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This page is intended to lay out the basic "rules and requirements" that the BZFlag project is going to require of all Google Summer of Code students whose project proposals are accepted. Unless otherwise arranged with the BZFlag GSoC administrator (contact brlcad via IRC on, it will be expected that all students comply with the following:

Assign copyright and license under the LGPL

Per the GSoC FAQ, BZFlag requires that any work performed and provided while participating in BZFlag development will be in accordance with BZFlag's existing license and that copyright will be assigned to the project maintainer and copyright holder, Tim Riker.

Provide weekly progress reports

In addition to any communications you hold with a given mentor, the administrator, or any of the developers, it will be expected of all students that they will submit a brief progress report on a weekly basis. These reports won't need to be more than a few sentences (or at most a couple of paragraphs, whatever is appropriate) but the reports should give an indication of your overall progress, things you discover, tasks completed, difficulties encountered, milestones reached, and other details on your activities. There are twelve weeks of code, you will be expected to complete twelve reports. More information on the exact method for providing these reports will be provided after the projects commence.

List your milestones

All projects will be required to submit a minimum of three and a maximum of ten milestones for your project. These are not deliverables but, rather, are overall tasks that should be completed throughout the duration of your work. These should be necessary implementation steps and not include any research or familiarity phases. In the end, there is code that must be produced, and your milestones should be a (very) rough breakdown for estimating your actual implementation progress. These milestones should be published as your first progress report.

Join our IRC channel

All students will be expected to join the #bzflag IRC channel on Students are expected to be on the channel while they are working and be responsive to the questions, inquiries, and suggestions of other BZFlag developers. BZFlag development occurs entirely over IRC as it is the central gathering forum for core development activities, developer discussions, and more. See here if you are new to IRC and need assistance finding a client (or just do a search).

Compile and Play BZFlag

You should have played the game from a binary you've built yourself before beginning any work. You should do this at least once if not more if you are so inclined. Being able to compile the sources on your own equipment is a very basic task that is beyond the scope of GSoC and will be an expected unassisted capacity of all students. Additionally, understanding the existing player community, what they like and dislike, and seeing how they interact is all very important for most developers to have at least a basic familiarity with. In the end, your changes will (hopefully) be pushed out to the community and you be cognizant of what that will mean.

Write maintainable code

This cannot be stressed enough.