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Below is a list of the default key mappings within the BZFlag client. These can be changed in Options -> Input Settings -> Key Mapping.

Key(s) Description
1 set displayRadarRange 0.25
2 set displayRadarRange 0.5
3 set displayRadarRange 1.0
4 radarZoom in
5 radarZoom out
7 addhunt
9 autopilot
= time forward
A toggle slowKeyboard
B viewZoom toggle
F toggle displayFlagHelp
H toggleFlags radar
I restart
J toggleFlags main
K silence
O servercommand
P pause
Q toggleRadar
S toggle displayScore
T toggle frames-per-second display
U hunt
W toggleConsole
Y toggle milliseconds for frame-drawing [added by hand]
F1 fullscreen
F4 iconify
F5 screenshot
End scrollpanel bottom
F12 quit
Tab jump
Enter fire
Pause pause
Space drop flag
Delete self-destruct
Ctrl+Wheel Down viewZoom out
Ctrl+Wheel Up viewZoom in
Home (Pos1) get shots statistic for players [added by hand]
Mouse Left fire
Mouse Middle drop
Mouse Right restart
Page Down scrollpanel down_page
Page Up scrollpanel up_page
Shift+F1 messagepanel all
Shift+F2 messagepanel chat
Shift+F3 messagepanel server
Shift+F4 messagepanel misc
Shift+Wheel Down radarZoom out
Shift+Wheel Up radarZoom in
Wheel Down scrollpanel down 3
Wheel Up scrollpanel up 3
Arrow Down Drive backwards
Arrow Up Drive forwards
Arrow Left Turn left
Arrow Right Turn right
, Send PM to nemesis
. Send PM to recipient
M Send a message to your team
N Send a message to all players
Z Send a message to admins.
ALT+(F1-F10) Custom quick keys to all.
CTRL+(F1-F10) Custom quick keys to team.
L Toggle display labels in observer
F6 roam cycle subject backward
F7 roam cycle subject forwards
F8 change observer mode
F9 zoom in
F10 zoom out
F11 normal zoom
ALT+Arrow Keys move up and down while roaming
CTRL+Arrow Keys rotate left, right, up and down while roaming
SHIFT+Arrow Keys Send a message to all players
F8 Send a message to all players