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A GU match in progress.

GU League Info:

General Info

The GU League is currently the most successful and active BZFlag league out there with over 15.000 matches since launching on January 23rd 2005. There are currently 37 teams, 22 of which are active. There over 300 players representing 48 different countries across the world. All matches are played on the Hix map.

So if you're looking for a new challenge in the BZ world, the GU league is exactly that. You will find possibly the best BZFlag players out there. The best dodgers, jumpers and shooters in one.

Visit the official GU forums here. Be sure to read the stickies at the top of the page, there's a lot of important stuff there too.

This is really a league where you learn by doing. Just check out the GU League website

(NOTE: Stats concerning exact info are only valid as of April 10, 2009)

If you're new to leagues

Then the GU league is the right place to start. Different from other public servers, the league has a steady community of players who've been playing for years and years. So you're guaranteed to find some mature players and people of all age groups, who are always willing to help new players get a head start.

Playing in GU

In order to play in the GU league, you must first register your callsign here. After that, you must contact one of the GU League Admins and request to be added to the gu.league spawnlist on the BZBB forums.

NOTE: If you completely new to BZFlag, you first have to register your callsign on the BZBB forums. Here.

The GU League is a private league, where each player must be individually added to the so-called spawn list in order to spawn and talk on the official match servers.

Rules and Guidelines

The league keeps very high standards of behavior and sportsmanship. So check these rules before doing anything else:

(As found on the GU Rules page)

  • Match disturbance, player harassment, language, cheat accusations in public (1 day -7 days ban)
  • Using cheats on public servers or in other leagues (6-9 months)
  • Using cheats in the GU league (1 year to life)

Some of these rules may sound harsh, rest assured you won't get banned for accidentally speaking in public chat while a match is going on, just what will happen if you do it excessively on purpose.

Teams, Matching & Reporting

So, you've registered and want to get some action? First of all, you're going to need a team. You can join a team by visiting the teams page and hitting the "Join" button next to the team, that is, if the team is open to anyone. Most teams however, are closed and can only be joined by invitation sent from the team leader. Usually you will always find some teams that are interested in new and active players. If you want to contact the leader of a team or the team itself, use the "BZMail" option that can be found at the top or bottom of any Team/Player profile page. Don't be discouraged if the first couple of requests get turned down, most teams like to get to know the players before they accept them into their team. But it's easy to establish yourself within the GU community. You can get to know players best by playing fun matches, spending time on the various public servers and talking to others in Observer during matches. It's a learning by doing system.

Once you've found and joined a team you like you can immediately start matching! There are some rules you should take into account before doing so though.

Official Matches

Basic commands you'll need during official matches:

• /countdown - that will start a 30 minute match • /countdown pause - that will pause the timer, not to be abused and should only be used when necessary. (E.g. a player has to stop for a moment, etc.) • /countdown resume - that will resume the timer and you will be able to continue the match • /gameover - abruptly end the match at any given time. (Do not abuse! Ending a match with out any notice will most certainly lead to a ban)

• Do not start the match timer before you know that all participating players are ready and make sure everyone has agreed on playing an official match. • Make sure you are okay with the opponents lag before you start playing, as it's frowned upon if you start a match and realize half way in, that you find the lag unplayable. • You should also make sure, that everyone participating will be able to finish the match, and if not, has a substitute at the ready. • Make sure you're playing on an official league server. • If somebody goes [NR] (which means they are 'Not Responding', thus have lost their connection to the server somehow), pause the match and wait for a substitute or for the player to rejoin • Make sure everyone is ready for a substitute before it happens, to prevent major chaos in the match. • If two more players want to join from the respective teams, make sure everyone is prepared and has said yes to the addition of players. • Pick a server closest to the majority of players. If it's a half/half case, just agree on one.

If for some reason you really have to cancel a match, make sure a player of both teams somehow saves score, remaining time, position of flags/players. (Easiest by taking a screenshot - hit F5) When you want to resume that match, you're going to have to adjust the timer to the remaining time you stopped at. Use the /timelimit <minutes go here> command to adjust the timer before a match.

Fun Matches

Of course you can always play a so-called 'fun match' or short 'fm'. Fun matches are very popular amongst the players, since there isn't any particular pressure, as only official matches are entered and counted. In fm's you can also chose the players you want to play with, regardless of them being on your team on the GU Site. You can also have more and more players join during a fun match, as bigger fm's tend to be more fun. If two more players join, at least 50% of the players should have agreed on more people joining. When you do, be sure to selfkill (shoot yourself or press delete) once after spawning, so you don't have an unfair advantage over somebody who might be defending on your base. You'll hear the phrase "sk please" quite often. 'Sk' is just short for 'selfkill' Make sure you have fair and even teams before starting a fm, and most importantly, try to complain as little as possible, as nobody will care about it as soon as it's over. Fun matches are not to be reported.

Entering/Reporting official matches

After you've successfully played an official match, you need to either report the match to one of the referees (aka 'refs') or admins by BZMail on the GU site, or just have a present ref/admin enter it. When reporting by BZMail, you must include: Teams, Score, Time, Date.

Official league servers

It is very important that you only play official matches on the official league servers.

Here's a list of the servers and their respective location.


  • 5158
  • 59997
  • 5158
  • 5158


  • 5158 (Canada)
  • 5157
  • 5158 (Texas, USA)

The replay servers can be found on port 5159, except for 59996

If a match is not played on one of these servers, than it cannot be counted as official.


Every match, official or fun, is automatically recorded and saved to the respective replay server. Some servers have websites where the replay file, time, date and players are posted.

You can find help on how to get a replay start and running on the servers but here's a quick summary:

  1. Find the replay file you want by either using the above mentioned web-sites or by using
    1. /replay list -n (if possible, will display a list of recent replays in chronological order)
    2. /replay list *10042009* (will show you all replays played on April 10th, 2009)
  1. Once you've found your replay file
    1. /replay load #index number

Use /replay skip + or - <amount of seconds> to navigate within a replay Use /replay pause and /replay resume to pause and resume a replay

Public Servers

Along with the various official servers, there are quite a few public servers set up using either identical or similar settings to the league. Players usually meet up there to get warm and just shoot around before or after a match. Anyone can play there, regardless of being registered in the league or not. All of these public servers are running the HiX map, some are CTF and some are just FFA.

List of popular HiX public servers:

  • [FFA - HiX map]
  • [4-Team CTF HiX]
  • [2-Team CTF HiX]
  • [2-Team CTF HiX]

Settings and Options

A big part of the GU league, is being able to compete. But the premise for that, is having good settings that will make things like dodging, shooting and jumping a lot easier. A very large amount of the GU players use mouse and only a dozen keyboard. If you are just starting out, I would recommend you try playing with mouse first, as many things will be easier to do later on. In this game, it's impossible to become the best dodger, jumper and shooter at the same time. These are two if not three completely different types of playing that require many different settings.

Most of the setting adjustment is done by the Config_File, as you can not exercise all your possibilities in the GUI options. You can find a lot of detailed information by using the Search option on BZBB. Many players have posted their personal configs and other tips there.

For mouse players, these individual playing styles, also mean individual mouse settings. Mousebox size, mouse DPI, mouse sensitivity are all crucial. Usually slower mouse settings and a big mouseboxsize, will enable you to be a better jumper and or shooter, while fast, sensitive, precise mouse settings and a small to even negative mouseboxsize will be enable you to dodge better. Next to all the native options, some players use mouse enhancement applications, see Whitelist for further info.

Very experienced players however, are known to be able to jump, shoot and dodge with extreme precision. So, no setting in the world is going to help, if you don't practice and play enough.


You might have asked yourself how you're supposed to find other players online if you want to arrange a match. There are some very useful BZStats and Player checkers that are have been useful to the whole community for years.

  1. The general BZStats checker that Strayer coded shows a massive amount of information on everything BZFlag related.
    2. (that shows all current GU players that are online)
  1. The second checker is Saturos' GU League Checker
    1. (V.1)
    2. (Beta V.2, this version is still in the makes but already has many features and fixes that V.1 does not)

The GUC displays all main Public and Official GU League servers with scores, players, timer and teams. (Very useful for following matches without opening a client)

Abbreviations you should know

As mentioned already above, there are some abbreviations used very often in the league. If you haven't already, check out Jargon for more non-league specific abbreviations and Jargon. Below are some league specific abbreviations. Note that this is not a complete list, just the most common terms you should know in order to prevent confusion between players or in a match.

offi Referring to an official match. ("offi?" means somebody wants to play an official match)
fm Referring to fun match. ("fm?" means somebody wants to play a fun match)
sk Selfkill. (Expression often used when new players join an already running fun match. New players should kill themselves once immediately after spawning.)
tk Teamkill. (More frequently used outside of league play too)
def Defense. Your flag is under immediate attack or about to be taken. Watch out for yours!
att Attack. Focus on getting your opponents flag.
gs, ns, n1, g1 Good shot, nice shot, nice one, good one. Frequently used when a player does something that the other regards as nice or skillfull.
ty, thx Thank you. Thanks.
hf, gl Have fun, good luck.Usually always said to the opposing team before a match starts
gg Good game. Usually said by all participating players after a match has ended.