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The group object allows a map-maker to bring together a number of elements and refer to them as a single object. The group of elements is created in the define object and then called by name with the group object. The group of elements can then be placed, copied, and/or modified as a whole instead of having to re-create separate objects. Group creates an "instance" of something defined.

Unlike most other objects, the group object can come before the definition in the bzw file. This may help make the bzw file more readable.


group my_group
  shift 0 0 0 
  scale 1 1 1
  shear 0 0 0
  spin 0 0 0 0
  team 0
  tint 1 1 1 1
  phydrv my_phydrv
  matref my_material

The valid parameters for groups are:

shift Shift the group (repeatable)
scale Scale the group (repeatable)
shear Shear the group (repeatable)
spin Spin the group (repeatable)
team Redefine all base colors within group.
tint Hierarchically tints objects within group.
drivethrough Make all objects in group drivethrough.
shootthrough Make all objects in the group shootthrough.
phydrv Apply physics to all objects/faces within group.
matref Apply material to all objects/faces within group.

An in-depth explanation of the 3d-transformations of shift, scale, and shear can be found here

Editor Support

There are currently no supported editors: groups are normally most useful when editing by hand.


The group definition object was added with the v2.0.0 release of BZFlag.