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This page hopes to clarify some common jargon, acronyms and slang used by many players in game. They can be useful to know, especially in team situations, as other players will assume that you know what they are talking about.


CTF Capture the Flag
FFA Free For All
RH Rabbit Hunt
GG Good game
TK Team Kill, to kill one's own team.
RF Red flag
GF Green flag
BF Blue flag
PF Purple flag
G Genocide flag, often accompanied with a ! or a "watch out!"


Bots Non-human-player tanks.
Capping Capturing the other teams flag, verb to cap.
Ours Protect your team flag
Theirs Attack the other team's flag
Geno Genocide Flag, usually when seen it chat by itself it means an opposing team player has the flag so be careful
Pyr Pyramid
Jump/Launcher/Jumper Either a world object that launches a tank in the air, or a tank that has used said world object.
Spamming Either filling the chat box with meaningless text, or filling the list server with empty servers.
Laser Spamming Uselessly filling the game world with laser shots, often causing team kills.
Camping Staying in one place with the same flag for a long time. If you do this you are a camper.
Watch! Watch out!