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As you may know jumping can save you at times, but when you're first starting out jump as little as possible to learn how to dodge first.

Basic Tactics

With the default server settings, a tank can jump 18 units high which takes about four seconds. That's four seconds of uncontrollable flying, during which time opponents on the ground can get an easily aimed shot when you land. You can do some thing against this:

  • Force the opponent(s) to jump.
  • Try to jump to higher ground - this reduces fly time. Remember that the open field is hostile, if you're over-powered, it is probably a good idea to find shelter.
  • Don't jump from high to low. Instead, fall to save time.
  • Jump around or over the enemy to force him to turn as much as possible.
  • Jump and turn to try and get a shot off at the enemy when you land.

More Advanced Tactics

Learning some of the more innovative jumps can give you a real edge on servers in which jumping plays a vital role.

Rotational Jumps

A common tactic against tanks that are on boxes a jumpable distance above you, is to drive parallel to the block and then jump while turning slowly towards your opponent. If you time it right, your barrel will track him as you fly past. You can then fairly easily shoot the tank, whereas he will have a harder time targeting you. This is also frequently referred to as a "Strafe Jump", even though it has nothing to do with strafing, and is nothing like a strafe jump in Quake.

Quick Turn

While in the air without a flag you can often turn a full 180 degrees. With Quick Turn, you can turn a full 360 degrees. At the top of your jump you are actually at 180 degrees. It is possible to force an opponent to jump, rotate the 180 degrees with Quick Turn, shoot, kill them in the air, and continue as if nothing happened.

Limiting a Jump

If you jump while underneath something, you will not go as high. Thus, you will spend less time in the air, and be at less risk. It can be a significant advantage to camp underneath a bridge.

Oscillation Overthruster

With Oscillation Overthruster, you cannot jump while sealed, and you cannot drive backwards into a block. However, you can jump backwards onto a block, and fall through the floor. This is a common means of OO camping, especially on Overlord. You can also jump from one building to another, which is another good way to limit exposure.


If a noob is chasing you, you can sometimes kill them by throwing your tank into reverse and jumping straight backwards. You land behind them, and can then kill them with ease. This sort of behavior is often completely unexpected. Similarly, you can fire off a ricochet, and then jump over your own shot.

Dropping Flags

Often referred to as "passing." If you drop a team flag while jumping over a pyramid, slanted surface, an object with death physics, or an opponent's team base, it counts as an "illegal location". That is, the game will prevent the flag from landing there. Instead, it will send the flag to some designated location. By default, it will fly to the middle of the map. If the middle is somehow blocked, it will sent the flag to that team's base. It is possible to define "flag safe zones." When these are defined, the flag will fly to these "safety zones."

The Mofo Trick

Want to jump from one platform to a platform directly above? To do this trick, it helps to zoom in the radar until you tank clearly appears as a rectangle. Then, drive your tank until it is just perched on the edge. Jump straight up, while turning slowly. If everything is done right, your tank will not hit the upper platform, and will instead pass it sideways. Your tank will then be one level higher. Keep in mind that you are very vulnerable if you are not paying attention while doing this.