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GU League is currently the most successful and active BZFlag league. It launched on January 23rd 2005, and since then has recorded over 21,100 matches. There are currently 28 teams, 20 of which are active. There are over 350 players representing 47 different countries. All matches are played on the Hix map. (Statistics as of June 2, 2010)

GU League has been superseded by Leagues United

A GU match in progress.

Rules and Guidelines

The league keeps very high standards of behavior and sportsmanship. So check these rules before doing anything else:

  • Match disturbance, player harassment, language, cheat accusations in public (1 day -7 days ban)
  • Using cheats on public servers or in other leagues (6-9 months)
  • Using cheats in the GU league (1 year to life)

These are subject to change, so please always check the GU Rules page directly.

Please also consider reading the inofficial whitelist on the BZBB, as it's often been referred to it in an actual issue.

Fun Matches

A good way to get started in the league is to play fun matches (typically abbreviated as 'fm'). These types of matches are very popular. Only official matches are entered into the website, so there is less pressure during a fun match. Players do not have to be in a team, and players from specific league teams don't have to play on the same color.

Fun matches can also have additional players join during play. Make sure that the current players don't mind before joining a match. Players should self-kill by shooting while facing a wall or self-destructing with the delete key. This ensures there is not an unfair advantage due to initially spawning on the team base. The phrase "sk please" is used quite often to request that someone self-kills.

Fun matches are not to be reported.

Teams, Matching & Reporting

So, you've registered and want to get some action? First of all, you're going to need a team. You can join a team by visiting the teams page and hitting the "Join" button next to the team, that is, if the team is open to anyone. Most teams however, are closed and can only be joined by invitation sent from the team leader. Usually you will always find some teams that are interested in new and active players. If you want to contact the leader of a team or the team itself, use the "BZMail" option that can be found at the top or bottom of any Team/Player profile page. Don't be discouraged if the first couple of requests get turned down, most teams like to get to know the players before they accept them into their team. But it's easy to establish yourself within the GU community. You can get to know players best by playing fun matches, spending time on the various public servers and talking to others in Observer during matches. It's a learning by doing system.

Once you've found and joined a team you like you can immediately start matching! There are some rules you should take into account before doing so though.

Settings and Options

A big part of the GU league, is being able to compete. But the premise for that, is having good settings that will make things like dodging, shooting and jumping a lot easier. A very large amount of the GU players use mouse and only a dozen keyboard. If you are just starting out, I would recommend you try playing with mouse first, as many things will be easier to do later on. In this game, it's impossible to become the best dodger, jumper and shooter at the same time. These are two if not three completely different types of playing that require many different settings.

Most of the setting adjustment is done by the Config_File, as you can not exercise all your possibilities in the GUI options. You can find a lot of detailed information by using the Search option on BZBB. Many players have posted their personal configs and other tips there.

For mouse players, these individual playing styles, also mean individual mouse settings. Mousebox size, mouse DPI, mouse sensitivity are all crucial. Usually slower mouse settings and a big mouseboxsize, will enable you to be a better jumper and or shooter, while fast, sensitive, precise mouse settings and a small to even negative mouseboxsize will be enable you to dodge better. Next to all the native options, some players use mouse enhancement applications, see Whitelist for further info.

Very experienced players however, are known to be able to jump, shoot and dodge with extreme precision. So, no setting in the world is going to help, if you don't practice and play enough.

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