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Flag Reference in Plugins

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When making plugins for a map all flags need to be referenced in a certain way. This list shows how each flag is referenced in a plugin.

Good Flags
Agility (+A)
BUrrow (+BU)
CLoaking (+CL)
rapid Fire (+F)
Genocide (+G)
Guided Missile (+GM)
IDentify (+ID)
Invisible Bullet (+IB)
JumPing (+JP)
Laser (+L)
Machine Gun (+MG)
MasQuerade (+MQ)
Narrow (+N)
Oscillation Overthruster (+OO)
Phantom Zone (+PZ)
Quick Turn (+QT)
Ricochet (+R)
Super Bullet (+SB)
SEer (+SE)
SHield (+SH)
SteamRoller (+SR)
STealth (+ST)
Shock Wave (+SW)
Tiny (+T)
THief (+TH)
USeless (+US)
high speed (+V)
WinGs (+WG)
Bad Flags
Blindness (-B)
BouncY (-BY)
ColorBlindness (-CB)
Forward Only (-FO)
JaMming (-JM)
Left Turn only (-LT)
Momentum (-M)
Obesity (-O)
ReverseControls (-RC)
ReverseOnly (-RO)
Right Turn only (-RT)
TRigger happy (-TR)
Wide Angle (-WA)