT Can't turn left.
Trigger Happy TR Tank cannot stop shooting. Watch out for that ricochet. (v.2.0.0)
Wide Angle WA Gives the tank a fish eye lens view out the main window.

Antidote Flag

The antidote flag is not really a flag, though it appears like one. It is rarely used, and is only useful on servers with bad flags. When it is enabled and a player picks up a bad flag, their client randomly places a yellow antidote flag on the map. Upon touching the flag, the player instantly drops their bad flag.

The antidote flag is not a real flag because its location is determined by the client, it is not seen by other clients, it can be 'picked up' when carrying a flag, and instantly disappears when 'picked up'.

Flag Ideas

See Flag Ideas page