Group Permissions

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<tr><td ACTIONMESSAGE || /action /me
Permission Commands
ADMINMESSAGERECEIVE Able to recieve messages on admin channel
ADMINMESSAGESEND Able to send messages to admin channel
ANTIBAN protected from being banned
ANTIDEREGISTER Protected from being deregistered locally
ANTIKICK Protected from being kicked
ANTIPOLL Protected from being polled against
ANTIPOLLBAN Protected from being poll banned
ANTIPOLLKICK Protected from being poll kicked
BAN /ban /hostban
BANLIST /banlist /hostbanlist
COUNTDOWN /countdown
DATE /date
ENDGAME /gameover
FLAGHISTORY /flaghistory
HIDEADMIN Does not show the @ symbol by admins
IDLESTATS /idlestats
INFO Not implemented
KICK /kick
LAGSTATS /lagstats
LAGWARN /lagwarn
LISTPERMS Not implemented
MASTERBAN /masterban
PLAYERLIST /playerlist
POLL /poll
POLLBAN /poll ban
POLLKICK /poll kick
POLLSET /poll set
POLLFLAGRESET /poll flagreset
PRIVATEMESSAGE /privateMessage
RECORD /record
REJOIN Protects player from the rejoin delay after disconnecting
REMOVEPERMS /removegroup
REPLAY /replay
REQUIREIDENTIFY Requires that the player is identified before playing
SAY /say
SETALL /reload /deregister /reset /set
SETPASSWORD /setpassword
SETPERMS /setgroup
SETVAR /set /reset
SHOWOTHERS /showgroup
SHORTBAN /shortBan
SHUTDOWNSERVER /shutdownserver
SPAWN Allows player to spawn
SUPERKILL /superkill
UNBAN /unban /hostunban
VETO /veto
VIEWREPORTS /viewreports
VOTE /vote