How To Ban

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How To Ban

This page is a guide on how to use each ban command, as well as an explanation on what each command does.

You will need the following permissions in-game to the commands listed below: SHORTBAN, BAN, UNBAN, and PLAYERLIST. If you have ban you don't need shortban.


Every ban needs a duration, or expiry limit. The duration can be anywhere between 1 minute to infinity, or permanent.

1m = One minute
1h = One hour
1d = One day
1w = One week
1y = One year
0, max, forever = Permanent ban. Will never expire.

IP Banning

There are multiple ways you can ban a user using their IP address. You can do the '/playerlist' command and that will print out a list of connected players with their username, IP address, and host (ISP).

[SERVER->] [14] I_need_to_be_banned (localhost)
[SERVER->] [15] Ban_the_other_guy (

To ban just the IP address on the user "I_need_to_be_banned" you do

/ban 1w asked for it.

This will ban the user for one week, with the reason "asked for it"