King Of The Hill

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King Of The Hill is a "unofficial" game mode which is made from a plugin which is called Koth.

Objective Of This Game Mode

The objective of this game mode is the following. One or more players from a team go to a specific location where is known as the hill. When that player gets on to that hill, the player of that team needs to protect the hill and refrain from dieing. In order to win, your team needs to survive in that hill for the amount of time required according to the server settings. Now let's say that there is one or more person from your team with you on the hill, what happens when you die? Will we lose? The answer depends, if your teammates where with you on the hill but you died but they survived on the hill, the time will not be reseted. But if you were the only person of that team the was on the hill and when you die, then the time will be reseted and will be open to any team that gets there first.