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(Score Management)
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  BZF_API bool [[bz_setPlayerTKs]] (int playerId, int tks);
  BZF_API bool [[bz_setPlayerTKs]] (int playerId, int tks);
  BZF_API bool [[bz_resetPlayerScore]] (int playerId);
  BZF_API bool [[bz_resetPlayerScore]] (int playerId);
BZF_API int [[bz_getPlayerWins]] (int playerId);
BZF_API int [[bz_getPlayerLosses]] (int playerId);
BZF_API int [[bz_getPlayerTKs]] (int playerId);
=== Latency Information ===
=== Latency Information ===

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BZFS API Documentation This page contains part of the BZFS API documentation for use by Plug-ins on the BZFS server.


The BZFS API provides a number of functions to plug-ins for use in querying the current game state. Functions are used both to get information about the game, and to trigger in game actions, such as activating a world weapon.

Function Groups

Functions are broken into a series of groups based on the type of action or information they deal with.

Event Registration

BZF_API bool bz_registerEvent ( bz_eEventType eventType, bz_EventHandler* eventHandler );
BZF_API bool bz_removeEvent ( bz_eEventType eventType, bz_EventHandler* eventHandler );

Non-Player Connections

BZF_API bool bz_registerNonPlayerConnectionHandler ( int connectionID, bz_NonPlayerConnectionHandler* handler );
BZF_API bool bz_removeNonPlayerConnectionHandler ( int connectionID, bz_NonPlayerConnectionHandler* handler );
BZF_API bool bz_sendNonPlayerData ( int connectionID, const void *data, unsigned int size );
BZF_API bool bz_disconectNonPlayerConnection ( int connectionID );

Player Information

BZF_API bool [[bz_getPlayerIndexList ( bz_APIIntList *playerList );
BZF_API [[bz_APIIntList *bz_getPlayerIndexList ( void );
BZF_API [[bz_BasePlayerRecord *bz_getPlayerByIndex ( int index );
BZF_API bool bz_updatePlayerData ( bz_BasePlayerRecord *playerRecord );
BZF_API bool bz_hasPerm ( int playerID, const char* perm );
BZF_API bool [[bz_grantPerm ( int playerID, const char* perm );
BZF_API bool bz_revokePerm ( int playerID, const char* perm );
BZF_API bool bz_freePlayerRecord ( bz_BasePlayerRecord *playerRecord );
BZF_API const char* bz_getPlayerFlag]] ( int playerID );
BZF_API bool bz_getPlayerCurrentState ( int playerID, bz_PlayerUpdateState &state );
BZF_API bool bz_isPlayerPaused ( int playerID );
BZF_API bool bz_setPlayerOperator ( int playerId );
BZF_API bz_APIIntList* bz_getPlayerIndexList ( void );

Team Management

BZF_API unsigned int bz_getTeamPlayerLimit ( bz_eTeamType team )
BZF_API int bz_getTeamCount (bz_eTeamType team );
BZF_API int bz_getTeamScore (bz_eTeamType team );
BZF_API int bz_getTeamWins (bz_eTeamType team );
BZF_API int bz_getTeamLosses (bz_eTeamType team );
BZF_API void bz_setTeamWins (bz_eTeamType team, int wins );
BZF_API void bz_setTeamLosses (bz_eTeamType team, int losses );
BZF_API void bz_resetTeamScore (bz_eTeamType team );
BZF_API void bz_resetTeamScores ( void );
BZF_API void bz_changeTeam( int player, bz_eTeamType team );

Score Management

BZF_API bool bz_setPlayerWins (int playerId, int wins);
BZF_API bool bz_setPlayerLosses (int playerId, int losses);
BZF_API bool bz_setPlayerTKs (int playerId, int tks);
BZF_API bool bz_resetPlayerScore (int playerId);
BZF_API int bz_getPlayerWins (int playerId);
BZF_API int bz_getPlayerLosses (int playerId);
BZF_API int bz_getPlayerTKs (int playerId);

Latency Information

BZF_API int bz_getPlayerLag ( int playerId );
BZF_API int bz_getPlayerJitter ( int playerId );
BZF_API float bz_getPlayerPacketloss ( int playerId );

Permission Group Management

BZF_API bz_APIStringList* bz_getGroupList ( void );
BZF_API bz_APIStringList* bz_getGroupPerms ( const char* group );
BZF_API bool bz_groupAllowPerm( const char* group, const char* perm );

Chat Messages

BZF_API bool bz_sendTextMessage (int from, int to, const char* message);
BZF_API bool bz_sendTextMessage (int from, bz_eTeamType to, const char* message);
BZF_API bool bz_sendTextMessagef (int from, int to, const char* fmt, ...);
BZF_API bool bz_sendTextMessagef (int from, bz_eTeamType to, const char* fmt, ...);
BZF_API bool bz_sentFetchResMessage ( int playerID,  const char* URL );

Server Management

BZF_API bool bz_restart ( void );
BZF_API void bz_shutdown ();
BZF_API void bz_superkill ();
BZF_API void bz_gameOver (int playerID, bz_eTeamType = eNoTeam);
BZF_API void bz_reloadLocalBans ();
BZF_API void bz_reloadMasterBans ();
BZF_API void bz_reloadGroups ();
BZF_API void bz_reloadUsers ();
BZF_API void bz_reloadHelp ();

Rabbit Hunt

BZF_API void bz_newRabbit( int player, bool swap );
BZF_API void bz_removeRabbit( int player );

Map Management

BZF_API void bz_setClientWorldDowloadURL( const char* URL );
BZF_API const bzApiString bz_getClientWorldDowloadURL ( void );
BZF_API bool bz_saveWorldCacheFile( const char* file );

Flag Management

BZF_API bool bz_givePlayerFlag ( int playerID, const char* flagType, bool force );
BZF_API bool bz_removePlayerFlag ( int playerID );
BZF_API void bz_resetFlags ( bool onlyUnused );
BZF_API unsigned int bz_getNumFlags ( void );
BZF_API const bz_ApiString bz_getName( int flag );
BZF_API bool bz_resetFlag ( int flag );
BZF_API int bz_flagPlayer ( int flag );
BZF_API bool bz_getFlagPosition ( int flag, float* pos );
BZF_API bool bz_moveFlag ( int flag, float pos[3], bool reset = true );

Shot Type Control

BZF_API bool bz_setPlayerShotType( int playerId, bz_eShotType shotType );

World Weapon Management

BZF_API bool bz_fireWorldWep ( const char* flagType, float lifetime, float *pos, float tilt, float direction, int shotID , float dt );
BZF_API int bz_fireWorldGM ( int targetPlayerID, float lifetime, float *pos, float tilt, float direction, float dt);

Server Time

BZF_API double bz_getCurrentTime ( void );
BZF_API float bz_getMaxWaitTime ( void );
BZF_API void bz_setMaxWaitTime ( float maxTime );
BZF_API void bz_getLocaltime ( bz_localTime *ts );

Global Database Management (BZDB)

BZF_API double bz_getBZDBDouble ( const char* variable );
BZF_API bz_ApiString bz_getBZDBString( const char* variable );
BZF_API bool bz_getBZDBBool( const char* variable );
BZF_API int bz_getBZDBInt( const char* variable );
BZF_API int bz_getBZDBItemPerms ( const char* variable );
BZF_API bool bz_getBZDBItemPesistent( const char* variable );
BZF_API bool bz_BZDBItemExists( const char* variable );
BZF_API bool bz_setBZDBDouble ( const char* variable, double val, int perms = 0, bool persistent = false );
BZF_API bool bz_setBZDBString( const char* variable, const char *val, int perms = 0, bool persistent = false  );
BZF_API bool bz_setBZDBBool( const char* variable, bool val, int perms = 0, bool persistent = false  );
BZF_API bool bz_setBZDBInt( const char* variable, int val, int perms = 0, bool persistent = false  );
BZF_API int bz_getBZDBVarList( bz_APIStringList	*varList );
BZF_API void bz_resetBZDBVar( const char* variable );
BZF_API void bz_resetALLBZDBVars( void );


BZF_API void bz_debugMessage ( int level, const char* message );
BZF_API void bz_debugMessagef( int level, const char* fmt, ... )
BZF_API int bz_getDebugLevel ( void );

Server Administration

BZF_API bool bz_kickUser ( int playerIndex, const char* reason, bool notify );
BZF_API bool bz_IPBanUser ( int playerIndex, const char* ip, int durration, const char* reason );
BZF_API bool bz_IPUnbanUser ( const char* ip );
BZF_API bz_APIStringList* bz_getReports( void );
BZF_API int bz_getLagWarn( void );
BZF_API bool bz_setLagWarn( int lagwarn );
BZF_API bool bz_pollActive( void );
BZF_API bool bz_pollVeto( void );

Timed Game Management

BZF_API bool bz_setTimeLimit( float timeLimit );
BZF_API float bz_getTimeLimit( void );
BZF_API bool bz_isTimeManualStart( void );
BZF_API bool bz_isCountDownActive( void );
BZF_API bool bz_isCountDownInProgress( void );
BZF_API void bz_pauseCountdown ( const char *pausedBy );
BZF_API void bz_resumeCountdown ( const char *resumedBy );
BZF_API void bz_startCountdown ( int delay, float limit, const char *byWho );

Custom Text Commands

BZF_API bool bz_registerCustomSlashCommand ( const char* command, bz_CustomSlashCommandHandler *handler );
BZF_API bool bz_removeCustomSlashCommand ( const char* command );

Plug-in Management

BZF_API int bz_getLoadedPlugins( bz_APIStringList * list );
BZF_API bool bz_loadPlugin( const char* path, const char* params );
BZF_API bool bz_unloadPlugin( const char* path );
BZF_API bool bz_registerCustomPluginHandler ( const char* extension, bz_APIPluginHandler * handler );
BZF_API bool bz_removeCustomPluginHandler ( const char* extension, bz_APIPluginHandler * handler );

Public Server Information

BZF_API bool bz_getPublic( void );
BZF_API bz_ApiString bz_getPublicAddr( void );
BZF_API bz_ApiString bz_getPublicDescription( void );
BZF_API void bz_updateListServer ( void );

HTTP Transfer

BZF_API bool bz_addURLJob ( const char* URL, bz_BaseURLHandler* handler = NULL, const char* postData = NULL );
BZF_API bool bz_removeURLJob ( const char* URL );
BZF_API bool bz_stopAllURLJobs ( void );

Inter-Plug-in Communications

BZF_API bool bz_clipFieldExists ( const char *name );
BZF_API const char* bz_getclipFieldString ( const char *name );
BZF_API float bz_getclipFieldFloat ( const char *name );
BZF_API int bz_getclipFieldInt ( const char *name );
BZF_API bool bz_setclipFieldString ( const char *name, const char* data );
BZF_API bool bz_setclipFieldFloat ( const char *name, float data );
BZF_API bool bz_setclipFieldInt ( const char *name, int data );
BZF_API bool bz_addClipFieldNotifier ( const char *name, [[bz_ClipFiledNotifier *cb );
BZF_API _removeClipFieldNotifier ( const char *name, [[bz_ClipFiledNotifier *cb );

Game Recording

BZF_API bool bz_saveRecBuf( const char * _filename, int seconds);
BZF_API bool bz_startRecBuf( void );
BZF_API bool bz_stopRecBuf( void );

Map Management

Map Information

BZF_API void bz_getWorldSize( float *size, float *wallHeight );
BZF_API int bz_getWorldObjectCount( void );
BZF_API bz_APIWorldObjectList* bz_getWorldObjectList( void );
BZF_API void bz_releaseWorldObjectList( bz_APIWorldObjectList* list );

Map Collisions

bz_eAPIColType bz_cylinderInMapObject ( float pos[3], float height, float radius, bz_APIBaseWorldObject **object );
bz_eAPIColType bz_boxInMapObject ( float pos[3], float size[3], float angle, bz_APIBaseWorldObject **object );

Custom Map Objects

BZF_API bool bz_registerCustomMapObject ( const char* object, bz_CustomMapObjectHandler *handler );
BZF_API bool bz_removeCustomMapObject ( const char* object );

Map Definition

BZF_API bool bz_addWorldBox ( float *pos, float rot, float* scale, bz_WorldObjectOptions options );
BZF_API bool bz_addWorldPyramid ( float *pos, float rot, float* scale, bool fliped, bz_WorldObjectOptions options );
BZF_API bool bz_addWorldBase( float *pos, float rot, float* scale, bz_eTeamType team, bz_WorldObjectOptions options );
BZF_API bool bz_addWorldTeleporter ( float *pos, float rot, float* scale, float border, bz_WorldObjectOptions options );
BZF_API bool bz_addWorldWaterLevel( float level, bz_MaterialInfo *material );
BZF_API bool bz_addWorldWeapon( const char* flagType, float *pos, float rot, float tilt, float initDelay, bz_APIFloatList &delays );
BZF_API bool bz_setWorldSize( float size, float wallHeight = -1.0 );


BZF_API bool bz_getStandardSpawn ( int playerID, float pos[3], float *rot );
BZF_API bool bz_killPlayer ( int playerID, bool spawnOnBase, int killerID = -1, const char* flagID = NULL );
BZF_API bool bz_sendPlayCustomLocalSound ( int playerID, const char* soundName );
BZF_API bz_ApiString bz_filterPath ( const char* path );
BZF_API const char *bz_format(const char* fmt, ...)_ATTRIBUTE12;
BZF_API const char *bz_toupper(const char* val );
BZF_API const char *bz_tolower(const char* val );
BZF_API const char *bz_urlEncode(const char* val );
BZF_API bz_eGameType bz_getGameType( void );
BZF_API bz_eTeamType bz_checkBaseAtPoint ( float pos[3] );

Server Side Players (Development)

BZF_API int bz_addServerSidePlayer ( bz_ServerSidePlayerHandler *handler );
BZF_API bool bz_removeServerSidePlayer ( int playerID, bz_ServerSidePlayerHandler *handler );

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