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BZFlag-1.7d9 thumb.jpg This page has facts that are stale, obsolete, or grossly outdated. Please update this page with newer information.

Cheats performed on BZFlag are usually made by modifying your client. A great deal of power is invested in the client program, and therefore the client may cheat in every way from creating invincible tanks, to invisibility, to super killing. If you have seen any cheats, have performed them yourself, or have noticed a hole in the source, please add it here.

List of Known Cheats

NOTE: Some of these cheats have been prevented in the current version of BZFlag. This list needs to be updated.

A cheater may:

  • fly without Wings.
  • shoot teammates without blowing them up.
  • spawn with a flag (usually Guided Missile or Genocide, but can be anything).
  • respond differently to gravity.
  • shoot bullets that travel at a different rate (usually faster).
  • move at a different rate (usually faster).
  • fire multiple shots simultaneously (i.e. firing spreads of shots at once).
  • cover the field with SW blasts.
  • not respond to bad flags.
  • move and pickup flags while paused.
  • shoot other tanks while paused.
  • instantaneous travel to a new location.
  • jump to a pre-determined set of coordinates (i.e. the center of a team pad).
  • grab a new flag when passing through a teleporter (when no flag exists).
  • double jump.
  • shoot bullets which cannot be seen on radar or in the HUD.
  • cause the bullets of other tanks to explode prematurely.
  • be completely invincible ("god mode").
  • be partially invincible, repelling everything but some particular flags (often SW or SR are chosen).
  • drive outside of the playing area.
  • produce abnormally large, small, or frequent shockwave blasts.
  • "drag 'n drop", moving from any location to any other at any speed.
  • be zoned, but yet still shoot tanks that are not zoned.
  • instantly kill everyone else.
  • move backwards through buildings with the Oscillation Overthruster.
  • produce abnormally long laser blasts (in terms of length and time).
  • move through buildings without Oscillation Overthruster ("wall walking").
  • jump back briefly to avoid a bullet then return to where you were ("network jitter").
  • promote themselves to server administrator and give large bans and kicks.
  • change variables without polling successfully or being an admin
  • joined as an observer, but playing with a visible, invincible tank
  • stall or restart servers
  • shooting more than one shock wave at different places at a time

Subtle Cheats

All the cheats listed above are "blatant" cheats in that they are easy to spot. There is a whole class of "subtle cheats" which are nearly impossible to spot. Please refer to the Subtle Cheats page.