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iBZEdit is the name of 2 separate Apple Mac OS X BZW map editors, with a shared history. Neither project is in active development.


iBZEdit was planned to be one of the first fully featured version 2.0 map editors, and was to support Mesh objects and materials. It was originally begun by BinarySpike with help from macnus, and was done independent of the mainline BZFlag development community. A basic version was released on the BZFlag Forums that could read some map features and display them.


iBZEdit development was slow, and BinarySpike discontinued his involvement. The project was then restarted by macnus on his own. macnus continued to add features and created a website for the project http://www.ibzedit.sourceforge.net/, but also eventually discontinued his involvement. Currently, jashephe is attempting to restart the project yet again, and has released a new version which is Intel, and has packaged it with iBZServer, a graphical server configuration utility.

At present the source code and a number of binary builds can be found at the iBZEdit SourceForge site.

Replacement by blender

The current accepted method of graphically editing BZW maps on Apple Mac OS X is using the BZWTools plug-ins for blender, as they provide a full 2.0 compliant editing system on a large number of platforms.