Fox Burrow

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A screenshot of Fox Burrow
Another screenshot of Fox Burrow
Large tower in one of the corners

Fox Burrow is a map created by ^nightmare^.

This map is a rabbit hunt map. There are a lot of different objects around, with which you can climb to different heights. Most of the time, the rabbit has a lot of places to dodge, but there are also some places where you can get trapped easily.


The Fox burrow map has a large number of structures. Each of them are intended to either dodge, of gain height.

  • In the north-west corner is a large tower. This tower can be useful to hide with stealth, or take down incoming enemy's with guided missiles, since each enemy has to enter through the small building in front.
  • At north-east is a pyramid-like structure. This can be used to jump to the large triangle, of to the object in the north-east corner. It's thus mainly used for gaining height or dodging for incoming bullets.
  • A little bit east from the center is a large triangle. Inside it are two teleporters. One takes you up to the top, the other one takes you on a one-way trip to the north-east of the map.
  • On the top of the map is a large walkway. It is ideal when you got wings, because it takes you to just about anywhere. At each end are teleporters, so watch out for bullets shot through them!
  • Underneath the west side of the walkway, is another structure. Without wings, you can't jump from it on the walkway. One way to get on it is from the center. There are some pyramids under if and a little building good for dodging.
  • In the center of the map is a four story high building. This is useful with guided missiles, but from the topmost level, you can only go to to building on the west.
  • On the north and south of the center are two square buildings. You can jump on these to avoid bullets, but you can also easily get trapped, because players can enter from each side.
  • At the south-east are two other pretty weird buildings. They serve for height gaining and dodging. You can also teleport to each other.
  • Finally there are two spots with pyramids. Their main purpose is to aim lasers to the skies. It's easy to get stuck inside them.


On this map there are no bad flags. Except for ricochet all the good flags are available. Some flags are discussed below.

  • Laser: watch out! In this map it's very very easy to kill yourself of teammates with this flag, since there are little pyramids.
  • Burrow: with this flag you've got a good advantage. The turn and travel speeds are well above the default values. Of course, this is countered by the limited radar size. You should also take care for players leaping of one of the many buildings to steamroll you.