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HiX is a CTF and FFA map that is included with the BZFlag installation. It was created by Tim Riker

Hix Screenshot in 4 team CTF Mode
Hix Screenshot in FFA Mode


HiX's most prominent features are the raised "catwalks" that form a "High X." The map is made with two lines of symmetry, so it is a 4-way map. There are three main levels of play: 0 units, 15 units, and 30 units, 0 units being the ground, 15 units being the boxes on the ground and the lower catwalks, and 30 being the upper catwalks. There are 4 raised bases on each side of the map, centered on the outer wall, and vertically aligned with the upper catwalks. There is a fourth level at 45 units high, which consists of 5 boxes on the catwalks, 1 in the middle, and 4 behind each base. There are two teleporters located in each corner of the map which lead from the ground level to the upper catwalks. On each side there are two boxes turned 45 degrees in between the teleporters and the base. Under each base there are 4 pyramids, and under the lower catwalks there are 6 pyramids in each quadrant (these are set up to look like a support).


The HiX map is the signature map of the Games United League. In this league the map is set up to have two teams opposite each other--red and purple. The HiX map is also used in the 1vs1 League in FFA mode.

CTF Strategies

On the HiX map in its 2 team form, flags should be placed either behind a teleporter or against the box half way between the teleporter and the base. These two spots make it easy to kill opponents trying to grab your flag. In its 4 team form, flags should be left on the base or on the box behind the base.

Other forms

The map can be found in other forms besides FFA, 2 team CTF, and 4 team CTF. Some servers use the map in a Rabbit Hunt format, a Hold the Flag (HTF) format using a plug-in, and a King of the Hill format.

Hix Tricks

The Hix map contains many secret shots, tricks, glitches, and moves.


  • Using the pyramids below the bases on the left and right, you can ricochet shots off the backs of the pyramids to cause them to go through the floor of the outer upper catwalks and kill tanks up there. This glitch may or may not have been fixed in BZFlag 3.0.
  • All four pyramids below the bases, and the eight pyramids below the lower catwalks can be used to ricochet bullets off of to go through the catwalks/bases above them. This glitch may or may not have been fixed in BZFlag 3.0.
  • Under the upper catwalks near the corner of the cube shaped boxes tanks can get stuck momentarily at the top when they jump, not really a useful trick, but cool to try.
  • Between all teleporters and the outer walls tanks can get jammed and stuck. If your versing someone who is between the two and you can make them jump, there's a good chance you can get them jammed there. The only way to get yourself out is to self-destruct.

Flag tricks

  • Flag can be "passed" on all pyramids, above the four top teleporters, on enemy bases, and from below all eight teleporters if you enter them at the very edge and at a slight angle. To "pass" flags you have to drop the flag above any of the mentioned objects (the last one is a special case). Passed flags will either go to the middle of the map, or to their respective bases, depending on how the map is set up. (In the GU League setup, the flags go to the middle of the map.)
  • Flags can be passed up to the base (or any box) from the bottom by dropping the flag onto a pyramid under the base (or box). This will not happen if you are under an enemy base, and it will have the same effect as dropping the flag on the base.

Pyramid shots

  • Shooting at pyramids at a certain angle can cause bullets to go up to different levels of play, so, for example, a tank on the bottom level can kill tanks on the upper and lower catwalks, and tanks jumping up to the base.
  • The four pyramids below the x-pattern rails closest to the corner of the map can be used to kill people jumping from the box infront of the base to the base as well, although this is hard to time and hard to aim properly, you must be facing toward the outer edge of the map that the base you're shooting at is along, and jump and shoot at the upper section of the pyramid to do it.