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(List of suggested flags:)
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|In-game description: "Tank has upgraded sensors and can send locks to guided missiles and allies." Description here: You can see what flag an enemy has, you get those arrow things for enemy team flags as well as your own (and also vertical ones), all walls show up as green wireframe on black background; you get those "enemy in range, enemy to left/right" from Battle Zone when an enemy is in your range; you can lock on to enemies (but not allies) (as you do, all ENEMY missiles within the radius of a SW lock onto them, all ALLIES with GM lock onto them, but not their fired missiles), you also get notifications when you are within an enemy's line of sight and range, especially when you are within the blast radius of someone with shockwave, you can see what flag somebody has on the radar and HUD (letters over their head).  
|In-game description: "Tank has upgraded sensors and can send locks to guided missiles and allies." Description here: You can see what flag an enemy has, you get those arrow things for enemy team flags as well as your own (and also vertical ones), all walls show up as green wireframe on black background; you get those "enemy in range, enemy to left/right" from Battle Zone when an enemy is in your range; you can lock on to enemies (but not allies) (as you do, all ENEMY missiles within the radius of a SW lock onto them, all ALLIES with GM lock onto them, but not their fired missiles), you also get notifications when you are within an enemy's line of sight and range, especially when you are within the blast radius of someone with shockwave, you can see what flag somebody has on the radar and HUD (letters over their head).  
|Flak (FK)
| +
|style="background-color:#5BFAFA;"|'' ''
|Your tank shoots debris (or oval shaped sheilds or whatever they may look like) that collide and disintegrate regular type bullets instantly when the two come in contact.

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Some simple guidelines:


  • First, check that your idea isn't already here. Chances are someone else has already come up with your flag.
  • Next, think carefully about your flag. Come up with a short and succinct description. Not only will a short description will make it easier for the project management team to make a decision about the flag, but it usually also indicates the quality of the idea. Chances are if a flag requires more than a short sentence or two, it's too complicated for the game.
  • Make sure your flag idea isn't overpowered or stupid.
  • Finally, add your flag to the section with the blank 'status' field. Use the teal background color and leave the status blank!
  • Note that your flag approved to a "yes" does not mean it will happen. Everything done is what the developers want to do - if a flag requires significant changes to the codebase and isn't the most brilliant idea ever, it'll probably sit here for quite some time before being implemented, if ever.

This is NOT a list of flags that are being considered. Discussion/implementation of these is encouraged, but does not mean any of these flags are going into the game.

If you do implement a flag keep these things in mind:

  • All powerful flags aren't fun.
  • Flags that ensure your immediate destruction aren't fun.
  • Flags that aren't useful aren't fun.
  • Flags boost/modulate tactical trait of tanks

Based on these observations we have the following rules:

Flag power must be limited.
For example, BZFlag has stealth and cloaking flags, but no stealth-and-cloak flag. Such a tank would be virtually impossible to destroy. Nobody likes to play against someone who can't lose.

The guided missile and laser flags are both exceptionally powerful flags, but neither make the owner invincible. Laser takes twice as long to reload and a guided missile can be dodged while still firing on the owner. You've gotta be good, but it can be done.

Flag powers can counteract/balance each other.
Some flags are handily defeated with another kind of flag. The oscillation overthruster can be destroyed by a super bullet or a shock wave (or a genocide). Cloaking is effective against laser and stealth is good against guided missile. Ricochet is useful against ricochet.

Consider adding counterbalancing flags together. Or consider adding a flag that acts as a counterbalance to an existing flag or flags. Also consider making your new flag counterbalanced by an existing flag; superbullet is often a good choice.

Don't add flags that (almost) instantly kill the owner.
I considered adding a Death flag that would instantly kill the tank that grabbed it. I changed my mind because that's not fun and seriously dampens interest in picking up flags. Mines are similar. You're driving around and *boom* you're dead. Nothing you could've done to avoid it, no mistake you made. You're just dead. People don't mind losing so much if they know it was because they did something wrong.

Even worse is a flag that disables your radar and vision. You're basically dead. You can shoot at random and hope to get lucky, but no amount of skill can save you. And what's worse than the Death flag is that you have to stagger around waiting for someone to kill you.

A flag that seriously disables a tank is not as bad because the player can still use skill to defeat as many enemies as possible before getting shot. Thus we have flags like left turn only and obesity.

Flags should require new skills
Flags that require new skills keep the game interesting. If there's still more to learn about using ricochet or guided missile, or more to learn about fighting against them, then people will keep playing.

Some flags seem pretty dull to some players. The steamroller and the phantom zone come to mind, or quick turn. These aren't the most powerful flags, but they do have their uses and some people enjoy them. However, i think i should have removed SR and PZ. Steamroller's usefulness is very limited and looks pretty weak compared to shock wave. PZ tends to encourage very defensive play, which slows the game down. But quick turn can be very effective when used well; put it in a tight furball and it'll do serious damage. You just have to learn how to take full advantage of it.

List of suggested flags:

To be Approved
Approved as a not bad idea, but needs research
Claimed (Implementing)
Maybe but there are issues

Name +/- Status Use
Low Gravity(LG) + Yes, done in 2.1.x. Gravity is reduced to a large degree allowing the tank to jump very high in the air.
Long Reload (LR) - Yes. Reloading weapon takes twice as long.
Don't Stop (DS) - Yes. Tank always moves forward or backwards, it cannot stop.
BackFire (BF) +/- Yes. Shots fire to rear of tank instead of front.
FrienDly fire (FD) + Yes. Your shots don't kill friendly tanks (Your own ricochets are harmless!).
Sensor Echo (SE) - Maybe, not a bad idea. All tanks show up twice (or more) on radar. Echoes behave like the tank they mirror, down to the flag.
Delayed Shot (DS) - Yes. Shots wait some prescribed amount of time (2 seconds?) between clicking and actually firing.
Extra Shot (ES) + Yes. Player gets an extra shot.
SlowMotion (SM) - Yes. Tank moves and turns with half speed.
Ricochet Guided missile (RG) + Maybe if it's a simple ricochet and has a more narrow lock-on angle. Instead of exploding, the RG bounces off of surfaces and continues to track the target. Option 1: It loses velocity with each bounce. Option 2: When the RG bounces, it travels in a straight line for a certain distance before regaining lock.
NearSight (NS) - Maybe, not too game breaking, but not relay that exciting. All tanks farther than (variable defined) world units are completely invisible on HUD. The closer they are to the player, the more visible they become. Similar to an invisible fog, does NOT effect buildings. Gives enemies a long-range advantage.
Long Shot (LS) + Maybe, not a bad idea. Bullets go twice as far but at a slower speed. Possibly N/2 extra bullets.\
INcoming (IN) + No, it's very very close to a cheat. Bullets that will hit the tank are highlighted on radar/main view in some fashion as a warning system.
Flip Out (FO) - No not really different from reverse controls. Out of window view is upside-down.
EarthQuake (EQ) + No, same as using a shockwave on landing. When landing after a jump, a shockwave will destroy tanks on the ground in the immediate vicinity of the landing tank.
DeFender (DF) + No, too confusing for players. Fires a short-range shot that projects a miniature shockwave to destroy enemy shots.
Retro (RE) - No, doesn't do ANYTHING View becomes green wireframe and otherwise looks like the original Battlezone.
Velocity Shooting (VS) - No, is a server option, not to be mixed for some players and not others. Shots keep Vertical-Velocity (as its set on some Servers for all players). If you jump; shots go up and when you fall; shots aim downward.
SQuishable (SQ) - No, too confusing for players. The opposite of Steamroller. When you touch other tanks (including teammates), you die.
Judas (JD) - No, too confusing for players. When you pick up the flag, you immediately become a player on a different (random) team (or rogue). You must play on that team for as long as you have the flag. If you kill one of your new teammates, you die. BUT you can kill your old teammates for as long as you hold the flag. When you drop the flag or are killed, you revert to your old color.
ANtagonize(AN) - No, can not be localized easily, and may anger people. This bad flag causes your tank to automatically send out mild insults and taunts to opposing players. Especially the good ones by name.
CoW launcher (CW) - No, would require vertical aiming to work properly. (Goofy) Launches a cow along a parabolic trajectory.
ConFusion (CF) - No, too similar to CB. Tank colors and names are shuffled around. Like colorblindness, but worse.
ShowOff(SO) + No, basically useless in gameplay. (Goofy) Tank is capable of doing tricks, back flips when jumping, riding on one tread, etc.
Leash(LE) - No, too confusing for players. Tank is confined to a small radius for a set time period but can still jump.
BUckler (BU) + No, shield is enough. Give the player a 45 degree shield that reflects all shots. It should be located in the arc between 270-315 degrees. The shielded area should be visible but transparent.
PSychic (PS) + No, too powerful and makes ID pointless. Callsigns and flag names of all (visible?) tanks appear above the tank.
Full Reverse(FR) + No, too similar to HS and too limited in scope. Your tank can move full speed in reverse. A middle ground between high speed and normal.
All Terrain (AT) + No slopes, never. No. Can drive over slopes and pyramids, (unless steeper than 45?) and perhaps up walls too.
Tac Nuke (TN) + No too powerful. On impact with any surface or tank, causes TN to detonate like a half-size SW. Option 1: TN has long reload time or is a single shot flag. Option 2: TN has an "arming" range where it cannot detonate until it passes out of that range. This range can be equal to 1/2 the blast radius or some arbitrary number. Option 3: If the TN hits a tank with a Shield flag, it is neutralized.
Glue Trail (GT) + No, too confusing for players. Leaves a trail that slows down other tanks behind it. fades after server-set number of seconds?
Oil Slick (OS) + No, too confusing for players. Leaves a trail that makes tanks behind skid/spin. Fades after server-set number of seconds?
Petrificus Totalus (PT) - No, too confusing for players, and rather lame. Paralyzes tank. Cannot move, turn or shoot for set number of seconds.
Toy Gun (TG) - No, pointless in game play, just use the Useless flag. When you shoot,the bullet that comes out is a fake bullet attached to a string which is attached to your tank.
Icy Treads (IT) - No, just like momentum. Tank loses traction on the ground and on all objects, as if the friction setting was lowered for that particular tank.
ParaChute (PC) + No, just like Wings. You can control your tank ONLY when falling down and you fall down slower.
ToRnado (TR) - No, too confusing for players. You jump and spin uncontrollably.
GhostS (GS)/SPawn (SP) + No, FAR too complex. 2 or 3 mini bot tanks come out of your tanks and help you by providing cover ect. They die by being shot or after a certain period of time (45 secs?).
Death Ball (DB) + No, FAR too complex. Tank morphs into a Death Ball and kills anyone who touches it. Faster than a normal tanks. Can be killed by being shot 5 times. You can't jump.
DiG (DG) +/- No, too similar to burrow. Your tank goes completely underground upon picking up the flag, and you may then shoot up at tanks above you. Anybody may lock on you (as with GM) if they hold GM, SB, or even no flag. You are also in range of SW. Bullets will follow you underground.
RaM (RM) + No, too poweful and complex. Tank travels at normal speed unless you fire. Firing causes your tank to accelerate forward quickly and only for a certain range. When you touch another tank, it has Steamroller effect, causing them to explode.
Auto Teleport (AT) + No, too complex, too powerful, and looks too much like a cheat. With this flag a player can teleport to any place visible place on the radar by clicking the desired area on the radar. Only one teleport can be done per flag, otherwise you would be impossible to kill. Another way to make it harder is to put a reload time on it, so there would be at least some pause between teleports. If you teleport to an area occupied by a building, you go to the highest place on the specified area of the building.
Ice Laser (IL) + No, too confusing for players, just kill them. This laser does not kill players. Instead, it freezes them. They can't move, jump, or shoot, for 10 seconds. Players who are shot by normal bullets while they are frozen become unfrozen. When a tank is frozen, the tank becomes white, preventing other players from knowing which team the frozen tank is on.
Kamakazi Attack (KA) +/- No, too confusing for players. This can be a good and a bad flag. When picked up, starts a self-destruct timer, that, when runs out, will blow you up. But if the right button is pressed before the time is up, then you blow up on the click. This can be use to kill multiple tanks, and can also be used in mid-air. Moderate blast-radius?
Swallow Tanks (SW) + No, far too confusing. (GOOFY) If you touch another tank it disappears and becomes an observer to your tank. The more tanks you swallow the more obese you become. You can only swallow a limit of 3 tanks at a time, if you swallow more you pop. If you are killed all of the tanks you are carrying are set free. The tanks jump as they are set free to avoid multiple shots that may have been fired at the original tank. Swallow your own teammates and carry them deep into enemy territory!
Electricity Bolt (EB) + No, far too powerful and confusing. Looks like thief shot when fired (Short range weapon) only when it hits a structure it kills everyone on it or touching it (or in it, players with OO). This would be handy for killing tanks sitting in hard to get to places!
Invisible Objects (IO) - Maybe. All surface objects (pyramids, boxes, etc.) become invisible.
Meatloaf Launcher(ML) - Just move forward while jumping, unrelated name. Jumping propels your tank not only upwards but forwards as well.
Bent Turret (BT) -/+ Maybe. All shots go out 30 degrees to the left/right (than a normal shot). Some people might call this a super flag because it helps dodging.
Tiny Bullet (TB) - Perhaps. This bad flag causes your the bullets to shrink, making them hard for you to hit your opponent.
Missle Jammer (MJ) + Maybe. Prevents a GM lock on your tank. You can still be killed by normal shots, or unlocked shots.
ECM (EM) + Perhaps, if there is some indication of who does it. Other tanks' radars get jammed within a certain range.
Score Flags (SF) + Maybe, a multi-player isn't a bad idea. Gives you more than one point for each kill. Maybe randomize between 2 and 5 points. (This could also be used as a handicap for beginners)
NearSight (NS) - Maybe, not too game breaking, but not relay that exciting. All tanks farther than (variable defined) world units are completely invisible on HUD. The closer they are to the player, the more visible they become. Similar to an invisible fog, does NOT effect buildings. Gives enemies a long-range advantage.
Black Death (BD) +/- No, far too powerful and confusing. This flag is similar to a team flag only when it is captured it kills all other opposing teams (instead of just one specific team). This would make it so that multiple teams would be competing for one flag. (The color of the flag is black)
Colored Flag (CF) + No, would destroy CTF. CTF only flag. Other people see the CF as their own team flag (except own team?)
Punch (PU) + No, just kill with steamroller. Hitting a tank at full speed throws it some appreciable distance away
Remote Mines (RM) + No, no mines. They will seem to kill players for no reason. Firing places a mine, up to some predefined number. The next shot detonates all of them
Firewall (FW) + No, too hard to sync, and somewhat confusing. Firing creates a temporary wall of flame that tanks cannot pass
Glue Bomb (GB) + No, too confusing for players. Shot would detonate in a big pile of glue, slowing down people in the blast radius
Corbomite Device (CD) + No, too confusing, and hard to sync. When the tank is shot, it generates a reciprocating shot to what killed it - these shots can be dodged normally, in most cases (SW, GM being impossible/difficult)
Clone (CN) + No, too confusing and too much like cheats. Tank emits a hologram clone at some offset from itself as a diversion.
Smoke Screen (SC) + No, doesn't add much for gameplay. The tank emits a cloud of smoke behind it. This provides a visual wall, and perhaps cancels out GM locks as well.
Time Lapse (TL) - No, too similar to blind and jamming combined. Holding this flag will cause the HUD & radar to refresh only every second or so.
Big Bullet (BB) + No, too powerful, shots are computed as point hits. Bullets are twice (or more) as large. Tank feels a kick-back when firing
Gravity Well (GW) + No, FAR too complex. One-shot fire, creates a gravity well at some distance away from the firing tank. This well pulls in all tanks around it - driving away from the well will slow the descent. Possible avoidance/negation flags include BU, OO, PZ, HS.
Mirror (MI) + No, just make CL deflect laser. Holding this flag will reflect a hit by laser. Flag is not dropped after a hit. The appearance of a tank holding this flag changes so that it reflects the surroundings. Or maybe appears pseudo-transparent, rather like the inside of structures viewed with Oscillation Overthruster, or of objects when in the PZ.
Plasma Ball (PB) + No, too limited, and just kinda weird. Shoots a large (8 unit) sphere that behaves exactly like a super bullet -- except it travels very, very slowly. It would travel as fast as a burrowed tank going in reverse, thus being easy to outrun in open areas, but hard to avoid on "indoor" maps. Because of the size, it would kill burrowed tanks when fired on the ground.
Fake Bullets(FB) + No, too complex, and pointless. 1) your bullets look, bounce, show up on radar, and seem real, but they pass right through tanks, causing no damage, and can't harm anyone. This can seem like a bad flag, but would be great to get the other team jumping and running while having zero chance of hitting your own team (and this is how I'd like to use it). 2) Could be made a bad flag that requires you to hold it for a certain amount of time before dropping it. (Would be nice if there were a way to keep a bad flag if you choose.) 3) optional: fire rate is doubled, or unlimited
BulletInertia(BI) + No, it's a server setting. When a shot is fired it has the same motion as the tank when it was fired. So if the tank is falling the shots move downward towards the ground, and shots are accelerated or decelerated if the tank is going forward of backward.
Warp Engine (WE) + No, FAR too complex. Tank can hit newly-defined "Warp" key (perhaps jump key?) and, with a two-second delay, instantaneously be transported an amount in the direction of facing equal to the current warp power, which starts at a minimum value. Pushing the key during the delay period increases the power; increasing it past a certain amount causes the warp engine to overload and blow up. Warping into buildings or outside the world boundary causes a collision and blows up the tank. (A random chance of being dropped when used, depending on how much power is applied? Use a gradual teleporter fog during the about-to-warp delay? Signal about-to-warpness to the other players by turning the tank gradually bright glowing white? Use a new sound for when the warp occurs?)
Identify Friend/Foe (FF) + No, just apply the setting to Masquerade. Masquerade for the radar. Tank shows up for everyone as their team on the radar.
Rotating Turret (RT) + No, no turning turrets, ever. Turret can turn. Like GM, you can lock on people, and the turret always fires in their direction (horizontally, not vertically). May need some graphics changes (tank becomes bottom part - tank orientation + top part - turret orientation)
Boat (BO) + No, too dependent on map features. Tank floats on water. Moats don't kill you. You move a bit slower on water though. You can still jump on water, but not as high.
MortarBomb (MB) + No, requires vertical aim to be any use. Shot has same trajectory as a jump. Vertical velocity alters trajectory. Should be very useful once mastered. Many applications e.g. stop-shoot-go to drop a shot on a pursuer. - FiringSquad
CriticalMass (CM) +/- No, this is a server side plugin, not a flag. When killed you explode in a ShockWave (perhaps larger). Tanks with this flag should pulse on your radar. Suicide to kill at close range and dangerous to have near you. Points scored from explosion should accrue to the holder not the killer, otherwise not worth holding onto flag. - FiringSquad
ShortHop (SH) +/- No, too similar to jump. Jump is half the normal height and takes half the time. (+) Good for jumping over bullets and regaining control quickly to return fire. (-) Unable to reach everywhere. - FiringSquad
1000 Tons Weight (TW) +/- No, just stupid Timer starts as soon as flag as picked up(30 sec timer? Server set?), and user cant drop it. When timer runs out, a 1000 ton weight falls out of the sky killing the owner. When you shoot someone the flag gets transfered over. Player 1 gets TW, 25 seconds go by, he shoots Player 2, then, 5 seconds time, BOOM. Make a nice CLLANNG sound, and tank stops, and other tanks see the weight fall on him. (Punkus)
Red Eye (RE) +/- No, too complex and somewhat pointless. First shot causes target tank out-of-window screen to become all white (like a red-eye flash). Out-of-window view stays white for a certain number of seconds (2? 3?). Within that time initial tanks shots are normal, other shooting tank causes white screen again. Radar works as normal, only out-of-window view is affected
SUbtle (SU) + No, just use CL Tank appears normal to friendlies - only outline visible to enemies.
Klingon Cloak (KC) + No, to powerful. A super cloak, combining stealth and cloak to render you totally invisible to others (though not untouchable). You're not invincible though because, just like with the cloaks used by the Klingons, your tank cannot fire while you have this flag and there is a couple second delay between dropping cloak and being able to fire. Not much for fighting, but great for sneaking up on campers.
Team Invulnerable(TI) + No, just use Friendly Fire. Can't be killed by a teammate, except maybe superbullet, genocide.
TagYourit (TY) - No, should be a game mode, not a flag. Your tank can't fire and the only way to drop the flag is to get within a certain radius of another tank. The flag is automatically transferred to the other tank.
SwiM (SM) + No, too complex. In short: Can get into building. while in building can:
  • raise slowly while the jump-key is pressed. fall slowly otherwise.
  • get to the almost top of the building. from the top can shoot and be shot - while holding the jump key(otherwise he'll fall-in)
  • and can die if the countdown reaches zero. a countdown will be started when he gets to a building, and stopped when he gets out.
Proximity Drop (PD) + No, too confusing for the other players. When driving close to opposing tanks (say 3 tank lengths) you cause them to lose their flags.
Lightning Bolt (LB) + No, lame munchkin flag. Too limited in use. A lightning bolt descends from the sky and hits the highest object above the tank (possibly passing through everything on it's way down?), destroying people above you. Harmless to your own tank. Effective against tanks with GM sniping from high places. Completely useless against almost everything else.
ThrUster (TU) + No, We have Wings. Clicking causes thrusters to fire up underneath your tank. Holding the left mouse button keeps the rockets on (for a time, until they burn out and you plummet to the ground). Landing on other tanks destroys, unless the thrusters used up. Rockets must recharge (especially after being burnt out) like any offensive weapon. A bit like the tank in StarFox64 - yes, I know, sinful console game.
Ostrich (OS) - No, we have burrow. (Goofy) Your tank becomes an ostrich. Clicking causes you to bury your head (and the rest of your body) underground, making it impervious to attack for a very short period, but completely unable to move. Any tanks in the way of it diving underground are destroyed. Weak against lasers, because there would be no time to duck.
LaZarus(LZ) + No, just use shield. When killed holding this flag, after being exploded your tank magically combines, and you are not dead.
WaveFront (WF) + No, just use shockwave. Like shockwave, but only, say, 30 degrees high and wide, but has longer range
Dud Shot (DS) - No, it's kinda mean. And you could not shake it on servers with shake kills. Not all of your bullets work
Death Blossom (DB) + No, Just use shockwave. Shoots all bullets available in a circular pattern from the tank.
COlumn(CO) + No, very limited in use. All of your (currently loaded) shots are fired at once, on top of each other, making a vertical column.
Sniper Rifle (SR) + No, just use laser. Your Tank's shots have infinite range, think of the good, and the bad.
Flash Bang (FB) + No, redefines too many existing behaviors, and far too complex. A few possible implementations. 1) Right-click fires non-lethal shots which travel until a second right-click upon which they explode (similar to SW radius, perhaps bigger) and blind tanks within blast. 2) Could be semi-bad flag where normal shots don't kill but temporarily blind tanks that are hit to allow escape (or kill by teammate). 3) Right click flashes all opponents within line-of-sight of tank w/flag. If tanks are turned such that they can see tank w/flag, they are temporarily blinded.
Freeze Wave (FW) + No, just kill them. Similar to Shock Wave, except that instead of destroying other tanks within the shock radius, it freezes other tanks within the freeze radius for a certain time, so they cannot move or fire (even in mid-air). When the other tanks re-awaken, they are immune to freezing for a certain time. Dropping the flag forces a reload time (like Thief). This flag encourages team play. An alternate implementation would freeze yourself if any team tanks get frozen.
ARchitect(AR) + No.. Just... No. Your tank can move buildings by driving into them.
Gravity Bullet (GB) + No, requires vertical aim to work well. Your bullets are affected by gravity. This obviously reduces the range when fired on the ground, but a tank sitting on a building or jumping has the ability to hit people below them... if they time their shots right.
RubberTank (RT) + No, use shield. I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you shoot bounces off me and kills you! Regular shots ricochet off your tank back in the direction they came, if shooter is still there or close then he gets hit by his own shot. GMs explode without killing or cause rubber damage (flag drop). Super bullet and shock wave kill. Steam roller bounces off you, maybe causing his death or both your flags to drop.
MagNet (MN) - No, it's just mean. Bullets are attracted to player's tank.
Force Field (FF) + No, Just use Shield. Pushes bullets away. Well aimed shots do not get pushed away
Boomerang Bullet (BB) - No, too limiting. Shots move in a curved path that includes the point of firing
ZigZag (ZZ) - No, too limiting. Shots don't fly straight. Instead they fly in a sine wave or a zigzag pattern. Probably no reasonable expectation of hitting what you want.
FReeze (FR) - No Too limiting. Tank can't move, only jump and fire.
Shock Ring (??) + No, just use shockwave. Shockwave in a horizontal ring pattern
RemoteControl (RC) + No.. Just... No. Player can take control of another player's tank, steer and/or fire it, causing the other player to become vulnerable and/or kill himself or others. Offensive and defensive uses, especially if gm or laser campers are around. Automatically dropped after use.
TransLocate (TL) + No.. Just... No. Identify a player, then switch places (perhaps N times use)
Clone (CN) + No.. Just... No. Takes on the properties of the nearest player's flag
Lemur mode (LM) - No.. Just... No. Walk on walls. (maybe parallel to ground only, from however high you touched it, and then jump to get off?)
Cattle Prod (CP) + No, Steamroller!?!?! (Goofy) A cattle prod sticks out some fixed distance in front of the bearer's tank. Anyone who touches the prod dies. Clicking while the flag is in effect does nothing.
MiRage (MR) - No.. Just... No. Player sees tanks and shots where they shouldn't be.
Wormhole Bullet(WB) - No.. Just... No. Bullets that hit other tanks send them to a random link/teleporter instead of killing them. (If there are no teleporters, don't create flags?).
INflate(IN) - No.. Just... No. Your bullets cause tiny tanks to become normal sized, normal tanks to become obese, and obese tanks to explode.
Proximity Fuse (PF) + No.. Just... No. Shells explode with a small shock wave when they pass within range of a tank (even a friendly one).
Laser Cloud(LC) + No.. Just... No. Firing this causes a x amount (x = amount of shots available) of short laser beams to project from the tank, killing all GM, bullets, and tanks they meet. It can aim up and down, and has the range of a Shockwave. Can be over driven by a greater amount of shots than the tank has lasers for. Right clicking causes one single laser beam twice as long as usual, it uses all the shots available, and takes twice as long to recover (optional)
French Fries (FF) - No, too complex, kinda lame. (Goofy) Other tanks are attracted to the french fry and will turn to it if they are facing it within 90 degrees.It automatically moves toward it. Other tanks can still turn around (slowly) until it gets out of the magical 90 degrees.
Time Displacement(TD) + No. Employing this causes the whole world to freeze for a short period of time. Except you, and perhaps PZ. You loose your flag after this. You can't shoot while the world is frozen.
Ugly + No. When opposing tanks have you in there lock angle, their tanks automatically turn away from you. This can be compensated for by turning against it.
Fly by Wire (FW) + No, though adding this to GM might be nice. Missile flies with built-in camera; player's tank stands still until missile flight is over.
KamikaZe (KZ) - No. Tank drives fast, explodes with a large radius when it collides with another tank or obstacle
Random Teleport (RT) - No. Can't control when or where it teleports you
Air Burst (AB) + Never. Flag explodes when it reaches its apex when dropped. Apex is especially high. Explosion is large (bigger than shock wave). Being in or behind a building should protect you. Being behind (or through!) a teleporter should not.
Heat Seeker (HS) + Never, same as GM. Missile is fire-and-forget; heads toward nearest "heat source"
HoloGram (HG) + Never. Player's tank appears off to one side from where it really is.
Grappling Beam (GB) + No. Clicking fires a laser-like beam that travels at the same speed as bullets, and does the same thing to enemy tanks if they are hit. If the beam hits a pyramid or a box, however, the tank gets pulled rapidly to the object that was hit (like a grappling hook).
ILlusion (IL) + No. Opposing players see 2(?) fake copies of your tank at constant random offsets from your real position (if they are shot, either nothing happens or the fakes disappear?).
SNake (SN) + No. (Goofy) Becomes like a game of Nibbles for the bearer of the flag; a laser-looking barrier comes out behind the tank, and stays there (possibly for only a fixed length). Any player that touches the barrier dies.
Kill or be Killed (KK) - Never. Player has to make kills within a certain time, or risk blowing him/herself up. {abbrev should be changed for obvious reasons}
ShotGun (SG) + Never. Shots split and go off in different directions.
Interdimensional Teleport (IT) + Never, no "on drop" actions. Teleports to a random location when dropped
Rear Shot (RS) + Never. Shoots both in front and behind (if available shots)
LLama (LL) - No. (Goofy) Involuntarily charges all visible tanks, starting with the closest, including teammates. Has the same effect as SR on impact. Other tanks see an amusing llama. graphic.
SuperDrop(SD) + Never. When killed holding this flag, all tanks loose their flags, and they are sucked into the ether.
George Bush (GB) - No. (Goofy) All game and player messages are sent through a filter translating them into George W. Bush speak. Because he knows how difficult it is to put code on your project.
Turbo Boost (TB) + Never. Right click makes you faster than high speed briefly. Flag can be used multiple times, maybe with a recharge time.
ReFlect (RF) + Never. When you get hit, you die as usual, but shot isn't stopped, it is reflected back in the direction it came from.
MirroR (MR) + Never. See reflections of other tanks on the walls for aiming ricochet bullets
SubterFuge (SF) + Never. Similar to Antagonize. Players near you or those you id are sent deceptive messages purportedly from other players or teammates. These would be stock messages such as: watch out, [callsign] is behind you... let's go after [callsign]... boo... where callsign is a player on a team other than theirs or a rogue.
MagShield(MS) + No, need to shoot. A defense only flag. Fire and you envelope yourself with a brief magnetic shield that looks like or similar to shock wave, only this shield acts like a wall stopping or causing shots to rico as appropriate. Put up your shield soon enough and you're safe, but wait too long and a shot's ricocheting around inside with you. Tanks can drive thru the shield, both to fire at you or to be protected by you as you approach a target (camper). To fire yourself you have to drop the flag.
Tether Ball(TB) + No. too many changes. A ball appears behind the tank attached by a tether and can be swung along the ground by sharp turns. If a tank (even your own) hits either the tether or the ball it is destroyed.
Dumbfire Missile (DM) + No. A missile that can not be locked on, but has an actual blast area (miniature shock-wave, but without affecting PZ players). Possible alternative: Full size SW, but flag is 'used' (dropped for a long time, like the shield flag) when fired.
MultiFlag (MF) + Never. Tank can hold two other flags at the same time.
OIl (OI) + No. large engine change. Tank leaves an oil trail behind which steers people off course.
Flag Launcher(FL) + No. No multiple flags. Gives tank the same attributes as TH but can pick up a second flag without being affected, and fire it at another tank. If it misses you keep the flag but if it hits the tank is forced to give up any currently held flags and pick up the launched flag. Good with LE.
Radar Scout (RS) + No, confusing. Your tank becomes a radar-equipped scout (you can still shoot). In a certain radius around you, all tanks (except you) look obese (due to increased radar) and can be shot like obese tank (hitting is easier); they still fit through teleporters. In addition, cloaked and stealthed tanks and shots also become visible. Every tank on the play field can see and shoot the obese and cloaked tanks, so you have the advantages that

Tanks are more likely to shoot at each other, since you are normal in size, the others are obese Others will think twice before destroying you since you provide them with a targeting aid

TurreT (TT) + No. Turns your tank into a turret. Same as Burrow + Machine Gun + Angular Velocity, but your tank can't move at all.
AnnoYance (AY) + No, too easy to camp by a flag. Tank is very large and fast, can't shoot, and invincible. Can distract enemies while friendlies go in for the kill.
AntiMatter (AM) + No, needs more thought for vertical worlds. Tank cannot be hit except for SB/SW. 50% increased reload time, can be steamrolled by any tank, colliding with buildings results in death too
Targeting Computer (TC) + No, a lag nightmare. HUD shows where to aim for lead-ahead based on dead reckoning
StraFe (SF) + No, will not be a flag feature if ever implemented. Modifier key makes turning strafe
ECCM (um...) + No. When firing from ECCM equipped tank, other tanks in front of it, 20/30 degrees, have for a while both not working radar and communication (excluding admins).
HeadAche (HA) - No. All colors (not just tank colors) are inverted. Causes confusion for player, should have time limit. Submitted by ThatGuySpencer
Double Shot (DS) + No, see backfire. Shots come out of both ends of your tank, shoting backwards and fowards (maybe your bullets run out twice as fast) - Terminator
X-ray Vision(XV) + No, difficult to portray with complex worlds. Can see through buildings, but not drive through them. Either they are completely invisible (making out-the window driving fun) or they show up like with OO. Makes it possible to surprise others who are behind objects, and who are depending only on radar to know where you are.
SNiper (SN) + No, to much like laser. Tank has one, invisible, shot that lasts until it hits something/someone. Never ricochets. Blam!
PariaH (PH) - No. Tank is identified in all ways as each other player's nemesis.
NeMesis (NM) + No, not a good flag feature. HUD indicates direction (but not distance) to last person to kill you, even if under stealth.
Rear Window (RW) + No. View is split horizontally, bottom half is view out the back.
Collector (CO) - No holding multiple flags, unproductive Or cleaner (CR). Everything is normal except this tank can collect all the flags, without being able to use them. The moment he presses spacebar or dies all flags he holds return to the world.
Bomber (BM) + No we don't do splash damage Like WG, but all shots go downwards. Speed is determined by _gravity. Useful for flying servers. When flying with BM the speed is slower than that of WG, but bombs shot will have a larger radius (can kill more things around them).
Pole-aXed (PX) - No may as well just kill him, and we don't kill for a bad flag Tank cannot move forwards or backwards, can steer and jump (even on no jump servers,to be more fair). It's like being stuck on a pole.
Splash-Damage (SD) + No we don't do splash damage When one of your bullets hits an enemy, he explodes in a shockwave.
False Enemy (FE) - The opposite of MQ, when you pick up this flag, your teammates see you as another player
GalaGa (GG) + When this flag is held, your tank becomes 1.5 (to 2) times wider. However, you are able to shoot two bullets at the cost of one (like a dual fighter in Galaga).
Dome of Protection (DP) + Similar to SW, but instead the "shell" is a protective dome. All shots are simply absorbed or, if there is richochet, bounce off it. It can only be penetrated by SB and SW. Note: when the flag is held the player cannot fire normal shots. They can still fight by making the shots bounce back at them.}
Campers Bullet (CP) + Shots go through teleporters, without actually teleporting. Useful for hiding behind a teleporter and shooting through it, while being shielded by the teleporter.}
Black Hole (BH) + Your shots move slowly, shots within half a shockwave radius of yours aim towards yours, (double maximum turn/frame of guided missile,) your shots absorb any shots that hit them to increase their range. Black holes either can't absorb each other or if they collide, they instantly kill all tanks, including the shooter(s).}
PHase shift (PH) - Oscillation Overthruster, but can backup, jump and shoot in walls. Shoots Super Bullets, and can be killed by Phantom Zone.}
Thief Beam (TB) + Laser with higher rate of fire than normal shots, and steals flags instead of killing.
ASsassin (AS) + As small, fast and short-ranged as thief. Fatal and can't steal flags. Stealth and Cloaking in effect when someone is not in range, and cloaking in effect when you can't see them. (partial cloaking in effect when you can see part of them, that is, they're on the side of your view.) Can be steamrolled by anyone. Longer reload time than Thief. Can only kill once (but maybe you still keep the flag?).
BoMb (BM) - Can be transferred to someone by shooting them, also transfers the timer. When the bad flag timer (or another timer) is up, the holder dies and creates a shockwave.
Terrain Immunity (TI) + User is invulnerable to, and can walk through, terrain hazards such as stuff that would normally be fatal to touch and conveyor belts.
Cloaked Bullet (CB) + Your bullets are invisible out-the-window.
No Ricochet (NR) - Shots don't ricochet.
Charge Beam (CB) + Hold mouse button to charge. Releasing shoots a laser that keeps firing for as long as you charged the beam for. (Maybe a limit on charge time, so there's a limit on how long you fire a laser for?)
Gravitational Field (GF) + Attracts nearby tanks and bullets towards you. You are also afected by Newton's third law, with a resulting force pushing you in the opposite direction of the sum of all the force vectors of all the tanks and bullets you attract. It can be good and bad. With skill you can use this flag to alter bullet paths and tank motion to your/your teammate's advantage, or to your enemy's disadvantage. An example of the effect might be if a tank w/ WG is nearby you could be pulled aloung in flight,although flight would be more difficult for the tank w/ WG. There is a higher risk of being hit and higher difficulty in moving.
Destroy Buildings (DB) + When your shot hits an object (such as a building) it causes that object to disappear temporarily. Still ricochets off.
PLane (PL) + Turns your tank into a plane. Planes have two guns, one on each wing. You can accelerate or decelerate by using scroll wheel up to accelerate, down to decelerate. Point the mouse in the direction you want to turn. If you are shot or touch a wall you turn back into a tank. ENEMY tanks get vertical lock-on on you, meaning if they shoot while you are within their view, then their shot is at an angle upward or downward so that it might hit you. You can get some flags as a plane. Shock wave drops a bomb straight down with the velocity of a shot, plus your velocity; Laser shoots a laser from your nose-cone; Rapid Fire, Super Bullet, Machine Gun, GM are the same as normal (but you still have wing guns); Cloaking, Stealth, and Masquerade are the same; Thief shoots from nose-cone; Black Hole shoots from nose-cone; OO lets you fly through walls (except floor and the surrounding wall, of course); PZ is same as normal; Galaga makes you wider, but you can shoot more shots; Charge Beam from nose-cone; Sensor Package is same as normal; No Ricochet prevents ricochet; etc.. If you drop a flag as a plane, it drops first the grabbed flag, then once you have no grabbed flag, turns you back into a tank. I realize this probably won't be implemented.
Sensor Package (SP) + In-game description: "Tank has upgraded sensors and can send locks to guided missiles and allies." Description here: You can see what flag an enemy has, you get those arrow things for enemy team flags as well as your own (and also vertical ones), all walls show up as green wireframe on black background; you get those "enemy in range, enemy to left/right" from Battle Zone when an enemy is in your range; you can lock on to enemies (but not allies) (as you do, all ENEMY missiles within the radius of a SW lock onto them, all ALLIES with GM lock onto them, but not their fired missiles), you also get notifications when you are within an enemy's line of sight and range, especially when you are within the blast radius of someone with shockwave, you can see what flag somebody has on the radar and HUD (letters over their head).
Flak (FK) + Your tank shoots debris (or oval shaped sheilds or whatever they may look like) that collide and disintegrate regular type bullets instantly when the two come in contact.

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