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The definition for "Genocide" is "The deliberate and systematic destruction of an entire people who belong to one group of any kind," or quite simply the hunting down and elimination of anyone in a certain group. This flag works in a similar fashion.


The Genocide flag (referred to as 'Geno' or 'G') allows you to kill an entire team, simply by killing one of the team's members. Because shooting a single tank while holding Genocide wipes out their entire team, the amount of points you get is equal to the amount of players on that team. For example, if you were to shoot a green tank with the Genocide flag, and there were four green team members, you would get four points.* Genocide is a powerful flag and usually does not have a high number of shots. Some servers only let you have one shot with Genocide!

  • Genocide does not kill players who are not active, like players who have not yet spawned. However if you are paused and a teammate gets hit with G, you still die, and become un-paused.
  • If you have G, and step on a player with BU (or kill someone by any other means, except shooting them), you do not kill all of that player's team.
  • It is possible to kill your own team with G. This will happen if you shoot yourself while holding G, or shoot one of your teammates with G. This will cause you to have multiple TK's, and can get you kicked from a server.



The flag can be disastrous if it hits a team, and can be the turning point of a battle, giving you and your team time to maneuver. On the other hand, if your team is hit with G the other team has the upper-hand. If you yourself are hit with G, your team will get frustrated at you for giving the other team the upper-hand. It is advised to stay away from whoever has Genocide.

Rabbit Hunt

Genocide will kill everyone on one side, therefore a rabbit in rabbit hunt with genocide is very dangerous. If you are the rabbit with Geno, kill a hunter and let the points rack up!


Genocide is not as useful in free-for-all, but can still be used effectively. Normally the rouge team will not be killed by G, but they will if the RogueGenocide plug-in is enabled. If you are rouge on a server like this, you can kill yourself with G and kill every other rouge!