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A GU match in progress.

GU League Info:

General Info

The GU League is currently the most successful and active BZFlag out there with over 15.000 matches since launching on January 23rd 2005. There are currently 37 teams, 22 of which are active. There are 363 players representing 48 different countries across the world.

So if you're looking for a new challenge in the BZ world, the GU league is exactly that. You will find possibly the best BZFlag players out there. The best dodgers, jumpers and shooters in one.

(NOTE: Stats concerning exact info are only valid as of date)

If you're new to leagues

Then the GU league is the right place to start. Different from other public servers, the league has a steady community of players who've been playing for years and years. So you're guaranteed to find some mature players and people of all age groups, who are always willing to help new players get a head start.

Playing in GU

In order to play in the GU league, you must first register you're callsign here. After that, you must contact one of the GU League Admins and request to be added to the gu.league spawnlist on the BZBB forums.

NOTE: If you completely new to BZFlag, you first have to register your callsign on the BZBB forums. Here.

The GU League is a private league, where each player must be individually added to the so-called spawn list in order to spawn and talk on the official match servers.

Teams, Matching & Reporting

So, you've registered and want to get some action? First of all, you're going to need a team. You can join a team by visiting the teams page and hitting the "Join" button next to the team, that is, if the team is open to anyone. Most teams however, are closed and can only be joined by invitation sent from the team leader. Usually you will always find some teams that are interested in new and active players. If you want to contact the leader of a team or the team itself, use the "BZMail" option that can be found at the top or bottom of any Team/Player profile page. Don't be discouraged if the first couple of requests get turned down, most teams like to get to know the players before they accept them into their team. But it's easy to establish yourself within the GU community. You can get to know players best by playing fun matches, spending time on the various public servers and talking to others in Observer during matches. It's a learning by doing system.

Once you've found and joined a team you like you can immediately start matching! There are some rules you should take into account before doing so though.

Basic commands you'll need during matches:

• /countdown - that will start a 30 minute match • /countdown pause - that will pause the timer, not to be abused and should only be used when necessary. (E.g. a player has to stop for a moment, etc.) • /countdown resume - that will resume the timer and you will be able to continue the match • /gameover - abruptly end the match at any given time. (Do not abuse! Ending a match with out any notice will most certainly lead to a ban)

Do not start the match timer before you know that all participating players are ready and make sure everyone has agreed on playing an official match.