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GU League is currently the most successful and active BZFlag league. It launched on January 23rd 2005, and since then has recorded over 21,100 matches. There are currently 28 teams, 20 of which are active. There are over 350 players representing 47 different countries. All matches are played on the HiX map. (Statistics as of June 2, 2010)

GU League has been superseded by Leagues United

A GU match in progress.

Rules and Guidelines

The league keeps very high standards of behavior and sportsmanship. So check these rules before doing anything else:

  • Match disturbance, player harassment, language, cheat accusations in public (1 day -7 days ban)
  • Using cheats on public servers or in other leagues (6-9 months)
  • Using cheats in the GU league (1 year to life)

These are subject to change, so please always check the GU Rules page directly.

Please also consider reading the inofficial whitelist on the BZBB, as it's often been referred to it in an actual issue.

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