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There are various packages of BZFlag available to many different distributions.

Compiling from Source

This document is not designed to cover information about compiling.

see also ubuntu_and_bzflag_2.4

Main article: Compiling

Installing from tarball

You extract it and run the install script as root.

Installing using a package manager

This depends on your distribution. Different distributions use different package managers.

To understand the command lines please understand:

$ indicates a user shell
# indicates a root shell

$ sudo is replaceable by #

Graphical Package Managers

Search for "BZFlag" and install it.
BZFlag will most likely be sorted to the Games category.

Fedora / Red Hat / Mandriva / SUSE

$ sudo yum install bzflag

For the server package:

$ sudo yum install bzflag-server

Native RPM

$ sudo rpm -ivh bzflag.x86.208.rpm

Ubuntu / Debian

$ sudo apt-get install bzflag

For the server package:

$ sudo apt-get install bzflag-server

Other Debian / DPKG

If you're only using the DPKG/Apt package manager you will be abled to install your downloaded package with the following command:

# dpkg -i package.deb

Replace package.deb with the particular package you want to install (e.g. bzflag-2.0.13.deb).

Download required packages from here:

  • bzflag
  • bzflag-data
  • bzflag-client
  • bzflag-server

Please note that you need to resolve any further dependencies yourself, DPKG can't do this for you.


# emerge bzflag

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