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As you may know jumping can save you at times, but when your first starting out jump as little as possible learn how to dodge first.

Basic Tactics

Jumping normally takes about four whole seconds. That's four seconds of uncontrollable flying, during which time opponents on the ground can get an easilly aimed shot when you land. You can do some thing against this:

  • Force the opponent(s) to jump.
  • Try to jump to higher ground - this reduces fly time. Remember that the open field is hostile, if you're over-powered, it is probably a good idea to find shelter.
  • Don't jump from high to low. Instead, fall to save time.
  • Jump around or over the enemy to force him to turn as much as possible.

More Advanced Tactics

Learning some of the more innovative jumps can give you a real edge on servers in which jumping plays a vital role.

Rotational Jumps

A common tactic against tanks that are on boxes a jumpable distance above you, is to jump towards the block, while turning slowly. You can then fairly easilly shoot the tank, whereas they will have a harder time targeting you.

Quick Turn

While in the air without a flag you can often turn a full 180 degrees. With Quick Turn, you can turn a full 360 degrees. At the top of your jump you are actually at 180 degrees. It is possible to force an opponent to jump, rotate the 180 degrees with Quick Turn, shoot, kill them in the air, and continue as if nothing happened.