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= See Also =
= See Also =
* [[Flag List|Flag Abbreviations]]
* [ Flag Abbreviations]
* [ Common Internet Slang]
* [ Common Internet Slang]

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This page hopes to clarify some common jargon, acronyms and slang used by many players in game. They can be useful to know, especially in team situations, as other players will assume that you know what they are talking about.

Many players use map "landmarks," like "mid tower" or "@ R jump," to signify places on the map, so it's a good idea to learn your maps as well as the jargon.


abbreviation meaning
CTF Capture the Flag
FFA Free For All
OFFA Open Free For All (Everyone may kill each other regardless of team color)
RH Rabbit Hunt
HTF Hold the Flag
KOTH King of the Hill
R (Team's) Right
L (Team's) Left
RF Red flag
GF Green flag
BF Blue flag
PF Purple flag
HF Have fun
GC Good Cap. - Used when your team caps an opposing teams flag
GJ Good Job. Often said to the team when a teammate has just captured the opposing team's flag
GL Good Luck
GS Good shot. Generally used when a particularly difficult shot kills you
GG Good game
G1 Good One (shot)
NP No Problem - mostly used as a response if you're teamkilled
NR Not Responding - as seen on the scoreboard, indicating a problem with a player's connection to the server
NS Nice Shot
N1 Nice One (shot)
SRY Sorry
THX Thank You
TK Team Kill, to kill another member of one's own team.
TY Thank You
WTF? Something's not quite right..... (Vulgar)
WTH? Similar to WTF - cleaner version
PC Pass Camp: Stand on the enemies base waiting for a teammate to capture the flag. Then, after the cap immediately grab the enemies flag and pass it to the center of the map

or to its map specific save-point. Saying this could either mean, that your own team is getting "passcamped" or that there is a chance to passcamp for the own team's score.


abbreviation meaning
Base Usually referring to your own base. (eg: ST base! "There's someone with stealth in/at/near our base")
Boom Players of a team about to be capped will all explode. Thus a "boom" is appropriate.
Bots Non-human-player tanks.
Camping Staying in one place with the same flag for a long time. If one does this one is a camper.
Capping Capturing the other teams flag, verb to cap.
Flag Running Working against your own team, taking your team's flag towards the other team's base. If you do this you are a flag runner.
Flag Shopping Rapidly picking up and dropping flags, in order to find a particularly powerful or useful one. Also known as flag farming.
Geno, G, or GGG Genocide Flag, usually when seen it chat by itself it warns that an opposing team player has the flag so be careful.
In Inside the base (if applicable)
J/Jump/Jumper/Launcher Either a world object that launches a tank in the air, or a tank that has used said world object. "st j r" means stealth jumper right.
Lang Language, Watch your language. (Please don't respond with the language you speak.)
Laser Spamming Uselessly, blindly, rapidly shooting with the laser flag, often resulting in team kills.
N, S, E, W North, South, East, West. Compass points relative to the map. (eg: "Where the rabbit?" "N inside hut" or "SE corner")
Out Directly outside the base (if applicable)
Mid, or Ctr Middle of the map
Pass Send the flag to the middle, or to a safe zone. See this article.
Pyr/Pyra Pyramid
Runner Usually means "flag runner", above as in "we have a runner" but may also mean teammate carrying enemy flag as in "cover our runner."
Spamming Filling the chat box with meaningless text.
Spawn camping Sitting near a team's spawn site waiting to kill them when they respawn after their flag is captured.
Spawn killing Killing someone as soon as they spawn.
Tele Teleporter
Theirs Attack the other team's flag, or used to signify the other team's base.
Twr Tower, as in "ST on the right GM Twr"
Ours Protect your team flag, or used to signify your team's base.
Watch! Watch out! or Guard! (eg: Watch ours!)
Win Kill everyone on the map. At the same time.

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