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<td ACTIONMESSAGE </td><td> /action /me </td> <tr><td> ADMINMESSAGERECEIVE </td><td> Able to recieve messages on admin channel </td></tr> <tr><td> ADMINMESSAGESEND </td><td> Able to send messages to admin channel </td></tr> <tr><td> ANTIBAN </td><td> protected from being banned </td></tr> <tr><td> ANTIDEREGISTER </td><td> protected from being deregistered locally </td></tr> <tr><td> ANTIKICK </td><td> protected from being kicked </td></tr> <tr><td> ANTIPOLL </td><td> protected from being polled against </td></tr> <tr><td> ANTIPOLLBAN </td><td> protected from being poll banned </td></tr> <tr><td> ANTIPOLLKICK </td><td> protected from being poll kicked </td></tr> <tr><td> BAN </td><td> /ban /hostban </td></tr> <tr><td> BANLIST </td><td> /banlist /hostbanlist </td></tr> <tr><td> COUNTDOWN </td><td> /countdown </td></tr> <tr><td> DATE </td><td> /date </td></tr> <tr><td> ENDGAME </td><td> /gameover </td></tr> <tr><td> FLAGHISTORY </td><td> /flaghistory </td></tr> <tr><td> FLAGMOD </td><td> /flag </td></tr> <tr><td> HIDEADMIN </td><td> Does not show the @ symbol by admins </td></tr> <tr><td> IDLESTATS </td><td> /idlestats </td></tr> <tr><td> INFO </td><td> not implemented </td></tr> <tr><td> KICK </td><td> /kick </td></tr> <tr><td> LAGSTATS </td><td> /lagstats </td></tr> <tr><td> LAGWARN </td><td> /lagwarn </td></tr> <tr><td> LISTPERMS </td><td> not implemented </td></tr> <tr><td> MASTERBAN </td><td> /masterban </td></tr> <tr><td> PLAYERLIST </td><td> /playerlist </td></tr> <tr><td> POLL </td><td> /poll </td></tr> <tr><td> POLLBAN </td><td> /poll ban </td></tr> <tr><td> POLLKICK </td><td> /poll kick </td></tr> <tr><td> POLLSET </td><td> /poll set </td></tr> <tr><td> POLLFLAGRESET </td><td> /poll flagreset </td></tr> <tr><td> PRIVATEMESSAGE </td><td> /privateMessage </td></tr> <tr><td> RECORD </td><td> /record </td></tr> <tr><td> REJOIN </td><td> Protects player from the rejoin delay after disconnecting </td></tr> <tr><td> REMOVEPERMS </td><td> /removegroup </td></tr> <tr><td> REPLAY </td><td> /replay </td></tr> <tr><td> REQUIREIDENTIFY </td><td> Requires that the player is identified before playing </td></tr> <tr><td> SAY </td><td> /say </td></tr> <tr><td> SETALL </td><td> /reload /deregister /reset /set </td></tr> <tr><td> SETPASSWORD </td><td> /setpassword </td></tr> <tr><td> SETPERMS </td><td> /setgroup </td></tr> <tr><td> SETVAR </td><td> /set /reset </td></tr> <tr><td> SHOWOTHERS </td><td> /showgroup </td></tr> <tr><td> SHORTBAN </td><td> /shortBan </td></tr> <tr><td> SHUTDOWNSERVER </td><td> /shutdownserver </td></tr> <tr><td> SPAWN </td><td> Allows player to spawn </td></tr> <tr><td> SUPERKILL </td><td> /superkill </td></tr> <tr><td> UNBAN </td><td> /unban /hostunban </td></tr> <tr><td> VETO </td><td> /veto </td></tr> <tr><td> VIEWREPORTS </td><td> /viewreports </td></tr> <tr><td> VOTE </td><td> /vote </td></tr> </table>
Permission Commands