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Links on places to get help with BZFlag

There are normally people in the #BZFlag channel on that can help live.

* - web interface
* - information on IRC

The official BZFlag forum:


The old forums are on SourceForge and less friendly:

* - main page
* - help forum

There are a number of BZFlag mailing lists. The best one for support questions is bzflag-user. Archives and subscription information can be found on the SourceForge BZFlag project mailing list page:


Some basic instructions:

* ListServer - using the ListServer for central registration.
* ["CreatingAServer"] - starting a private or public server
* SinglePlayerMode - running with bots on your own server
* SquidProxy - a possible work around if you are getting central login tickets, but not logging into servers


* If your client crashes on startup or some keymappings dont work you might try removing your ConfigFile and starting again. You will have to set things like video mode and username/password again after removing it.

The man pages are online:

* bzflag - the game ("client")
* bzadmin - a text-only client
* bzfs - the server
* bzw - the game map "world" file format"

If you can't find what you need above, you can open a support ticket