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Since BZFlag is a registered project with the freenode IRC network, we are able to give you cloaks (custom hostmasks) for the project.

They are given out to developers, server owners, and players that have helped the project out, or been affiliated for a significant time.


Cloaks must be requested, from one of the project administrators (TimRiker, JeffM, and BRLCad). They must be requested, in person on IRC. It is the sole discretion of the project administrators on use of cloaks.

Users that request cloaks must be registered on BZBB and have a valid e-mail attached to the name.


Users that have a BZFlag cloak must conduct themselves in a mature and civil manner. The cloak associates the user with the project and there behavior should not bring down the name. Users that do not conduct themselves in a reasonable manner will have there cloaks removed.


Cloaks follow a standard format.

Users that are developers ( have commit access) can get a developer cloak


Users that are contributors to the project in other ways can get a contributors cloak


Server owners that run major servers that fully support global services, and promote good clean play can get a server owner cloak


Long time players in good standing can request a player cloak


Project Administrators are given the ProjectAdmin cloak